Early Access 2020 – Mortal Online 2

Early Access 2020 – Mortal Online 2

We’ve known about Mortal Online 2 for about
10 months now if you followed the original game. The developer came out and told us he was
working on it I believe in feb of 2019. The reason I didn’t cover this is because
we didn’t have anything to show and no concrete information other than it exists, it’s going
to be unreal engine 4 and that was about it. Recently though we got a little teaaser trailer,
which was surprisingly decently produced considering the situation mortal online comes from, the
kind with little to no money or staff because it’s about as indie as indie comes. This isn’t so much going to be talking about
mortal online 2…But what mortal online 1 was as someone who enjoyed the game and played
it a lot and what mortal online 2 could be, as well as all the important details we have
so far on the new version coming. Mortal Online, what is it you might be asking….Well
it’s a full loot pvp, hardcore sandbox. Immediately I may have just lost some of you
guys interest, full loot pvp is a hard sell right? Full loot pvp, you die and people can walk
on over to your body and loot it, taking all of your hard earned valuables that you didn’t
put in a bank. It’s a feature I eagerly seek out, my own
personal drug of choice is the adrenaline rush from open world, high stakes pvp. I love it, always have and always will, so
moral online for me…Was a really promising game. It was a fundamentally flawed game at the
core and never was going to see success but the game is about as unique as they come in
the mmorpg genre and the team behind the game is as dedicated as you can possibly be, having
been working on this labour of love for over 10 years. What’s the game about and why should you care
about the sequel of a dead game? Mortal online conceptually had some of the
things that excite me as an oldschool mmorpg fan more than any game today does. It was a true sandbox. You could do whatever you wanted pretty much. Be a tamer, a mount breeder, crafter, politician,
thief, explorer, mercenary, builder, gatherer, fisher, griefer, guild leader, mounted fighter,
foot fighter, archer, mage….It was just a combination of what made sandbox games appealing
for me. The crafting system legit is one of the best
crafting systems I’ve ever seen, I’ll go over it later in the video in detail. The free building element of the sandbox,
literally building a town or a city where ever you want on the map, even going so far
as to block off locations on the map to then monopolise a regional resource…Every
item in the economy being player crafted and degrading over time to ensure crafters have
a reason to play, having every character have to specialise in something meaning you had
to help each other to do things, the combat just in general being very complex despite
looking ridiculous…I mean Mortal was an exciting game and one that I have so many
fond memories of and amazing, spur of the moment things that aare once in a life time
just only possible in a sandbox game that really stick with me, like huge wars and political
battles in voice comms, fighting over land, striking alliances and being backstabbed. Sandbox games for me, always give me my best
stories, my most emotional moments, usually humour of just the ridiculous things that
go on in the community with some big controversy because of how into these games everyone gets. On top of all this..It’s a totally open world
game, there’s 1 loading screen in the whole game to a 2nd land mass…That’s it and I
honestly only went there once ever while playing because I hated it. So you have a big open world sandbox with
player driven economy, guild wars and territory control, deep crafting, unique combat system
with deep player choice and unique skill system to allow you to make some niche, unpopular
builds and do some crazy stuff…Just a really free game. Oh yeah also the game was super fairly monetised
and not at all p2w. Crazy right? Mortal Online is a game that has character,
it has an identity but as I said, fundamentally flawed. The game just tech wise just didn’t work as
it should. Loads of physics issues, really bad graphics,
not great networking, servers were really messed up when the game got even any kind
of attention such as when it launched on steam. Basically the game just looks terrible, the
combat is floaty and weird looking, movement is clunky and super slow…The game just looks
terrible. I always compare mortal online to dwarf fortress….Like
dwarf fortress if you don’t know what it is, just google it real quick, it’s one of the
most fun, intricate, amazing gaming experiences I’ve ever had and it’s also at first glance
or first play, absolutely awful…Mortal online is like this. If you get past the surface level of mortal
online, it’s great and really deceptively fun/fluid. It’s basically an extremely flawed project
that has an amazing core idea and just needed to not have years of terrible baggage and
a look or feel to the game that was ancient basically already upon release. Mortal released in 2010, it hasn’t ever really
been popular or seen mainstream attention. I doubt it ever really will be super popular
due to the nature of the beast but due to how sandbox games work and the nature of a
