Doctor Plays WORST-RATED MEDICAL GAMES! | Wednesday Checkup

Doctor Plays WORST-RATED MEDICAL GAMES! | Wednesday Checkup

– It put the stethoscope on his head and that’s somehow giving
me EKG of his heart. What is happening? (upbeat music) Dr. Mike plays one-star games
on the Apple iTunes Store that are sort of medically relevant? Bee-boop. Medical game. Okay, we got a medical
trivia game with three stars. But I feel like three stars
is still above average, so we need something a
little bit worse than that. Oh, okay. I found one. It’s “Real Doctor Simulator
Virtual Hospital Game”, two stars, 191 ratings. And it’s age four plus,
so you know I’m good. And the description reads, “Take care of the patients
and help them get better “in their health while they
are in their hospital.” So far it’s running pretty flawlessly. Whoa. (cheery music) An aggressive child and mom, running off of a roof. Oh! “Jason is just fell off the roof. “Hurry up and take him to the hospital.” Jason is just fell off the roof. The game doesn’t every fit the screen. I can’t even click the next button. Hold on, maybe on the bottom. I got it, okay. I get to control the
ambulance, look at that. Driving forward. You know, it’d be great if I
knew which way I had to go. Look at that, I just pulled
right into the hospital just by driving straight. Oh, my God. It has like a joystick and everything. And who is this random person walking him? Look at this random
gentleman sitting here. Hello, sir. Oh, look, I can really walk through you ’cause you’re not an actual
character in this game. Whoop, whoop! I’m gonna walk this way. Level complete. No joke. What happened to Jason? Next. “My son fell off the
roof few minutes again.” “We should hurry and
take him to X-ray room “to assess bone fractures.” Oh, come on. I can’t even walk out of the room. This is ridiculous. I can walk through furniture, but I can’t walk out the door. How do I report a glitch
to the developers? Oh, I think I did it! Yes, I got him out of the room! The funniest part about this
is look at this caretaker that’s taking him around. This caretaker looks so, he’s walking like this with the patient. Why is that? The wheels on the wheelchair aren’t even spinning at this point. This app is so solid that
when I pause the game, it put the main screen of the
game above the pause screen, so I can’t even start the game back up. (laughs) I’m switching. I can, I quit. All right, searching for
another horrible game. Oh, “Baby Born Surgery”, 1
1/2 stars with 255 reviews. But get this, it’s a
“Baby Born Surgery” game with the subcategory, action. Oh, it’s a quick download. I wonder why. “Ceasarean Birth” with a very red-haired
looking elegant woman who seems to be a nurse because
she has a heart on her head and a baby that looks like an adult. Let’s go play. “Mark accompanied
uncomfortable wife, Lisa, “came to the hospital. “A month away from the
pre-production period. “stomach pain so that Lisa is very upset. “Confused Mark is very nervous.” This is something only
a doctor would notice. It says “Operation Room” and
underneath, it says “Pull”. You would never have an OR with a pull because then if you wash your
hands you become sterile, how are you gonna pull the doorknob? It has to be push-only so you
can push and lean into it. “Warning, don’t try this at home.” Thanks, with a house on fire logo. “It’s bleeding!” Not she’s bleeding, “It’s bleeding!” “You’d better U-E-S the gauze to stop it.” Hold on a second. Time out, I’m calling
time out on this game. What is going on with that
hearth rhythm on the left side? This patient is going into V-fib and is essentially dead and I need to shock this
patient, perform CPR. If you’re gonna be medically accurate, you can’t show that rhythm to me and expect me to be okay with it. I’m not okay with this rhythm. This is brutal. I’m leaving this game. Back on the App Store, looking for a gem. Oh, my God. There’s a game called
“Crazy Toe Nail Doctor”. Oh, my God. Can I just click on it? I’m not gonna download ’cause
if I put this app on my phone, I feel like, I don’t know, the government’s gonna start
spying on me or something. ‘Cause oh, my God, look at this. You can shop. You can do X-rays. You can even share your
toenails on Facebook, ugh. Okay, I found another winner. It technically has two plus stars, but it looks so bad that I wanna try it. “Doctor Mania – Eye, Nose, Dental”. I don’t know where it’s going, but I’m excited. “It was easy and they
have the same problems. “Also, the girls made moaning
sounds, it’s not appropriate.” Well great, perfect for YouTube. “The images of the children
in this game are very graphic. “My two-year-old was screaming
in fear looking at my phone.” Play. I guess let’s pick Dexter. (boy moaning) Okay, Dexter looks sick. I would love for it to
give me some instructions. Maybe a thermometer? What do I do with it though? Put it in his mouth? (boy moans) What is with the moaning noises? Oh, 100 degrees fahrenheit. Technically, not yet a fever. A fever starts at 100.3. So that’s okay. Let’s listen to his heart. (heart beating) His heart sound good. Next, his blood pressure. (whooshing) That’s an interesting sound
for a blood pressure cuff. (whooshing) (laughs) (boy moans) Oh, my God! How do I measure his
blood pressure though? (whooshing)
(boy moans) We’ll just skip the rest of
that blood pressure exam. What is this?
(boy moans) (beeping) What? It put the stethoscope on his head and that’s somehow giving EKG of his heart with the worst rhythm I’ve ever seen. What is happening? What is this? (boy moans)
(air whooshing) What is, what is happening here? There’s a, what looks like
to be an air pressure gun, like when you go to the car
wash and they have those hoses. (air whooshing) I don’t understand, why is it blowing him? Is this a sponge? (boy moans) Oh, it’s an icepack for the head. I gave him an injection. I don’t even know what I’m
injecting into this poor child. “The patient is not cured. “Use the tools to fully
heal your patient.” Some it is pretty shady, like this child’s moans and the fact that I have to use an air
hose to somehow fix him. What in the world does that mean? I’m gonna scroll down just ’cause I wanna get
to the bottom of this. I wanna get to the bottom of the bottom. Like I don’t even wanna look
at these top-rated games. Oh, I got a good one. It’s called “Hospital
Surgery: Doctor Game”, so you know it’s good. And it’s made by Fat Lion Productions. “Choose a case.” Well there’s only one case. “Case details, left leg.” I love the case details,
just left leg, nothing else. Two minutes and 58 seconds
and then it’ll pay $103. I didn’t need to know how much money I was gonna make on this operation. “I was riding my bike and
I said, ‘See mom, no hands’ “and that is that.” I’m gonna go ahead and say
that’s a really bad history. “Click on a body part to select it.” And there is female patient
in her bra and panties. “Now you need to find out “if the patient needs simple treatment “or do you need to replace the organ.” Left foot is only 72%. You know, when a patient
comes into my office and their left foot at 72%, that’s when I start thinking,
“Should I amputate?” “Left side leg.” What in the world is a left side leg? What’s a left side leg? “Drag your finger over
the part to fix it.” Oh, look at this. This is like magic. I get to rub the foot and it gets healed. Oh! A boom and patient treated! “To become the best surgeon
you need equipments.” Do I? This gentlemen. Difficulty, two hospital crosses. Area, abdomen. “Click on a body part other select it.” “Big intestine?” “Pelvis 65%”. First of all, I don’t know
what organ I just highlighted, but that is not his pelvis. “I saw a kung-fu master
break brick using his hands “and I tried something “that I wasn’t supposed to do at home.” These are absolutely awful. Am I sweating? As you can tell, that was
quite stressful for me and my diplomas back here weren’t able, are you starting this again? Because you know what happened
in the Amateur Surgery video. What? We’re gonna do this on camera? We’re gonna don this on, we’re gonna do this on camera? It’s here for, it’s not even real. Click here in this section
where there used to be a plant and enjoy these games. As always, stay happy and healthy. (upbeat music)

