Florida Man Strikes Again! | 2019 Part 2

Florida Man Strikes Again! | 2019 Part 2

Here are some more of the strangest things
that Florida Man does! Wait until you find out the life lesson one
Florida Man gives a bunch of kids at the playground! 14 – Change of Heart
Florida man Anthony Ballard somehow, some way successfully stole a chainsaw from a hardware
store by sticking the chainsaw down his pants and running out of the store! No, employees weren’t actually sleeping
on the job, because when they saw Ballard run out with a $600 chainsaw down his pants,
they actually chased after him. But Ballard, a Florida man who obviously thinks
2 two steps ahead, tossed the chainsaw into the woods before getting away. We did say he thought two steps ahead right? Because he came back AFTER just 40 minutes
to get the chainsaw! Unfortunately for Ballard, 28, employees knew
the chainsaw had been tossed in the woods. When they saw him snooping around for it,
they called the police. Why didn’t the employees just go get it
themselves? Because they knew he’d go back for it?! According to the police report, Ballard said
he was actually getting the chainsaw to return it to the store, because of COURSE he had
a change of heart about stealing the chainsaw! If you’re loving these stories about Florida
Man so far, do us a favor and hit that thumbs up! 13 – A Bag Disguise Florida Man Kerry Hammond
decided to rob a GameStop. Except, he decided to do it while wearing
clear plastic wrap as a mask! How does that help in any way shape or form
in a robbery?! He just wrapped the plastic around his head
to……disguise his ears? It didn’t even cover the front of his face! Of course, it didn’t take long for police
to track Hammond down, since his let’s just call it, unique disguise, was completely see
through. Even the police were laughing about it on
their facebook page when they posted the surveillance video so the public could help track him down! 12 – Don’t Scroll Left
If you’re gonna prove your innocence to police with a video, just make sure the same
video doesn’t prove your guilty of something else! This Florida man was so dumb, he traded in
a lesser charge for a more serious charge accidentally! Xavier Moran was involved in car a crash,
one that supposedly wasn’t his fault. He had told the sheriff’s deputy that he
had been cut off by another driver and that’s why the accident happened. Moran told police that he could prove the
other driver was at fault because his dash cam was on. So he handed over the memory card from his
dashboard camera. He then signed a consent waiver for police
to search the camera. When the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s deputy
reviewed the footage, he reviewed ALL the footage. And he watched Moran rob a beauty store! The video showed Moran taking a baseball bat
from his trunk and using it to break the glass door to the store! He then proceeded to go inside and rob it! Who forgets that that’s on film?! Well, the good news is…he WAS right. The car accident wasn’t his fault! 11 – ATM Assault
Florida Man Michael Oleksik caused $5,000 in damages to an ATM back in 2017. Why? It’s quiz time! Was it because A, The ATM looked at him wrong. Or was it B, because he was trying to steal
money from the machine. Or was it C, because the machine gave him
too much money. Or was it D, because he was trying to take
the entire machine home? If you chose A, you’re right in that Florida
Man is crazy, but that’s NOT why he beat up the ATM! The correct answer is C, because the ATM gave
Oleksik too much money! Some people dream of an ATM spitting out extra
money, but not this guy! Oleksik reportedly called the bank to apologize
and said he punched the ATM because he was angry that the ATM was giving him too much
money. He didn’t know what to do because he was
in a rush to get to work! Bank officials did note that Oleksik sounded
very apologetic for the damage he caused, but they decided to press charges anyways
after they realized the extent of the damages. Do you think he should have even bothered
calling the bank? 10 – Tase me bro
Florida Man Chris Haynes was in a hurry to catch a plane. Well, he was in a hurry to catch a plane,
AND he was only wearing his underwear! Haynes sped through Tallahassee Regional Airport’s
main entrance and left his vehicle unattended in the drop-off loading zone. Of course, the officer who spotted him tried
to stop him as soon as he pulled up, but Haynes just shouted that he had a plane to catch. He ran towards the TSA checkpoint and completely
ignored the officer. So, unfortunately for him, the officer decided
to tase him in order to stop him. Haynes ended up uninjured and surprise, he
actually didn’t have a plane to catch after all! Haynes actually told police that he knew that
the officer who was chasing him would probably eventually tase him! He added quote “I kinda always wanted to be
