Earthbound (SNES) Angry Video Game Nerd: Episode 156

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  1. An honest question: Isn't Gyggas that ghostly form inside the fetus' head?

    This episode is a masterpiece, just like the game. Thanks James Rolf. No wonder you deserve the title of legendary youtuber.

  2. I will admit, the reason to not revive everyone is because you can level grind easier if two people are dead and then let them catch up later .

  3. Mother,
    Tell your children not to walk my way,
    Tell your children not to hear my words
    What they mean, what they say,

    Can you keep them in the dark for life,
    Can you hide them from the waiting world,
    Oh, mother.

    Not about to see your light
    But if you wanna find hell with me,
    I can show you what it's like
    'Till you're bleedin'!
    I'm not about to see your light
    But if you wanna find hell with me,
    I can show you what it's…

  4. You MUST review the sequel.
    It's even better yet the story is so damn dark it's insane.
    It's like Sonic SAT AM except Robotnik gets away, most freedom fighters join Robotnik, Tails has to live with a whole new civilization and the world is finally becoming impossible to live in at all along with two more evil bad guys getting in the way.
    It's awesome

  5. Idk why but the part where he shows his face in water fall and says "Im dead fucking serious" cracks me up everytime with that classic angry nerd frown

  6. If the Nerd, or someone, where to rejigger the game, remove all the flaws he mentioned, it'd prob'ly B a timeless classic.

  7. To be fair about the point about Itoi denying the fan theories, it’s always important to note the death of the author: a viewers interpretation of a story or narrative is just as if not more valid than the authors intentions for the story.

  8. one interesting theory that I like is the one that says ninten from mother 1/earthbound zero is a distant relative of ness, like great grandfather or something, and giygas/gyigui is a long distant relative of them both, according to mother 1, giygui is the crazed child of 2 human psychics who were abducted by a group of aliens, she gave birth to their son and the aliens took the child and dropped the couple back on earth, the father went insane trying to find out the mystery of who the aliens were and trying to find them to get his son back, this insanity also developed in the mother over the immediate loss of their son and she passed away, and you meet her in mother 1's version of majicant, she tells you about her son

    some theorize that all 3 of those are long distant relatives of the 2 protagonists, and you are unknowingly saving the world from your own grandfather

  9. Earthbound feels good to play, start to finish, because the central theme of the game is growth.
    Ness starts out as just a kid who gets thrust into a situation far beyond his capability: he will eventually have to completely stop an alien invasion. Even a single alien grunt is so powerful he and his friends are powerless and only thanks to his alien ally he manages to survive.
    After that, he loses that ally and is out in the world alone. He's facing people and animals who are suddenly a danger to him because of Giygas' influence, having to rely on his wits and determination to pull through. But all along, Ness slowly gets stronger. He gathers friends he can rely on, he learns the eight melodies which eventually unlock his inner power. And his challenges also grow stronger, as he goes from just standing up to bullies to being betrayed by his friend Porky, facing more and more powerful and aggressive monsters. Eventually Ness is strong enough to accept potentially make the ultimate sacrifice: fighting Giygas himself knowing that there is a chance he will never be able to come back. He didn't just become stronger, Ness has become responsible enough to accept what could be a suicide mission to save the world. And in the end, the game addresses the player directly. Ness isn't just a tool or an avatar for the player, he's become a hero. You can't win the battle just by telling him to attack or use PSI, you must WANT him to succeed, crowning all his efforts and sacrifices with the happy end he's worked so hard to obtain.

    …or it's just a cute game about kids going around smashing animals and piles of barf.

  10. Thats right nerd, I always thinking about to create and develop a anime series for cartoon Network someday with animated and co-produced by gainax (neon Genesis evangelion and fooly cooly)

  11. I'm on the Nintendo e shop and found your video game I never knew their was the angry video game nerd adventures

  12. The whole EarthBound trilogy needs a well deserved remaster.

    Just for the unavoidable monster fights and the shop just to name a few.

  13. The Virtual Boy's games weren't that bad, IMO. I played I think it was "Mario Tennis," and the Wario one, and I had fun playing both for extensive hours.

  14. I know it may sound outlandish going out of the retro consoles, but reviewing UNDERTALE is a pretty good idea too. I'm sure he'll enjoy it.

  15. alot of the gameplay negatives like the item thing are more due to earthbound taking alot from dragon quest. dq has alot of the same gameplay issues. most jrpgs tend to take more from final fantasy for obvious reasons but mother's creator was inspired by dragon quest.

  16. Mother 3 has an awesome English translation and btw is one of the best "Game Boy Advanced" game i ever played!!!
    i played it last year on my phone =)

  17. I gotta ask tho… Did the pictures really work after all this time? Like, I cant imagine the scratch and sniff stuff actually being too smelly after all these years.

  18. “Have you ever had to go around a deck to give someone something?”
    In Breath of the Wild you have to talk to the woman from behind her desk in order to ask her what she’d like. You end up giving her 10 grasshoppers I think. It’s a side quest.

  19. it was this video that finally convinced me to start collecting retro games. heres hoping that some day i get my hands on an earthbound cartridge

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