1 server game, with all open world and zero instancing….You only really need like a
few thousand concurrent players each day to m ake the game absolutely mental. 1k population on mortal online’s current map
size which is pretty decently sized like it can take hours to get from one end to the
other on foot. So it isn’t like the game needs or even aspires
to be huge, but for the niche of sandbox mmorpgs…Mortal online 2 is exciting. Let’s go over some of the systems in mortal
online 2 and why I speak positively about mortal online as a game. First off why care? Well MO as I just said was a mess, but it’s
a mess that has become less of a mess over the years and has interesting systems, now
in a new engine, that is apparently much easier to work with , much better for open world
and the developer literally saying, the issues we had were because I was a bad slash new
developer back then but now I’m better and also the engine wasn’t ideal but now it is…That’s
a good thing. Might seem like polishing a rock but you know
it’s still something, basically the tech upgrade and them haaving been practicing on this game
for over a decade…It can’t be worse right? And I think mortal was close to being a viable,
successful game, like populated for years, fun and sustainable to make money. It was close, they just got off to a really
bad start. Now how exactly are they developing mortal
online 2? As I understand it, mortal online is currently
in Unreal Engine 3. They’re developing mortal online 2, in unreal
engine 4 . They’re planning to have a combat alpha sometime soon I think, early in 2020
and they have an internal alpha going now from what I can tell or maybe I’m wrong on
that and it was for very soon. They’re claiming to be launching into early
access on steam in late 2020 with a full release scheduled for q4 2021…So from that I’m going
to guess the game isn’t super fleshed out right now though I would like to get in and
have a play around with the newly updated combat because that’s something that if they
get right, can and will carry the game a bit. Mortal as I said before always had interesting
combat but it was very dated so if it’s more fluid and viceral or satisfying that could
be a huge tick for the game. So, since we don’t actually know much of anything
other than the release schedules and whatever I just rambled about for the past couple minutes…Let
me explain to you, my friends, what made mortal online good even as a sandbox and you can
let me know if done well, with good combat, good graphics and no crazy bugs, would you
like this game concept. Real quick the skill system in the game is
a skill cap free use leveling sandbox system. You basically have 700 skill points available
to you, you have a skill book with primary and secondary skills. You want to be a tamer? Go tame stuff, taming goes up, higher your
taming, better creatures you can tame. You’ll also have to raise your knowledge of
what you’re taming. Also have to raise your move speed on foot
maybe. Your riding skill to travel to new taming
locations. Your handling of animals to control more animals
and stronger tames….Thaat sort of thing. So each character has a specific role, which
you can change at any time by unlocking your skills and doing other skills to drain points
from one to the other. In mortal online they messed up by allowing
everyone multiple characters on their account…Which means everyone of course just tried to be
self sufficient and meta game the system. In mortal 2, he wants to have 1 character
per account. Which of course won’t stop the most dedicated
people, but it’s a start at least. So the first thing I will say that is my absolute
number 1 most under rated thing that mortal online did and other games didn’t? It was a mystery. It was a secret. And so very few games are now days. Think of games now, you’ve got people who
played the korean alpha. They played the 5000 dollar kickstarter pledge
alpha and made some videos, they’ve data mined the patch, they’ve had it on the PTR and you’ve
already seen it all….That is how mmorpgs are now days, there’s almost zero mystery,
the wonder has gone…Every mmorpg for me now days is basically just before I walk downstairs
on christmas morning someone has woke me up and told me santa isn’t real. There’s no magic in starting up an mmorpg
and you already know everything there is to know about the game. Mortal online because it’s a sandbox, fucking
good luck finding information about the game. How to make money? Where something drops? How to do this? How to get here? What is this worth? How do I craft? What build is the best for this playstyle
was about the only thing that people shared super frequently. Mortal Online is a game that has secrets and
not just ones that are slightly commonly known. If you go reseaarch the game, at times of
gameplay there have been whole armor sets that no one except 1 guy knew how to craft
because he found a previously unknown secret riddle in the game and got a book to learn
how to craft this armor and became the only person in the game who could. Which is obviously insanely valuable and awesome,
something only a sandbox game can do. No one even knows how many of these secrets
are left in the game currently that no one has discovered and how long they’ve been in