tased.” So basically he pulled this stunt just so
he could get tased?! By the way, make sure you subscribe, AND hit
the notification bell so you don’t miss our next Florida Man video! 9 – Karate Practice
Do you practice karate on live animals? Of course you don’t! You’re a completely sane human being and
not a psychopath! Too bad we can’t say the same for this Florida
man. Rocco Joseph Mantella was found practicing
karate on swans at a park in orlando! One witness said Mantella kicked two swans
in the head and another in its butt. Apparently, the kicks were strong enough to
knock the swans over. Seriously, what’s WRONG with this dude?! The same witness said Mantella also kicked
a small duck that appeared to have been just minding its own business sleeping. C’mon Florida Man, I know you have a heart
somewhere! Another witness said that they saw Mantella
chasing a swan, and when Mantella saw his reaction, he just laughed and continued going
after animals throughout the park. Thankfully, police finally arrived at the
scene and arrested him ending his karate session, but not fast enough. 8 – Fake doctor
In 2016, then 18-year-old Malachi Love-Robinson wanted to open up his own medical practice. However, this Florida man child wasn’t exactly
Doogie Howser and he definitely didn’t go to med school! He was arrested for posing as a licensed doctor! He went as far as opening his own West Palm
Beach offices! An undercover agent posed as a patient at
his clinic to seek advice as part of a sting operation. Love-Robinson actually performed a physical
exam and offered his supposed medical expertise! Of course, he was quickly arrested and booked
for practicing medicine without a license. The craziest thing? This wasn’t the FIRST time he was arrested
for this! The Palm Beach County Department of Health
had previously investigated and charged him with the same scam, back in 2015! How’d he get out of jail so quickly? Don’t you think there should be more serious
charges for pretending to be a doctor? 7 – BINGO! Who knew that pettiness has no age?! 82 year old Florida Man Fred Smith, got SO
mad over a woman taking his favorite seat at his local Bingo game, that he decided to
slash her tires! Police said that he took an ice pick to 88-year-old
Ethel Britt’s van during their weekly bingo game. Apparently, Smith stormed out of the bingo
hall and punctured two of Britt’s tires just because she was sitting in a chair he usually
sits in. Smith was easily caught by police because
he was caught in the act on surveillance video. Police said that Smith admitted to doing the
crime and actually was regretful about what he did. Smith faces having to pay $500 in tire damage
and restitution back to Britt. Amazingly enough, when asked about the incident,
Britt said that she wasn’t mad and harbored no ill will toward Smith. All she wanted were some new tires! But who was more petty? Fred Smith, or the guy who wrote the political
messages on the crabs in our first Florida Man video? Be sure to check out that story if you haven’t
heard it! 6 – Not just change
Florida Man Shane Mele stole a bunch of coins from a small strip mall office. Approximately 350 THOUSAND dollars worth of
rare coins. And what did Mele end up doing with them? He just cashed them in at Coin Star machines
all over Palm Beach! The owner of the coins, Michael Johnson, said
that Mele easily had dumped at least $33,000 worth of coins into just one of the Coin Star
machines. Johnson said he inherited a large coin collection
from his father around 6 years ago. And after Mele got his hands on them, they’re
mostly gone! Apparently, there’s a bit of backstory because
Johnson actually knew Mele for a few years through mutual friends. Johnson had employed Mele to help Mele out. However, Mele said that Johnson deserved what
happened because he had owed him money. This is a classic he said she said, but Mele
was of course arrested and charged for the theft. Whatever the story, dropping extremely valuable
coins through a change machine just to get a few bucks, definitely qualifies for extremely
Florida Man! 5 – Florida Man’s Church
Technically this isn’t about a Florida Man, but really, a Florida building! One Florida church in Panama City lost its
tax-exempt status in 2015 because apparently, it operated like a nightclub! Police had long suspected that activities
at the church called The Tabernacle weren’t church-like at all. The event that caught the attention of the
police was called Amnesia. Amnesia had been hosting slumber-party Sundays
and its organizers advertise that it has the quote “sexiest ladies on the beach”! They’re not exactly shy in their promotional
videos! Organizers claimed that the $20 taken from
each patron at the door is actually a donation and that no alcoholic drinks are served. Does this sound right to you? Also, the pastor of the church is a guy named
