Download & Play any Latest PAID HD Apps/Games for FREE ●GTA San Andreas ●AC : IDENTITY ●WWE 2k16✔

Guys , Do you love playing Games because i do There are certain Games which i love alot ! Suppose , There’s a new Game on the Playstore & you wanna Play it BUT , the Game is PAID It’ll be a Big HEARTBREAK for you ! You were waiting for that Game to Release & it’s Paid So , What if you get those Game for Free Yeah for FREE ! So Guys ! Today at NOIS Im Gonna show you how to download those Paid Games for Free So Guys , the first game we’re gonna install is GTA San Andreas You can see it is for 420 rs that is 6-7$ on the Playstore The 2nd Game we’re Gonna Download is WWE 2k16 I have this Game installed but this is around 8-9$ The most expensive Game on the Playstore right now One of the most Expensive Games & the 3rd Game we have is ASSASSIN’s CREED : IDENTITY So , Assassin’s Creed : IDENTITY is also paid on the Playstore So, This Game is around 5-6$ on the Playstore So, we Gonna Download & Install all these Games in my Phone Right Now I’m Gonna show you how to do it First Go into your Browser open the site ” ” There search for your first Game that is GTA San Andreas & then you have a download option here below Go into Download & this is your APK file The version 1.0.8 .. Download the latest Version Download this & then download the Cache file Download the one with the same version that is 1.0.8 Do download this file because this is the most important Game Data file NOW , How to install this ? Go into your file Explorer & I prefer the ES File Explorer for this So, In your Downloads You have the Game that is GTA San Andreas Install the Game We’re done with the installing ! & then we have a Zip file we have to extract that file & then you get San Andreas’s Cache file here This is the OBB File So First Copy this file & Go into your Android folder , there u would be having an OBB Folder For Some people there will be no OBB Folder , You have to create one with the name OBB Just Go into new & create a folder with the name OBB Now , Go in this folder & Paste this here So your file will be pasted here in the OBB Folder So, We’re done with the Installing Process NOW , You can open the Game This is your Game GTA San Andreas ! I’ll show you This is the Paid Game & I’ve got it for Free This is your START ! You can here that Here’s your Game , It’s starting up Here it is ! Here’s the Bicycle So you can see here WOAH ! This is the same Game which is on the Playstore & I’ve Got it for Free ALRIGHT ! Now it’s time for the second Game The second Game we have is WWE 2k16 The Same Process we have to follow Go on ” ” , Search for WWE 2k16 & you’ll find the Game & then you’ll get an APK file & a Cache file So, Install the APK File & then the Cache file which you have to extract & then copy the Cache file into the OBB Folder Just COPY & PASTE it ! Now , it’s time to Play WWE 2k16 ! ALRIGHT , you can see here Alright I’ll select a new one here ! ALRIGHT ! So, You can see I’m playing the Game This is a Paid one … WWE 2k16 which is PAID on the Playstoe & I’ve got it for Free ALRIGHT ! So, Now It’s time for the third Game The third Game we have is ASSASSIN’S CREED : IDENTITY This is also available on the site ” ” Go to & search for the Game Assassin’s Creed : Identity & U’ll find it BUT ! this Game only has the APk File , NO CACHE File Just Install the APK file & this will Install some Game Data for you You should have an active Internet Connection Then Open Up the Game This Game take’s Some time to START This will START in a few Moments That Depends on your Network Connection will start very soon So , here it is .. TAP TO START & this is the PAID Assassin’s Creed : Identity which is for around 5-6 $ on the Playstore FINALLY , I have this APP(Game) ! The same ASSASSIN’S CREED : IDENTITY So , You can see This was our 3rd Game Guys it’s PARTY TIME ! Now , I have showed it to you How to DOWNLOAD INSTALL & PLAY ” Paid Games for Free” If you have any Problem you can Comment to us We’ll help you anytime you want You want any new Game You cannot find it , You can Comment to us , We’ll give you the link to it & If you find Some new Game You can tell us I’ll be Playing them , I’ll be trying them out ! Because I love Games I have done a Gaming Video of the Iphone 6 & the Note 5 I’ve also Hacked & Played POKEMON GO I’ve also shown to you How to do that ! So Guys , If you like the video Hit the LIKE Button If you Dislike it don’t hit the Dislike Button COMMENT to us we’ll be better next time THANKS FOR WATCHING PEACE OUT !

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