Endless Battle: FREE PVP ARENA GAME! – Gameplay Walkthrough #1

Endless Battle: FREE PVP ARENA GAME! – Gameplay Walkthrough #1

hi guys gameplay vids 24/7 here welcome
to my gameplay video covering endless battle so guys
endless battle is a game right now in steen that’s actually causing some
controversy alright people are saying is a pay2win game apparently it’s very
broken I want to give it a solid try it’s an arena game so technically I
think you’re gonna have 3 V 3 5 V 5 and 10 B 10 matches the game reminds me a
lot of World of Warcraft look I’m gonna go in this with a blank slate
I’d only just read the reviews and all that so I’m not gonna worry about that
for now steam reviews we know it can be iffy let me try the game out and we’ll
find out what I think at the end of this episode okay if you guys do want to see
more of this game on my channel please remember of course to hit that like and
subscribe button leave a comment as well tell me what you think of the game as
well I’d love to hear it I looks like I have a treasure here of some sort a
diamond box we’re gonna open up a box guys here we go
see ya right now and steam the games I think 5050 like 50 percent wise ballet
Banting offset general this is for an assassin I’m assuming I can transition
I’ll be for the mage eye minutes : okay that’s definitely not for Wario I don’t
think about anything there for a warrior I’m pretty sure I know we did Dominus :
ok but four of them apparently interesting yeah I’m just trying to
figure out the game works still obviously but we’ll go into it I know
that you can I have played a couple of times and I do know that you verse a lot
of bots so there are BOTS in this game guys so
if you start winning matches it’s really easily more than likely you versing a
bot okay sorry just keep that in mind but I like leap they could be good
heroic leap maybe should I quit poor or equally poor not when we got here a mage
blizzard cool you have a couple of costs here you have the warrior the mage the
priest the knight and the assassin from what I found the warriors the most
overpowered character in the entire game I barely lose a battle one-on-one with a
warrior then anytime I’d really lose if it’s to be won or if there’s two
warriors against me do not I mean 1v1 I can I’m pretty sure with the warrior
from what I’ve seen also we have a signing bonus here as well let’s sign in
on this 166 diamonds is it sign in okay cool thanks game so if we go
battlefield right random map I don’t want it ran him out that’s any
problem I don’t think I have a choice though I hate the the capture the flag
map it’s completely useless with the bots and I don’t think I actually have a
choice here and choosing a map because it’s stuck on random nothing I can do
about it so we start a match here hopefully we can find some players
we’ll find out either way well if not the game we’re just feeling with bots
anyway so it does really matter it would be a good example for you guys to see
how the bots actually are in this game as well so look I’ll flip the cameras
back together face cam now so we can get everything ready and we’re heading to
the battle now guys okay here we go apparently I found a match it’s just me
though but looks of it so I can we are both seeing some bots red line
wilderness all right so we’re going captured a fly absolutely hate capture a
flag with the bots so look we’re plant we’re picking the warrior because that’s
the class and I had to play it best it’s almost easiest class to play as
well my opinion you just smash buttons through it’s kind of like a World of
Warcraft warrior in his face for all everyone you’ve got to see this to
believe it guys alright so redline wilderness capture the flag let’s see
what happens here okay get ready let’s mount up I have a raptor for a day I did
unlock this Raptor from completing a a match and off we go as you can see the
bots are just sitting there in the spawn right now so they’re all gonna slowly
move out together here bit by bit I mean look graphics wise the game’s not bad
the game actually it’s very nice it’s a free to play game you have to keep that
in mind we’re running on a pretty smooth 60fps right now we do have a 232 msla
there with the pink that’s to be expected with us servers so let me just
wait for the sky to rush in alright here we go
using my bladestorm straight away I did actually upgrade my skill my
talent tree at the bottom that I didn’t realize my skill bar so before I started
recording actually mess around most my ability so you do have a skill bar guys
at the bottom of the screen they’re all number hotkey diz well of course so
number one will do a charge number two him will do a destructive blade which is
pretty much a like a strong melee attack demon strike is another really strong
melee attack and for his blade storm cues like a berserker buff I want to pop
that now here we go which is your ad everyone once we kill everyone how much
damage I’m pulling off right now let’s take care of them
no ice now it’s me versus Wario to butter warriors versus one warrior here
excellent so ease the rage combo apparently clocks up the rage for us just warriors dead now anyway I’m gonna
try and get this flashing I’ll go for the mage
build up some rage here that mage better runner she’s gonna die let me try and
