(ENDED) FREE Game Alert –  6 free games from Humble Trove (Until 2/2/2018)

(ENDED) FREE Game Alert – 6 free games from Humble Trove (Until 2/2/2018)

hello and welcome to low budget gaming
and welcome to a free game alert well it’s a little different than usual now
if you are familiar with Humble they have something called a humble trove
which is a selection of games that are available to all the humble monthly
subscribers they can play and download and play those games however this time
what they have done is they are giving away six of those games for free for
anyone as long as you just logged in and you can download and try them out till
the 2nd of February so basically these six games which have the free until 2/2
you can download them and play them now the games are not particularly well
known but they look alright from what I can tell now these are all the games in
the humble treasure trove but the 6 with the green here these are the ones that
are free so you have hitch-hiker which is a humble original game this is a
mystery type game then you have 2001 a space felony this is a murder mystery
type game then you have cat girl without salad this is a bit of a mixed game I
don’t really know what this is exactly what I think it’s got arcade platformer
rhythm RPG so it’s a mix of several things looks alright then you have
uurnog a 2d platformer Thor.n this is a job simulator and Crescent Bay
this is a psychological thriller so all you need to do is log into your humble
account you don’t need to spend any money and just download these games
download them to your computer and then you can play them whenever you want so
Worth a look I mean even if you’re not interested this is these are free until
the second download them try them out to see if you like them and if you like
them that’s great so normally this is only for people on the monthly
subscription but right now they’re giving away these six for free so
definitely check this out personally I like the look of hitchhiker
and Space Odyssey space felony and yeah the others also might be alright but
these two look good to me I’m actually downloading one of these and I might
check it out I might even make a let’s play of it so definitely have a look try
these out and hopefully you’ll like some of them also a quick reminder the humble
staff picks bundle will end in little over three days so
three and a half days roughly so if you haven’t checked this out maybe have a
look because they’ve got some good games including BioShock Infinite for under
six dollars you can get all these six games two tiers and yeah if you are
interested check this out as well and yeah thank you for watching see you in
the next one

11 thoughts on “(ENDED) FREE Game Alert – 6 free games from Humble Trove (Until 2/2/2018)

  1. Aaaaah i dont have a lot of hard drive space so i cant download them while if they were keys or could be added on a game library i could download them when i had free space 🙁

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