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  1. Hi Dr mike!! I just saw one post on fb and would like to know about its authenticity.

  2. Hey Doctor Mike! I have been having a lot of ear infections for about 3 yrs now. Before I was 12 I had never had an ear infection but than I just randomly got one and was told to stay out of water for 2 weeks which I did. In that yr alone I had around 10 ear infections and since than I have had to many to count. I know the feeling so well that I don't even need to go to the doctor anymore and since I was getting them so often they told me to use ear drops and Nurofen + Panadol. Any idea why I am getting them so often?

  3. 7:55. What? Why did you stop and turn your head like that after reading that? Oh, did the words you were reading make you feel sad? 8:25. "What's a left side leg?!! 😠" 😦 Um, I guess it means the distal (or lateral) proximity of the left leg. 😓 ???? (Don't yell)

  4. Eyyy Dr. Mike, I have a game suggestion
    Can u play "Reanimation Inc.: 3d biomedical ambulance simulator"
    Made by some russian game maker
    😁 I think its a very good game, I just wanna see your review about the game😂
    Hahaha thaanks…. Pleaaase

  5. Hey Doctor Mike!
    I just discovered this channel, and I would like to ask, whether you ship Doctor Mikes into central europe too? 'Cause we need several hundreds of them into our healthcare system.
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