David Chen/ Happy New Year/Bandersnatch/Bird Box/Transgender Man Triggered At Gamestop  8pm EST

David Chen/ Happy New Year/Bandersnatch/Bird Box/Transgender Man Triggered At Gamestop 8pm EST

again thank you everybody we are live guys hi everybody oh my goodness
all right all right welcome to TNT photon HQ ladies and gentlemen I’m your
host uncle nerd and these are my wonderful and lovely co-host well
wonderful what is a mercenary that you can hire so if you need some stuff that
he just finished torturing some children I’m lovely a wonderful wonderful Katie
right here the wonderful better than fucking toxic avenger like a samurai oh
I wish I could have my most innocent most adorable trying to be corrupted in
2019 miss Mika you gonna break out the shiny ass ice cube fish if we have a
skull and crossbones on the French people from bel-air I have a friend that
works there she gave me a bottle very nice of her shout out to her very classy
look a bottle yeah very classy looking bottle is the cornerstone of all hip-hop
videos that was huh what that is that that’s the corner store man yeah mostly
every hip-hop video that you see will have a black bottle what does the some
Illuminati the most notable thing a drink was a 40
ounce of oh that’s not four yards right there but you know well we upgraded
goddamnit don’t know that you know you’re only making a mad dog 20/20 fans
here for 2019 right y’all see the commercials
cans you got a classy commercial lined up they’re trying to bring it back man
for the folks I don’t know mad dog 20/20 is also known a redeemed the names of
the drink blue raspberry bling I think it used to be called back in the day nineteen man motherfucker shit like that
a saint I just bring that shit back to no say I’ve always been around it still
st. I see knives over here and I mean like you see like the motherfuckers that
was that used to be somebody drinking that shit you know then call my friend a
long slow ball enjoy Oh make out what kind of like get a little jealous I was
looking at all those fucking people you think you’ve been hanging out with like
this shit I’m sorry it won’t happen again like this shit how does she know
what I was it belly with him on that dude was other day was all on the corner
and dude had his hand bumped up around the edges he was like I don’t like this
shit I’m gonna have to drop dumb and dumb niggas mm-hmm I don’t like this
shit remember but his hair was all his crew with savages but have fucking
top-notch hair do the shit like his edges was bumped up the other one had
like the Shirley Temple girl and a magnifier his government one he was like
I’m like this you know like this shit banana you’re right it was like I don’t
like this yet I don’t like this shit all around is like these always fuck around but the fuck is you doing man and you’ve
acting funny as fuck towards me I mean like what’s really good what’s happening
what yeah I don’t know I just don’t like yeah yeah I don’t play that shit I don’t
play that shit you fuck you fuck with me you stuck with me you should have never
fucking pull me out the fucking toy box nigga I’ll just fucking with you mica
I’m happy to see you enjoying yourself beautiful I’m happy
no no seriously I love seeing you smile thank you but I was not the same either
with me or against me faculae exactly I see no in-between I
keep I keep a smile in the scowl in time when monitoring my friends a K right
what’s going on brother fierce play what’s up Johnny Chingiz
what’s happening papa I’m just sending some more invites that’s all okay well
how was everybody’s day my dad was pretty good how was yours Kenny Kenny
would you get Kenny tell a lot of fuck he was on
stalking children in flight so I was I was at the job not too long ago and I
was just enjoying the beverage with my pinky up like a fancy man you know
having a cup of of a hot beverage on a cool cool kind of winter day and I look
behind me with them office I look behind and on a rooftop right behind it some
punk kids running amuck man I came out that office with the quickness and just
our cursing to scream at chased me down this way to the point had to go on the
rooftop I had to go sneaking out cuz I didn’t hear him coming on the roof I
know he was hiding somewhere there ain’t nobody come down there’s no noise I turn
all my noise off I cut my headphones off jingle I had to get off stealthy I heard
no noise so I got up on that roof you know and I’m trying to bait him out and
say hey where y’all little motherfuckers that once I find you you know I’m just
just talking shit I’m going back and forth up the roof neighbors around a
school party thing or something going on I’m just yelling on the rooftop like a
dummy right I’m just I’m just hunched down crouched up looking and nothing man
I spent probably close to 30 or 40 minutes looking people fucking kids on a
roof and it hits me man I’m turning into dude I’m expecting
a little bastard man I swear if they come up with some see I’m off tomorrow
but now I got almost have an obligation to go school just to make sure I had a
little tiny ass hands and feet fucking on my building dude become like I just a
love candy chef for the simple fact Bill Murray would be making all these traps
with his motherfucker he was obsessed with that fucking uh what was it a
gopher or yams ago and it’s go forward I’m telling you oh man it’s starting to
eat at me these motherfuckers got over on me I don’t like their feeling
fuckers got some move on I need to make it even now they out the out parkour D
fucking ninja master oh fuck it did something to make shitty skills even now