the game, there’s mechanics that have never been discussed or put in patch notes that
enter the game and just exist to find. There’s a sense of mystery to the game and
because of all of this, you are forced to interact with players, you’re forced to play
the game and explore and not sit reading guides and watching videos. You have to trade with players, you have to
have players craft for you who are trusted and you have to build a reputation as a trusted
crafter, a trusted trader. Which brings me to crafting. Crafting in mortal online is a wholllllllllleeeee
game. The process of getting ore, to a weapon is
basically like 2 or 3 whole characters worth of skill points. Like you have to have a miner, a smelter and
a crafter to make things because each crafting is so intricate that it takes all your skill
points basically to do it. So basically say you want to craft a bow,
right you need a master bowyer. He needs the skills bowyery, each knowledge
of the different kinds of bows, recurve, short bow, long bow etc, he needs lore of the materials
he will use, so knowledge of trees and different woods, knowledge of different animal materials. Okay so you found your dedicated bowyer…He
needs to know, what kind of bow do you want? How do you know? Well you need a certain level of strength
to pull a bow string, so he can make a bow specifically tailored to your strength. If you have 103 strength and a bow required
104 strength, when you try to fire it, you’ll drain all your stamina very quickly and not
do a lot of damage. So you say, a 103 strength bow please. The crafter then has to make the bow 103 strength…Which
now days I think there is guides out there on moderately good bow crafting years later
but who knows if they’re the best. Without that info though he would have had
to previously have tried hundreds and maybe thousands of recipes to find a combination
of materials to make a 103 strength bow, and refined the process down to find the best
possible damage and durabilty for that bow. So what I mean by this, the actual process
to make a bow is to pick the kind of bow and then the materials that will go into said
bow, so you have to find a balance of the materials and the density of the bow…Which
could make the bow vastly different based on the materials and how much of them you
used. This was the same for crafting in other areas,
armor, you could visibly see what armor someone was wearing like what material it was made
of, same for their bows and their weapons. You could even make weapons stupid, like making
a weapon you would have to craft each individual piece and then combine them, so making a 1
handed sword you would have to make multiple pieces of it, think it was blade and the pommel,
so you would have to do a similar process here to make the best sword possible…And
the sword when you gave it to another player? Unless they had the crafting skills to appraise
the weapon, they would have literally no idea what that weapon was, only what you named
it. So buying weapons on the marketplace from
unknown crafters? No idea what you’re getting. You could look at an item in your inventory
or on your character and not know what sort of crazy contraaption it was sometimes until
you used it. You could legit make weapons that broke in
like 2 melee swings and call them ” steel great sword” and sell them at some crazy markup
and some people buy them. So crafters had reputations, crafting was
crazy intricate and a full time job experimenting with your wares, you legit had the possibility
if this system was more fleshed out to have the most intricate, sandbox and crazy complex
crafting system ever made in this game. Then add onto all that, the guild war aspect,
the politics, the free building, the skill based pvp…Like legit the game is epic, if
you’re into this kind of thing. I remember being in big battles even in such
a dead game, with 100 people on screen fighting at once and having an absolute blast…Big
castle sieges moving siege materials across the map on pack animals, setting up siege
weapons and destroying buildings…Mounted charges into infantry lines out in the world,
luring mounted players into tight spaces when you get caught out on foot as you’ll most
likely lose open ground versus a mount…The combat, the systems, the world…All intricate
and exciting. But built on bad tech, some bad decisions
and negligence and an ancient , buggy looking game with a bad reputation. Mortal Online 2 probably isn’t going to be
some huge thing, most of you probably won’t care or ever try it…But MO for sandbox fans
should be exciting. I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on it and
I doubt it will get me a lot of views on the channel but I feel it deserves at least some
attention. There’s so many good things the first game
does that if they can transfer those to a new, face lifted game and fix a few of the
long standing poor systems, it could be the hardcore sandbox king as there’s definitely
currently a space in the niche for one. Alright hope you guys enjoyed the video, like,
comment, subscribe, play with the bell. Join me on discord to talk about anything
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53 thoughts on “Early Access 2020 – Mortal Online 2

