Earn Real Money by Playing Angry Birds Game Online 2019 | WowApp 2019

Hey, what’s up guys Jeremy Lagatule
here with another Wow App training video and today I’m gonna share with you how
to earn real money for playing Angry Birds online 2019 I’m actually gonna
jump over and screen, screen share my mobile phone with you and show you
exactly how to earn real money playing Angry Birds online okay so here we are
on my mobile phone and I’m sharing my screen with you so I can show you
exactly how to earn cash for playing Angry Birds but before I do that let me
just share with you some real payment proof so you can see that this is
actually a real way to earn real money alright so guys I’ve just logged into my
PayPal and I’m showing payments received okay so nothing in the last 30 days but
if I click down on 2018 that will bring up payments received okay we’re
scrolling down and here we go you wow me limited okay six dollars
eighty two USD paid real money into my PayPal account if we scroll down a bit
further here’s another one you wow me limited 17 bucks USD real money paid
into my PayPal all right if we go up and click on 2019 that will bring up a more
recent you Wow me limited there we go oops 17 bucks 96 USD so I just wanted to
quickly share that with you so you can see that this is real money
okay paid out to either a bank account or PayPal okay so let’s jump in and I’ll
show you here some earnings right this is my network and I’ve got 17 new people
this week into my network that actually I earn from when they play games so how
cool is that my total up here if you network is over
a thousand people in my network so when they play games I actually earn a
percentage of everything that they do as well that’s the real power of how to
earn with this free app that I’m gonna share with you at the end of this video
but let’s jump in and I’ll show you how to actually earn real money for playing
Angry Birds online okay so I just clicked on play games alright I’m just
gonna click on the search bar Birds alright let’s see what comes up Oh birds
yes that’s what I said boots uh oops okay let’s just go back for a second
sorry about that um okay let’s try that again
birds and go hey here we go okay so here we go it’s crazy Birds – okay so it’s
not actually the actual Angry Birds game but it’s very very similar okay and you
actually get to earn cash for playing Angry Birds but it’s not actually the
real Angry Birds alright so just let it load up okay just let the ad run and
then we can skip up for a couple of seconds click skip ad and boom let’s
click play and there we go we get to start playing alright I’m just gonna
cook our number one and off we go see here we go guys is just like Angry Birds
okay except you can actually earn real cash for playing the game alright let’s
go to the next one okay this one’s a little bit harder oh and we’re gonna and
I got him awesome so do you go guys how simple is that so
let’s just now that I’ve shown you write the actual game so you can see the
gameplay it’s a lot of fun but it’s stressfully easy to play right let’s
let’s just jump back and I’m going to show you exactly how
you can create a free account okay how you can create a free account and start
earning money for playing games okay so if you want to jump on and play this
Angry Birds game and actually earn real money that will get paid to your bank
then all you have to do so with just here on my mobile phone okay and if you
click into the description here you can see a blue link right join for free so
you just want to click on the blue link and that’s gonna take you through to
create a free account on this free app so you can actually start earning real
money for playing the Angry Birds game so you’re gonna see a picture of me here
that’s me join Jeremy Lagatule on Wow app so you
just need to click that button ok click that button and that’s gonna take you
through to create a free account look join well at and earn real money
well app she is 70 to 80 percent of net revenue with you so that little ad that
we saw when we went into the game right that is what’s called a Google Ad so
people pay write this app to advertise for them and so what this app does it
then pays us right just to use the app and guys there’s actually nine different
ways that you can earn you can earn by playing all sorts of different games you
can earn for watching videos surveys talking on your phone inviting your
friends there’s so many different ways and we actually by using this app you
can donate we actually donate to charities over 2000 charities so not
only are we earning real money for ourselves by playing games but we’re
actually donating to charities at the exact same time so guys let’s just go
back and so all you need to do is click the link right the blue link there in
the description create your free account and then you can start earning real
money for playing Angry Birds online so guys thank you so much
for taking the time to watch this video I hope you are excited and ready to earn
money for playing Angry Birds online I’m gonna wrap this video up take care out
there guys until my next Wow app training video bye for now

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