Enabling Http connections in Qlik NPrinting

By default, Qlik NPrinting is configured to use HTTPS when connecting to user interfaces This video will show you how to enable HTTP connection In the Qlik NPrinting web console and NewsStand. Before you start, you must be logged in on a computer that has Qlik NPrinting server installed with Administrator rights Open Windows Services and stop the Qlik NPrinting Engine service Then, browse to the location where the NewsStand configuration file is stored Open the configuration file in you preferred text editor and change the default value of #http.ssl from true to false Remove the hashtag Do the same in the #cookie.secure row. When done, save the configuration file. If you want to also enable HTTP for the web console Browse to the webconsoleproxy folder, and edit the configuration file. Change both #http.ssl and #cookie.secure from false to true, and remove the hashtag form both rows Before you restart the Engine service, delete the cookies data from your browser. When done, open Windows Services and restart the Qlik NPrinting Engine Please note, if you change the configuration to enable HTTP, using https:// in the URL will not work anymore As you can see, if you use HTTP instead you can connect to the Qlik NPrinting web console And, since we have also enabled the HTTP connection for the NewsStand you will be able to connect to it using HTTP protocol And that concludes this video, thank you for watching!

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