Download American Truck Simulator PC + Full Game Crack for Free [Multiplayer]

Hey guys, Tim here again for another tutorial and today I have a very special tutorial for you guys I’m going to be teaching how you guys can download American Truck Simulator one of the best vehicle simulator game games out there guys and The only downside I found the on this game comparing to Euro Truck Simulator is that it doesn’t contain Multiplayer, but you guys will still have a lot of fun on it I’m sure guys and this is a very simple tutorial because I just need to have this file here called American Truck Simulator downloader This file will download and crack the game for you on the last version guys, so let’s do this So to get this file, the first thing that are going to do is open your browser And you are going to write here Already guys can check the link on the description. It’s up to you guys so Right now you guys will find here this this patch American Truck Simulator download free pc plus crack But if you guys we need to find it here you guys can right here I make American Truck Simulator on the search bar and you guys you’ll find it as well So now you are going to guys are going to click here on this page And now after you guys open the page the first thing guys are going to do is check the requirements cuz it’s very important because if your PC doesn’t meet the minimum requirements Your PC can overheat and damage any spec of your computer guys, and you don’t want that but if you think yours the your specs are closely to the recommend that once you guys and you guys see lives a still having some breaks you guys can search for game optimization tips on Google guys, perhaps you guys can make it work so after you guys check the Requirements and make sure your PC can handle of the game because I’ve been here on top and click download American Truck Simulator Already have it here on desktop cars already use it on the last version so let’s open it and now here guys the organs were scrapped against on this launcher and it must be on lower case and the status needs to be online, if it’s offline is because the crack is not working anymore or they’re doing updates They are doing updates face. So now you’re going to click next And it’s connecting Checking servers guys and Now this is a bit. This is a default bet. I’m probably going to leave the default is that but since i run out of space very fast on C, i will change to D Will rename this American Truck Simulator something simple guys. Keep it simple. Just make sure it’s a path and Sorry guys and one important thing is that you guys This folder the game will be stalling sizes folder. So this folder is where the content will be live So make sure you guys select this Folder budget that you will know afterwards. So now you’re going to click Next I’m not sure if I can bring you here the whole download to the video guys because I’m the game is about I Don’t know like five gigabytes 10 gigawatts I’m not sure but this will take me like 1/2 hours to download the full game, or I’m already place since it’s faster now But instead of editing the video and making that all that cuts I will just bothered to pause the video and come back on this finish files so see so guys, I’m back, as you guys can see American Truck Simulator download and installation finished, a shortcut should be in your desktop to start when me again Thanks until it our website for more games. So how this house guys can see download installation are finished guys You guys should see here this shortcut I can show you begin to right now because I’m using come to you and the game is by default on fullscreen Sun does it cannot record full screen games but I think on its peer to The fret so penny come I think that both softwares are good for Kent already heard about them. I need to research about it guys So let’s check how much space you guys you really need to have the food game. It includes New Mexico girls as well So cute is the X this Is for 32 parties this is this is for sixty-four fights guys So since my system is 60 $40 they went to 64 so he goes into at least 2 gigawatts available I thought it was like 3 4 5. I’m sorry guys since this game looks good my opinion not for two gigawatts, but It’s ok. So I really hope you guys enjoy this one If you guys have any question Feel free to ask guys and I will be happy to happy and I hope you guys enjoy the story now Hope to share my story. Bye guys. Have fun

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