run I’ll put hamstring on this mage the major slow down now I’m gonna activate
bladestorm finish off the fight got a double kill then activate last stand or
whatever the h### it’s called 500 hit beautiful my damage is buffed
exponentially all right now bro that’s it dead great stuff
are they coming for me now oh dear I’m trying to get this flag right now but
it’s just me up here just me versus the whole team so I’m dead there’s no way
around this I’m pretty much screwed right now that’s her I can’t run put up
a solid fire here to the best of my abilities I can’t use a potion if I want
to stupid night just killed me then let’s release my soul I noticed as well
when you’re me on top you actually stopped moving for some reason it’s
really strange so I all movement stops looks like we do
have some random enemies on them field as well here like giant bosses stone
giant and a dragon let’s head to the middle here trying to help our team out
nice guy gonna kill everyone on the field he hit excellent so right now
we’re just trying to deal as much time as we can mashing our buttons gonna
switch targets to the weak enemy here excellent is almost dad his dad it’s a
double kill then apparently he’s trying to triple triple kill nice smashing down
these mobs I won’t even call it mobs actually bots I like how I’m calling the
mobs guys is it that easy really I just think of it was like random enemies it’s
ok bladestorm again trying to deal out its damage this assassin assassin sted
they got the flag that mage has the flag we can’t even stop him the mage is just
running with a flag I can’t do anything not too quick I can’t even stop the mage
other said the bots are useless and capture the flag I’m just trying to eat
up listen try and restore some health for the enemy attacks me here we go
crashes frozen me I just hamstring her she can’t really run away try and deal as much time as I can here no ice Ted good stuff
I want that flag bro flags disappeared oh there it is good
dag about the flag I’m about to anyway just watch me get hunted down now don’t
think I have any team support looking on the map my team is down this way okay so
the enemies are coming for me now I’m gonna bother engaging em hopefully I can
keep running man I was killed someone don’t know how Chris 87 so cool Chris 87
keeps attacking me here I reckon he’s gonna go for the flag I think I’ll jet
think he’s gonna go for the flag and I stopped good stuff here we go I’m trying
to take me down excellent damage the nice 500 here and he’s dead
there you have it C good stuff a nice we’re about to score I have to win this
for us here maybe I assassins try to attack me here
there’s two it’s assassins oh my god there is two after the careful here Ashley trying to
wear me down both of them on once you shoot the potion the miss your way to
get my ability up here oh here we go glad carries down glad carries down I’m
dead mmm d### ten seconds I can get a I’ll
get that assassin don’t worry he’s gained weight swing yes it does great okay we go beautiful
she’s hamstrings you’re gonna run anyway now excellent return the flag let’s go
help out team a little bit more here you hang beautiful just trying to slow everyone
down all these mages is all that’s all I can really do mage is dead excellent nother kill I’m
just trying to go for the cast is more than anything who cares I the warrior
will take down their support first Dan it takes so much hits bro the major so
much HP’s thing as should be dead now there we go it is dead right I want to
try and push middle let’s see if I can try witness for our team hey we’ll find
out together here how this ghost town our teammates took the flag fantastic I
don’t think they have our flag we might actually win this here guys
fantastic nice all right so you have it everyone so look I mean oh you my VK
into like weird color to the screen that’s the game so far guys and the
capture the flag god I really like capture flag at all how many kills I get
that match though just gonna be fun bit 13 kills two deaths nice now you can
give the thumbs up to other players or BOTS
no worries game no worries at all level 6 now cool level up ok confirm return to
lobby nice so I guess we have to try and figure out what we want to do now event
redeem win one match redeemed yay arena we can’t head to the arena here Louis 6
season wins 100 111 season wins where people are really thrashing this game
out let’s head to the arena yeah I’ll pick a warrior game we’ll see if we can
win we have found a match gonna pick warrior confirm oh good going
straight to warrior we try and kill people here as much as we can we have a
priest and an assassin hopefully Hills can help us out a lot as
you can see these like where as I said like very very similar do it even the
arena is what the same sort of you know I mean it’s not the same then pretty
much exactly the same I know who’s chat to these people quickly go for hills to
go for heals hopefully SACEM goes for the hills Jerry
where’s they here like healers down here alright let’s do this just popping my
first ability here straightaway just hamstring that healer and I keep on attacking this healer
doing some pretty big damage to the healer bro immunity okay manatees down back to dealing the
big damage here hamstring hair again heel is down Kilda nice let’s slow down