Markus Bishop. He’s someone who has had some run-ins with
the law for let’s just called it, illegal substances! According to the organizers, Amnesia is an
event where young people can go for some fun during spring break in a safe environment
up to 5 in the morning. Yep, sounds like everything is perfectly normal
here! 4 – Pole position
Florida Men Blake Waller and Victor Apeler apparently didn’t think that having a giant
light pole on the top of their car was gonna attract much attention. Trying to steal a downed pole because of a
hurricane is definitely illegal, just in case you didn’t know. An officer heard over the scanner that two
shirtless men were loading a light pole on top of their car. The officer then noticed that a light pole
was missing from an area on top of the bridge close to him and saw a car driving with a
giant pole on its roof. Talk about being at the right place at the
right time! So he pulled them over to ask some questions. Thinking quickly, Apeler told the officer
that he was moving the pole because it was blocking traffic. That’s actually NOT a bad explanation! However, this probably wasn’t the officer’s
first pole stealing rodeo, because he quickly checked a pawn shop database and found that
Apeler had over SEVENTY scrap metal-related transactions that year! For what it’s worth, the pole was valued
at $2,500, so it kinda made sense why these Florida men did it? But c’mon, NOBODY actually OWNS a light
pole! 3 – Pancakes
Florida Man Kiaron Thomas was arrested back in 2017 forrrrrrr sitting in the middle of
a crosswalk and eating pancakes on a Tuesday morning. Why? Our question is, why not?! It’s Florida we’re talking about! The Lakeland Police department received a
call around that Tuesday morning with news that a shirtless man was sitting on a chair
with a small ‘TV’ table eating pancakes right in the middle of a crosswalk! The police decided to do something about it,
and showed up at the scene. However, by that point, Thomas was already
gone. But, thanks to the powers of the internet,
they were able to find Thomas chilling at home! Someone had posted the video of him eating
on Facebook, and police were able to figure out where he lived. We’re gonna guess it’s because it’s
not the first time Thomas has dealt with police before! He told police it was just a prank, but there’s
definitely no joke to him getting arrested. 2 – Where Babies come from
Would you want a Florida Man telling your kids about the birds and bees? Of course not! A police officer watched Florida Man Otis
Ryan climb on top of a piece of playground equipment and start telling kids where babies
came from! Of course, parents rushed to get their kids
away from the busy playground and probably put earmuffs on the kids so they couldn’t
hear what this guy was saying! So why were the police out there anyways? Well Ryan most likely wanted to sort of start
his own fight club, because police were actually called out earlier that same day when Ryan
was found making inappropriate comments to women in an effort to get their boyfriends
to fight him. Not sure what you guys think, but judging
from this Florida Man’s mugshot, he most likely would be the type to shank someone
for fun! 1 – Back to the future
A Florida man crashed his dodge challenger into the store front of Advance Tax Services
in Pensacola. So why’d he do it?! The unidentified driver told police that he
was trying to time travel! Oh, it was back to the future time for this
Florida Man! Fortunately for him, he wasn’t injured at
all. Unfortunately for him, he might have already
had a preexisting injury to his brain. Police had the same idea because they took
him to a hospital to be evaluated. Thankfully, the business was empty at the
time when the driver was trying to copy Marty McFly from “Back to the Future”! Watch this next video about millionaire playboys
who may be just as crazy as Florida Man, except they have a lotta money!

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  1. The thing is, there are creeps like this all across the country. Florida just gives out all police reports.

  2. Dude, I knew ALL ABOUT "Florida Man", for MANY MANY years now! Thanks to a livestream I watch called "WTFIWWY"(WTF is wrong with you) EVERY MONDAY @ 22:30-CST (10:30, for those who're related to Florida Man and are functionally retarded).
    The hosts are Nash and Tara, which has been going weekly since 2000!!!!! He'd stream in audio back during the forming years.

    Here are the recordings of the live shows, but sadly DON'T have the chat.

  3. LMAOOOOO!!!!!!…that was Hilarious!!!!!…No, But Why TF that man kick them swans like that…LOL…I LOL til I C-R-I-E-D….

  4. I also kicked a swan once because a whole family of swans started to attack me and my friends because of the breeding period or something.

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