  1. the problem with hidden content is that Wiki's exist. as soon as one guy finds it, everyone else does. refer to the story about the Helm of Raedwald in OSRS to see what i mean.

  2. As someone who followed the development of Mortal Online from first announcenment and played it, and the likes such as darkfall, the good version… Im very much hyped for this. Thanks for using your channel to promote such a niche game ☺️ keep up the good work..

  3. I know this isn't about this game but all I'm saying is Neverwinter was a pretty damn good game all around and if magic the gathering MMORPG is even just a little better then Neverwinter when it comes out im happy.

  4. I remember trying Mortal MANY years ago. I was SO lost, it's the kind of game I like because it's very deep in it's mechanics, so I get sucked into LEARNING how it works instead of the game itself. I know that with some guidance, I learned stuff, and I don't even REMEMBER what I did by a little desert town close to a big city (I am sure it's the one by 4:10 , I took a right when getting out of there and went straight for a while to get to the tiny village) and I… I don't remember what I did for money. I feel I was taming (?) something weak by that town. For hours and hours and somehow got money to buy a weak ass horse or donkey or something. Then I went exploring and got lost and a random dickward killed me and losing the mount was too much for me and I left. lol
    That being said I'd like to try it out again so I guess I'll wait for Mortal 2 since I bet 1 is ultra dead and pointless right now. I do hope crafting and combat are separate skill training. I LOVE intricate crafting and I LOVE being force to pick so there's good commerce, but I HATE it when I have to give up being able to fight properly to be a crafter. That's why I'm wary of Camelot Unchained.

  5. My guild had over 100 members when mortal online came out but it was are hard sell because at that time it was first person only and that gets rid of half the possible player base. Maybe this one won't do that and you will have a lot more players.

  6. Some of the most complex, best developed systems i've seen exist in mortal online. this video was spot on. Had some amazing moments in Mortal Online, in my 20 years of gaming the game has made me feel something no other game has. Really looking forward to MO2.

  7. I played so many games (all genres) in my life that i feel like i've played everything. But MO was by far, the deepest and single best experience i had in gaming. No matter if you are a crafter (like real crafter, in most games its just a side thing), a fighter, adventurer, roleplayer… THIS is your game. My hype factor is in godlike levels.

  8. It is also worth mentioning that the original game went from combat alpha to release in less than 6 months. this time it is going to take around 15 to 18 months

  9. One of my favourite things about MO was that Fame and Infamy were real in MO. Some players became famous or Infamous for their actions and became legends after they left the game. Some very memorable experiences were to be found in this game and if you want to have a direct impact on a world and put fear into the hearts of other players then this game certainly offers that.

  10. Still playing MO1 farming turtles and elementalism scrolls from time to time 😂👌🏽

    Mo2 should be great , I just hope they focus on solidifying all the essential features and they don’t mess up combat which was perfect IMO. Also , I hope they fix the Pokémon and necro pets and don’t make them OP again , those play styles are cool and shouldn’t be removed , but they shouldn’t be the end all to PvP in a skill based game .

    So much potential in this game being shown and successful to the mainstream.. if it’s popular enough , other game developers will step up to making non-instanced full loot hardcore games like MO ; as IMO there are far too many hand holding cookie cutter tab target MMOs out there .

  11. I got really into the original Darkfall EU release for the same adrenaline rush as MO offered you. And I remember back then trying MO with some friends and having a blast. Nice to see they are working on a new iteration.

  12. if PLAYER GM's (yes player) exist in this game it will die so fast. the corruption and abuse of power in the first one was a joke. very poorly run mismanaged game can only hope the people running if learnt from that. (doubt it)

  13. fun fact MO is not dead lol, yes there is little people thats still play it but enough that SV does not warrant a server shutdown.

  14. This was and has been my favorite game the moment I played it in 2010 I have brought countless people to this game and we always went back to it after big servers wars to new content. This game is truely in my opinion the best sandbox mmo out there even to this day aside from the game being 100-200 players online. The community made the game great but the community ruined the game. Im looking at you RPK lol

  15. mortal online is very good game,but the graphic is old so not many people enjoy it.I believe this mo 2 will be popular

  16. MO is the best mmorpg if u like full loot pvp/griefing.

    i have 20k++ hours in this game (9824 hours on steam) but i played it way before it got released on steam and i would go ahead and say this is the best game i've ever played there is nothing like this game. Nothing compares to this game at all, this is one of a kind.

  17. We have been theory-crafting for years, Hendrik heared our prayers. one caracter to rule them all. best news i got in a while. Hail Lyfender!

  18. HYPE!!!!!! This is what ive been waiting for!!! Carebears be warned. The absolute best and most complex crafting/tradeskill system of ANY MMO made. Also note most the footage in this is MO1 made in 2009 on an old engine, MO2 will be UE4. For those of you wondering what this game is like. Combine Ultima Online with Everquest and Rust, only guilds build keeps and own territory to build on and tax and fight over.

  19. This kinda mmo is doomed to failure. As soon as a guild gains dominance and no other guilds can challenge it, people will start quitting. U will need periodic wipes to reset things.

