Day in the Life of a Japanese Game Programmer

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  2. I might be 11 but I am learning game development I’m using c# and unity I can’t code now cuz of my exams but I’m watching this to get some hype

  3. Maso: " I need to go the 5th floor is it okay if I go?"
    Interview guy: "sure"
    ….like 1 minute later
    Interview guy : "hey there how are you doing guys?"
    Gaming programmers: " hi I'm doin good"
    interview guy: " hey is it okay…..ahhhhhh noooooo masssssooooo!!!"

    (As he sees him falling from his death cuz he cant stand this interviewer guy)….

    Basically maso no working at game place n e more

    Idk why I'm American the host seems fake af maybe hes new this but or maybe his audience are children but yeah I would of definitely regretted agreeing to this if I the maso dude… peace

  4. I find kind of disturbing how Japanese don't take a bath before going to work. I mean you go there with a hair full of oil and dirt. That's very unsettling.

    I'm kind of biased because here in Brazil we take a bath and brush our teeth more than once a day.

  5. Amazing how you get inside these companies. I'm also surprised how a company like Bandai Namco is quite Western. In the sense of work hours etc. His job didn't seem that much different than mine in Ireland. Thanks for this.

  6. 面白いものを紹介してくれてありがとう

  7. Great series, great channel! It is great to see the series of different professions in this series. I was wondering if doing a day in a life of a Japanese bespoke shoemaker? I find that this profession has evolved rather great during the last few years (decades ago, there were only around 50 recognised shoemakers in Japan and now I hear it is in the hundreds or even thousands!) and I feel they have a different philosophy of making shoes from other countries in the world.

    Even if that isn’t taken in consideration, keep up the great content as I have been using your channel as a point of reference for my upcoming trip! Great job!

  8. Yo from the looks bandai namco treats there employees 10 times better than any company america has besides maybe CD project red

  9. so you're telling me that in Japan, the world's capital of vending machines.. there are no vending machines in this office? it runs on the honor system?
    dude, in japan, there are more vending machines than human beings!
    and for it to run on the honor system? wow.. in america, people would just steal that shit without a second thought.
    japan keeps restoring my faith in humanity

  10. Did you worked in all the companies where you interviewed or you just got permission from authority to interview the employee ? 🤔🤔🤔

  11. Eu não assisti o video, porque toda vez que vejo um dia na vida de um programador, o cara acorda, toma café, pega o transporte, chega no trabalho, toma mais café, vai para uma reunião, almoça, joga ping-pong ou video game, vai para outra reunião, toma mais café, come mais um pouco e vai embora para casa. Eu nunca vejo os caras escrevendo uma linha de código, resolvendo um BUG cabeludo, nem nada disso.
    Eu sou programador e um dia na vida de um programador, não é esse" passeio" que eles mostram não, muito pelo contrário.
    Ou talvez eu esteja nos empregos errados esses anos todos.

  12. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW! Im not a game developer but im kind of programmer? I found a videogame called Lineage 2.
    And i put my project online:
    it is open source.

    I really like this video, THANKS FOR SHARE

  13. Lol I will keep my 9 to 5 with payed overtime thanks but no thanks I’ll give them credit though they bring a whole new meaning to workaholic’s

  14. If I was told I need to pay for that candy by the Japanese honour system, I would respect their customs, pull out a Katana and disembowel myself! Suppuku *bows*

  15. Even though Im not involved in this video, I felt like I was invading these people’s privacy with this guy walking in on a bunch of people having a meeting

  16. My first day orientation: Oh cool a nap room, lets continue the tour because I enjoy programming Sir!
    My 2nd day:
    9:00: Clock in
    9:05 Check email
    9:10 breakfast
    9:30 –11:30 Nap
    11:30–12:00 Check email + Code
    12:00 – 13:00 Lunch
    13:00 – 13:30 Meeting
    13:30 –14:30 Nap
    14:30–15:00 Coffee break
    15:00–16:00 Meetings
    16:00–17:00 "Test" Game
    17:00 Clock out

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