Downloading PS4 Games

Downloading PS4 Games

In this video you’ll learn about downloading PlayStation Store content on a PlayStation4 system. You may also want to watch these videos to learn more about downloads and pre-orders on PS4. It’s easy to download content from the PlayStation Store using the [Download] button that displays after a purchase or after you’ve redeemed a code. If you’re asked to choose the single player or multiplayer portion of the game select the one you want to play first. You’ll get the complete game either way but the content you choose will be accessible first. Your game will be added to the home screen along with a progress bar. Download progress can also be monitored in Notifications. Select a download… and press X to pause or resume. This may be useful if you want to pause one download to allow another download to proceed more quickly. When the game is fully installed the progress bar will be replaced with a [Start] button you can use to begin playing. To download content after the initial purchase simply visit the Library. Select [Purchased] on the left to browse all of your games and apps including ones that aren’t currently installed. Choose one and then select the [Download] button on the next screen. Scroll down to [PlayStation Store] to see what Add-Ons are available for the game. Choose [Your Add-Ons] to see the ones you already own. Select the arrow icon beside an Add-On to start downloading it. Pre-ordered games will show a
countdown until their release date. Check out this video to learn more about auto-downloading PS4 games that you’ve pre-ordered. If there’s not enough storage space available for a download to fit on your PS4 then you should make room by deleting games or applications. Go to [Settings]… [System Storage Management]… and select [Applications]. This displays the name and storage footprint for each installed application. Select one that you want to delete press the OPTIONS button and then choose “Delete”. This won’t delete any saved data so you’ll be able to download deleted games again and pick up where you left off. Delete enough games or apps to make room for the content you wish to download. Some games may require twice the listed storage space to ensure there will be room for Add-Ons and future updates. That’s how you can download content from the PlayStation Store on a PS4 system. Check out these videos to learn about Auto-Downloads, Pre-Order games and steps you can take if downloadable content cannot be accessed on your PS4.

15 thoughts on “Downloading PS4 Games

  1. For Example I do install a game on one of my PS4 accounts from the PS Store,can I still play this digitally downloaded game from this account also on my other PS4 accounts on the same Console?

  2. Hi all, I wanted a help, I can not access my account, I activated the two steps and I lost my phone and I did not get the backup codes, can someone help me please

  3. If you like buy a game from PlayStation store but then you get a new PS4 than log into your PS4 account can you download that game back?

  4. When I click on the game from the library it goes into a loading scream or just a blue screen and doesn't do anything

  5. I have a question for 02:10, i need space about "double of the listed storage" means if i have games and apps etc. total 200GB so i need at least 400GB storage? This room is need for performance or just for add-ons? Because why i need an exact room for an add-on so much?it cld be about hdd performace i guess, if that is true i cant have more than 300GB for games and apps in a 1 TB hdd which is odd, then wht i miss?

  6. Can we play a game while we download another game in ps4? I mean the download is still going, or the download is paused. Pls someone answer my question, thanks

  7. I have loved playing games on my PS4 since I bought it at midnight on its release day but every day using the PlayStation UI has been awful. So laggy. And nothing is as consistently a bad experience as using the PlayStation Store. If I shop for long enough it WILL eventually crash esp when watching videos but scrolling through game lists is, and has always been so laggy that twice now I’ve had to just walk away and forget about it.

    Think about that. It is so hard to buy games that twice I have actually been unable due to crashing and the UI skating madly through lists instead of scrolling one line at a time, one button push at a time.

    So tell Avalanche I’m sorry, will you please? Because I’ve just spent more than 10 minutes solid trying shopping and I’m pretty sure I was going to buy Generation Zero but if I don’t just stop shopping and give up go out for a walk I’m going to throw my PS4 out of my window. 4 years of laggy UI. 4 YEARS.

    My Xbone isn’t as good at playing games but oh! The menu system is so beautiful and smooth that I’ve bought a couple of games on it instead even though they don’t play as well. If only I could combine the UI of the ‘bone with my PS4!

  8. How about if you were to buy a game from the playstation store on your current ps4 and you buy a different ps4 how would you get that game you downloaded on your old ps4 to the new

  9. Sony +PlayStation. =Terrible.
    Used to love sony. And the PlayStation. And all the systems. Still have an original PlayStaion 1, and PlayStation 2.
    But now I think I'm going to XBOX OR PC.
    Thanks to this PS4 patch update thing from a bit ago.
    Where now we update games. And then have to wait 40 minutes for it to "Copy" regardless of size.
    You guys are the only ones who do this. And wanna know why? Because it's junk. And it drives consumers/customers away.
    Bad move PlayStation/sony.

  10. I have got a problem.When i put the disc in my ps4 i cant Install it.It says the aplication cant be started so i cant Install new games that i bought.Please help

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