  20. Also , this is the organic sandbox type of element that MO has that no other game seems to have : rebuilding a bridge to a previously only lore existing continent as a community together , as some others decided to try and stop the bridges construction to this brave new world ->


  21. Great review, Mate. I think you are on point with the potential of MO1 systems playing well in a more technically sound MO2. I am a die-hard full loot, PVP, MMO fan, going back to the Meridian 59 days… I am playing MO1 actively, and currently, and still working to master crafting, and pvp. I stray from MO due to the mechanics, and at times, the community. Hardcore pvp games like MO have a tendency to bring on a pretty crass population of players. Although MO had some 'good guys' the bulk of the population were not out to better the environment. How can SV promote players helping new players to keep the population alive? Follow-up question, what other full loot pvp games do you play? I find this to be the narrowest of niches in the MMO world. However, the only one I am interested in.

  22. 149$ for closed beta access?! Fckn serious?! People who failed MO1 became even more greedy and stupid? What a fckd in the head company!

  23. I have been following some of the comments from the lead developer. Game will only have Myrland on release and Myrland will be much larger with more locations to visit etc. They were limited by the tech at the time which is why areas such as forests in MO were a little small. In MO2 they will be much larger and veterans should still have a good sense of direction in MO2 but there will be new places along their familiar travels to visit.

  24. It should have been huge at steam release….i wont go into why that got crushed so bad it is a old sore point. i have high hopes for this.
    for people that have a hard time thinking about this game..it is a game to be played. Not Won as an endgame there is not an engame as such.
    to this day there are crafting secrets still undiscovered in MO 1
    best video of a big battle vid by SV https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FWyPdZ1FG44 have a nice day

  25. One of my most memorable experiences playing video games. Even though I'm busy with university, I'm really looking forward to MO2.

  26. Mortal Online is probably like no other mmorpg out there. First person only, thievery, directional aim-based combat, deep crafting systems, actual mysteries to be discovered that aren’t just a marketing term, and that adrenaline rush fuelled by full pvp and full looting with no fast travel or global banking. It isn’t perfect, but it is unlike any other run-of-the-mill cookie cutter mmorpg out there, and nothing to date has come close to directly compete against it, despite various attempts which were more or less very different games in my opinion.

    I have high hopes for MO2, though I’m cautiously optimistic at the same time which is probably standard procedure these days for anyone who has been let down by the disappointment, betrayal, greed and the lack of innovation, ingenuity and passion that has been inflicted on the video game industry for at least a decade now. Mortal Online is perhaps one of the very few titles that beats its own path and goes its own way, all for the love of a vision that is shared by many old-school gamers like myself.

  27. dont see how they will pull off 400sq map when dead matter just dumped the idea and scum cant even get a larger map because of performance issues. UR4 isnt made to support maps bigger then 20sqkm

  28. For a compendium of the CEO's and the other Devs' plans for MO2 (as shared in the game's Discord), please see: https://www.starvault.se/mortalforums/threads/compendium-of-things-henrik-said-on-discord.127150/

  29. You can play 1,000,000 MMOs that are the same or you can play MO, one of a kind.

    I should also expand on something. Even in the newbie island Haven… Last night I had one of those experiences that reminded me of how great the game is…. I was looking for a bandit fortress. Someone helped me by giving me some slight directions he told me to meet him at the gates. He looked like a naked Jesus with a giant shlong. Then he asked if I wanted a Donkey. He tames one for me and I slowly rode it to gain some riding skill. The best part was the journey.. the world's environment makes me feel like I'm in an actual world. Finally after awhile he sped up and I was hoping I could meet him there so finally I get to the fortress and I'm alone scared AF and when I go in deeper into the fortress I meet my new friend there with 3 others and we wreck havoc in there until we lose control get greedy and then respawn bandits come from all angles and wreck us. Still so fucking fun with some major unique experiences like this.

  30. Good to see there is still love for this game. A quick heads up and whilst I cannot reveal my source, I've had it from good authority not to buy the life time sub for MO1 as they will discontinue MO1 once MO2 comes out! Hope this saves a few folks from falling for paying out extra coin for nothing.

  31. The misconception in these kinds of games is, there is no risk vs reward. Games like this are gankboxes where people are just overcoming anything by numbers eliminating any "risk". It is the utterly most boring mechanic ever with almost no skill involved. Combine that with the player base nowadays with all the toxicity and no interest in pvp, just interest in easy victims with no effort. No thank you.

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