these bloody assassins then shall we SAS and slowed just slow down this
assassin here as well gonna pop my blade storm no I spray we’re hammering it out
see what I mean how good Warriors are guys more than joy King let me just
charge a## bloody guy stun them just like World of Warcraft brother man some
things never get old double kill let me try and slow down its assassin a
bit more let me start him no I stunned him saved
I just save that priest I reckon bro legit appreciate stroke oh no you gotta
create he got created and died that’s all right
we won great job let’s do it it’s a game all right I’m gonna go straight for the
hills again hopefully this works eh I get ready it’s gonna be good whereas I heal up trying to point out
the healer healers on the left middle heel is going middle was that a bot
reversing I really want to be surprised honestly okay well turn use my bloody
rage attack are well that’s okay okay now views it 367 popped immunity okay me and he’s off back to laying down
the pain on these healer I mean she’s a charge stunned stunned and dead got the
assist apparently even I killed her pretty much really game no worries just
keep flowing down the hamstring here they got smashed he’s poor people dude
as I said bro you cannot be like if some of those I play warrior you can’t beat
him in or one-on-one it’s just too difficult
the assassins running but you assassins about to get charged there we go
bang alright nice so I don’t can we go in here we can’t go in here this guy
I’ve just given up so he was the one that rage quit well it was sooo no well
you better die anyway let’s see if Atlanta Big KRIT 202 beautiful he’s dead nice it’s good these
cysts again no apparently no worries I’ll take that there guys first arena
victory on camera how do you see like war is through insane brother play another class unless you
guys want to see me play another class but I like playing the warrior for now
my MVP with four kills kill thumbs up thumbs up good job team good job okay
got a obtained old mount pack sure no worries
I mean is there another class you guys might want to see or not you got a hero
mage priest Knight assassin the major I guess it’s pretty cool by dancer and I
cursed hmm well what else can I do here really let’s go absolutely zero only
absolutely zero group that’s equip ice arrow
ice spear ice boundary it’s like a shield cool then we have a seal to
silence people I spoil enhance enhance the ice ball why don’t say display what
the h### is that all about I guess cuz I have enough level maybe
that’s enhancer then you know that is the reason okay so have high enough
level then keep enhancing our gear here and what’s this one I spoiled
ice ice ball ice day game go throw an ice ball ice displacement a nice ring
routes targets cool I look I will jump into a match here I’m going to
battlefield again we’ll pick a major reckon oh yes I am in the match on Maui
in here we’ll go confirm players the frost wizard or the frost mage I say
this guy’s down here alright hopefully it all goes well we’ll find out what’s
the other major works I’m excited guys it’s a little bit
different finally how many playing as a major I now do everything a destroyed so
this is for a photo picture moment a occupy H
at points occupy no one’s grabbing the bath and you tell that bolts man okay so
I will be the blink they’ll definitely come in handy we have enemies down there
okay can I take them from a distance here it’s probably the best point then I
have enough range to take them from up here I do have enough range really nice
here we go enemy attacking me now big damage from a distance here guys look at
this let me help help my team here just dad
don’t worry it’s all good that’s it got a kill use our ice ball
not too sure that’s gonna do anything from this distance
no it didn’t I saw didn’t do anything we’re gonna kill from a distance anyway
that Warriors hiding level warrior he knows I’m gonna try get up in the middle
maybe here we go just capture the point there and see how old mage goes against
the warrior frost mage okay just absorb nice just show blink
out there didn’t do anything he was just able to run towards me even I’ll blinked
away from him so the only some pretty good damage to him nice is dead that’s
all right I’m just occupy okay can’t move when you
occupying let me just science that priest with this science there there we
go I like the the frost arrow so far it’s
pretty powerful then the frost spear as well is great
maybe a nice throw a nice attack nice slow just stuffed in my big time excellent damage man the frost mage is
pretty powerful I’ll give her that legit all right geez that warriors I’m
walking around still coming for me I’m gonna put up a shield Jesus game
dead good these cysts go down here and grab the point right
where they are I was trying to sneakily grab it like that water that makes dead no try and claim this quickly occupying
got it got design at least just try and kill this warrior we can is that frost circle so I’m down big
time war is almost dead here they are warriors dead thankfully doing a capture
zone up here then we’ve got four zones so we’re literally got four zones on
this map excellent points might be coming back now maybe just maybe just
science the priest excellent we have a high critical chance right now absolutely love it that I can slow down
