Everything Wrong With Resident Evil 2 in 19 Minutes

S: How is this possible, ███████? L: I do not know, ████████…
A child who bears your eyes, as well as your Weapon. S: It’s unheard of!
Had I not just witnessed it, I would not believe it. L: The parents insist we aid in nurturing the child,
should they be a Warrior. What should we do? S: The only thing we can.
It is clear she is to take my place when I expire. L: ████████, let us not jump to conclusions.
This could be a farce. A coincidence! S: This is no mere coincidence, ███████.
Pardon my impetuousness, but try as we may, perhaps we cannot… L: … S: … This child may be our one chance to leave something behind. L: Perhaps… You are correct.
Light has truly shined on us today. S: Indeed, it has! L: Hmm… And yet… S: What troubles you? L: Well… Entertain me, if you would, this thought.
If the child is to succeed you… S: Yes? L: Another must succeed me, no?

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