DIY Wooden Dice for Yardzee Game with Free Game Printables

DIY Wooden Dice for Yardzee Game with Free Game Printables

DIY Wooden Dice for Yardzee game
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Today I am going to show you how to make your own set of DIY wooden dice. They are great
for playing Yardzee or other fun backyard games. You can make them in a afternoon, and
then play a fun game of Yardzee with your family, in your very own backyard. We have a set of FREE printables for making
the dice and instructions on our blog. Check out the links below. Now let’s get started
on how to make these DIY Yardzee dice. First cut out the blocks from a 4×4 post.
The actual dimensions are 3 1/2″ x 3 1/2″, so set up a stop block 3 1/2″ away from the
blade. This will allow you to cut all the blocks perfectly without measuring every single
cut. Next, sand the edges to match the rounded
4×4 edges. I decided to quickly sand the edges with a belt sander. If a belt sander is not
available, You could use a hand held orbital sander or a block sander as well it will just
take a little longer. Now we need to transfer the dot from the printable
to the dice. There are a few options. First you can just scribble pencil on the back side
of the dot, then flip it over and trace the outline of the circle. If you have carbon
paper handy you could use that. Alternatively you can use a scratch awl to
poke the center of the dot and leave an indention on the wood. This is best if you plan to use
a drill press. Once you have all the dots placed on the block
you can either fill it in with a sharpie, a wood burning tool or black acrylic paint. If you’d like a more 3 dimensional look, use
a drill press with a flat bottom drill bit. Drill 1/8″ inch deep holes on your blocks
by centering the drill press on the indentions left from the awl. Sand any loose slivers of wood. Patch the
hole in the bottom of the dot, then you can use acrylic paint, to fill in the drilled
spots with color.. After trying all three options, I liked the
look of the drilled and painted holes best for my DIY Dice. That’s it. Now it’s time to play with your
new set of DIY dice ! Thanks for watching! Don’t forget to please
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10 thoughts on “DIY Wooden Dice for Yardzee Game with Free Game Printables

  1. Wow! Thanks for a super easy tutorial. We have lots of birthday backyard parties planned for this summer and this is going to fun to play with and give as gifts.

  2. It's a nice video, and your dice came out fine. I have made several hundred sets of these now and the one recommendation I would make is to spray them with poly. 1/3 of your dice is end grain and can soak up a lot of moisture. Keep up the good work and I just hit the sub button.

  3. Great odea for the grandkids. Will kake sure to have them available for mext summer. What species of wood is the nest to ise?

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