First Free-Roaming Multiplayer Full Body VR Game (Anvio London)

First Free-Roaming Multiplayer Full Body VR Game (Anvio London)

Anvio you guys are the best of the best in
your field right that’s why you’re here we need your elite skills for a very
important mission all right we’re gonna insert you into Z City we need you to
reactivate a comms relay tower on the top of a skyscraper in order to do that
you’re gonna have to go through a series of stages on each stage you’re going to
look for a generator on that generators or red button when you hit that button
it’s going to change to white when that happens a green square is going to open
up somewhere on the map get your team inside that square and we
can load the next level does everyone accept their mission so we use these
tags so that we can pick up information from the cameras we can basically get
your tracking pretty much spot-on this is the weapon you’ll be using today
this is a automatic rifle this is a fantastic weapon for today’s purpose
trigger weapon cycle reload on the right and grenade on the left where you can’t
fire off too many at once because there is a cool-down period of around 10
seconds so you do have the choice of two weapons you have a rifle and a shotgun
we will launch the game and get you inside hi guys I’m Beck’s Trista and I’m
here with the nerd genius for KM World News and we’re going to fight some zombies today
in city Z with anvio VR that’s a minor issue
oh god we got kind of generator and that means I don’t even know I have no idea
really good tactics that were actually in here I thought I would be very good
at this oh my god uh-huh
there’s there’s some kind of power oh my goodness
press the button oh that is waking them up how do I reload oh my goodness that’s okay we started way too close for
a door for this to be safe No we press the button now oh well all right it’s gone dark oh my goodness okay yeah I see broken power cables and
and I can hear things that are definitely not friendly yes I like cake forgetting how to reload there’s a power cables on the wall and
stuff do you think one of those leads to our generator well spot in that I’m
totally not gonna see any of this Thank You humanity I can see power the power over here well
we’ve got lights on in the corner there so there must be something zombies I Cosima ah checking things out is really cool
you can kick the scenery like that maybe if we kick some other things I was
wondering if we need to move something to find this generator open these doors
try opening they see if those open on the end on the wall here there’s power
settings on the doors so they do anything can I kick this can I can that’s amazing
there are so many zombies I did not expect this to be as scary as it is I think there’s more coming from the
other side as well I don’t my grenades need to reach reload there’s both of
those sides and nothing is reloading I’m ty thank you have you got a grenade to
shoot those guys roof dude uh headshots there’s more coming
you’re my favorite human shield you know that I know I shouldn’t have wasted my
grenade shooting a box for fun they’re gaining on us
these guys are fast these are not your old school slow zombies these are proper
fast zombies oh my goodness I want more grenades headshot yeah headshot how are
you doing them no better than me it seems they say it’s a ridiculously more
scary than I thought it was going to be and there are so many more zombies and I
thought they were going to be we have some kind of tactics now a semblance of tactics started to come
into play then you you actually have to think about what you’re doing in this
game oh my goodness there is more they just come in first man we did something
to really annoy these zombies they won’t stopped this is a seriously awesome
experience guys it is brilliant shooting zombies it was so scary when we saw
other people playing this we said it wouldn’t be us and we wouldn’t be
screaming we could hear them screaming out and laughing from the lobby and we
said it wasn’t gonna be us we were too cool but yeah I can have to eat my words
the zombies have not eaten weird as much as I’ve eaten my words to say I wouldn’t
get scared in here it’s the prosperously atmospheric and you feel like you’re
gonna fall down into the depths you get so into it it’s an awesome awesome game
if you have a chance give this a go guys

16 thoughts on “First Free-Roaming Multiplayer Full Body VR Game (Anvio London)

  1. Hopefully they improve the game because from the few times they showed gameplay it looked like some very old zombie game that just got vr support. From bullet impact with zombies and their death animations and attacks were just too snappy and looked awful.

  2. what actually happened was nobody was in vr they were just pretending. Notice how he is still pulling the trigger when he is behind her 2:38. Also she is the only one talking so that he can have audio clues on where to step. scam studio

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