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I guess there comes a point in any skateboarder’s
life when all the skate parks, half pipes, ramps, and grind rails just don’t shine with
the challenge of excitement that once was. One lucky skater was in the forest when a
crystallized meteor crashed, not only giving him super powers, but converting the landscape
into the extreme skate park of his dreams. Welcome to Extreme Skater. Each level is an obstacle course that ends
with your skater reaching a chunk of crystal. The game starts out slowly with simple ramps
and jumps, but soon enough you’re grinding on rails, swinging on ropes, and powering
up and blasting through barriers to reach hidden troves of coins, and to fulfill each
level’s missions, which lead to greater rewards upon completion. The main balancing of your
skateboard is done via tilting. While up in the air, you can tilt to perform front and
back flips and when riding or landing, if you’re not lined up with the ground, you’ll
stack it and have to start back from one of the tiki torch checkpoints. The coins earned can be used to upgrade your
skater and his board, but the most worthwhile item to spend your money on is to unlock the
tricks. Not only do these add more variety to what can be done in each level (and some
level’s missions revolve around them), but it opens up a skate park based around learning
and performing said maneuver, complete with its own missions and coin rewards. With all this content and variety, Extreme
Skater is a worthwhile play, but it’s not without its faults. For one, the skateboard
feels far too weightless, both in the air and on the ground. It lacks a sense of speed
when leaning forward, and in the air it seems to ignore gravity, returning to the ground
at its own pace. Then there’s failing to land a jump or smacking into an obstacle on your
board. Usually these games have a visceral feeling associated with failure that adds
to the fun. Perhaps it’s the weightlessness of the board itself, but crashing your skater
lacks emphasis and impact, and definitely detracts from the experience. Even with these
criticisms however, this is a fun game with a lot to offer, and is worth a look for those
who like what they see.

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