enemies with my attacks very helpful isn’t it there we go nice apparently
lost the tower in the middle really lost the tower up here did we games not
mucking around bro for this tonight now chasey me he’s about to get armed if he
stays away from me alright as a pre-made chasing me now
I’m just trying help this guy out down here shawne’s the priest oh wow put a shield on excellent gonna
assist again you guys so the mage I can is quite powerful man for real I may
actually deal a lot of damage bags almost ours flag is our steady go building out my attacks so I’m looking too promising for us
right now we’re still managing to actually lose points on all these am i
much great just at the silence that chick smashing out of damage now
excellent let’s go out to eating again please
oh no I’ll just take a potion then screw up they’re all pushing middle anyway all
the team its it’s over no no what I could have done oh well that was alright
good practice session with the mage she’s imagined spawning any of a ten
kills five deaths apparently this person got I don’t know how much kills I got have to check it out next time if I can
let’s go into an arena as a mage to see what happens
what if I get smashed I’m very curious see if we get smash guys if you play as
a major all right so we got two assassins a mage two majors in an
assassin what is going on with this guy as see what’s about to happen here take
down majors first as I tear down mage first probably grab bow for them I think okay following the assassins down my
ball of ice just try to go science that mage there
and good maybe I crits are coming in now I think
we just lost someone then max your silence it’ll pop my shield up again silence nights nice alright good
I didn’t heal up somehow some way I need to heal up come again yeah it’s good
just restoring some health not me get down here excellent regatta now what’s gonna happen where are they underneath me got a nice there you have it thanks take
your job to me whoo it’s intense man I like it playing as a caster an arena
it’s different oh yeah so for 25 seconds this show will
last let me choose an Alan I don’t know why the h### that person I guess the
majors are targeting me I’m actually targetdown this bloody
assassin here yes assassins all my stead okay every guy
Oh way out it’s Tobin Wow the bow point for me this time they know
bro they know to kill me now that sucks so bad I should have went for the majors
Hey d### it one one here we go again
everyone get ready I’m gonna running straight on my team
screw up bro don’t split up bro come on just saw on stem straight away okay and we saw an idea down there Jay I’m
stunned hey guys just dad surely yep okay gotcha just try and keep him at a distance now take that it’s mage mage is down
beautiful this assassins running him it’s just running away now fantastic bro never sit here in cars now this guy’s
dead whoo GJ all right I was good nice that was
great we actually got him there does intense smoke we managed to figure it
out it’s one for the cast is this time they’re gonna be paying me yep GPB MVP
nice a play gave a like for you you know kicking likes sweets thanks look that’s
that for now guys if you want to see more let me know in the comments below
I’ll play more if you want if not that’s fine thank you very much for tuning in
let me just redeem all these rewards oh my god the rewards are they’re good
redeem whatever hole these items are little swords or something knives just
grab them battle points okay so I think we’re collecting all these battle points
apparently 200 diamonds they’re cool thanks game let’s say finished now just
me all the treasures as well diamond open I can open a skill card back for
free okay open all Banting moon slash light beacon general anthemic a icicle
ice cool imprisons them as well so it’s icicle money you use that they can be
helpful for us guys icicle let’s throw it on our frost mage edits now where is
it where’s the icicle now icicle icicle there it is
I can enhance my ice ball which I will doing ice to cool its enhance that okay
that’s done good stuff
what’s that I can’t put that on any get rid of one I’ll use our article instead
of that frozen one I think yeah we’ll see how that goes either way all right
no worries guys thank you very much I’ll catch one next episode hopefully okay
see you around see you later

16 thoughts on “Endless Battle: FREE PVP ARENA GAME! – Gameplay Walkthrough #1

  1. I watched it all and reminds me of a third person on the ground view league of legends with more things to do lol

  2. lame ass game , why u have to make the characters – WARRIOR , MAGE , ASSAS , PRIEST ! . lame ass REALM ROYAL game-play here again ! smite is way better than this shit .

  3. Wow this game brings back memories of World of Warcraft, but this combat system looks more attractive, it encourages me to play it, I'm have a doubt, there are two slots that you don't have skills, and there is a slot that is blocked, you can get to have more skills ?. I'm waiting for the CrowFall game to be published, that game promises a lot

  4. haven't seen your vids in a while, you've come far from getting 50 views on clicker heroes, congrats! I used to keep up with that series when you started until I quit playing.

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