check the skills uneven in their favor that’s been my day is exciting enjoy my
damn lot a little passage I got mood oh man is weird New York motherfuckers I
know I know what happened in New York I know it all the way like like the bottom
of his booty is ABS all showing and everything like that my ear like pull
your pants up you know in prison if you do that shit being a new ass real quick the time about some Jewish guy gave me
in in a decent on the train damn Shlomo what’d he say do you have boyfriend
because curly sideburns older guy it was the one with the gray curly sideburns oh
he had the old curly fries out nice yeah he would definitely put the sheet
between you know they who that no they do that with the Jewish women that
tradition I don’t know what the fuck would have happened then actually it was
we didn’t love to entertain the fucking fish the filter fish or the felt the
fish yeah yeah yeah so I’m sorry and the guy
got off the train at West Wharf and these yours women were looking at like
they were beaming at me hard yo like look at this bitch like who the fuck she
think she is I don’t know I don’t know mica you pissed them off yeah pissing
off the Jewish women don’t do it oh well probably yeah good like I did you were
not a Russian you telling me you don’t know tell them sister Salim yeah well I
just went to pick up a new hardrive oh so I could just don’t move all my stuff
now and um I just came back that was it so what that I want that other hard
drive you had it went kaput what yeah it other hard drive went Wicca put I went
ahead and I switched all my stuff in so like a temporary my job because I’m a
friend of mine let me hold it so now that I got my hard drive I go
ahead pour my shit thank you stop checking out the weird sighs what was it
like today what had happened I did I did a good favor for an old friend that I
hadn’t seen in years we communicate you know I hadn’t seen this person in years
and helped them out and stuff like that and then I am I pretty much came home oh
no no no no no motherfucker they tried to bend the block and ended up doing
some Oh 1970s fucking crashing into a garbage can with a car like after the
niggas did it they just walked out of the fucking car engine went downstream River what’s up brother how you doing
garage here how was that experience like Oh which one
right to the top when you was playing baby drama before the girl just let me
tell you something I think the most shit happens to me because of the simple fact
what’s up McKinley miles what’s going on that’s right everybody conversate enjoy
share this and let everyone know we are live and we are here we are here today
we won’t have many that many topics we just chopping it up talking about the
new years what we’re gonna do we’ll be planning on doing making fake as fucking
resolutions that we’re not gonna fucking complete I’m gonna not no fucking
resolutions ain’t doing shit 90 shit if anything I’m gonna be bringing you you
guys out there better content more content you don’t be seeing my ugly mug
on and off more often you’re gonna be you know I want you guys to also check
out Kenny Kenny’s new show while his revamped reinvented new show it’s an
it’s on the podcasts on Spotify you can check it out
I’ll be posting up links to the Facebook fan page and to my personal page so stay
tuned also mukha won’t be doing something with be ET on the 20th correct
am I correct I’m taping on the 20th yes you taping on the 20th so look out when
it comes out I’ll definitely be yeah I’ll definitely let you guys know what’s
up and everything right now we’re just getting segments together and shit like
that um basically this is going to be interesting because it’s going to be
like oldschool boom-bap reverses the new school trappers can’t even they can’t
even talk right oh Jesus that’s that’s like that’s like pudding that’s like
putting tinny against a fifth greatest it’s no but you know
so but you know what though nobody’s doing this nobody that’s good that’s
true so I’m like eh why not do it let’s troll a little bit you got a point there
you got a big you got a major point yeah yes
so I mean mmm ladies and gentlemen I’m glad you guys stopped by again we just
did like a little we’re doing a little short show today nothing extensive but
we just really want to interact with our audience and let you guys know that we
appreciate you being here I along with the fellow co-hosts appreciate the fact
that you guys have helped us get to over 1,300 drivers but it’s two assholes it’s
on you who insist on and themselves and deleting themselves thank you but no
fact that that’s the you know what I’m saying it’s kind of weird behavior but I
put in the tip pull it out but I appreciate you guys I appreciate all
you’ve done I appreciate the support you guys give me um also check out other
playlists on the channel where we have I’ve done some marvelous and some action
figure at hat triples Dom hélder oh can we not fantastic y’all check it out yo
he’s like the cutest music in the background like real cute and heck YUM
now you know you said that I’m definitely gonna link to Hachem or I’m
gonna put a link up top here what’s the hatch more video but uh thank you
everybody for tuning in we got a couple of subjects today nothing major but we
got a transgender woman loses it a Gamestop and shit like macho man savage
yeah because they got Game Stop employee gay employee called her called called
her a him or him and he lost his shit I want to show the video I’m gonna see if
I can show the video and you can see like the transgendered man woman you
know who he looks like though the tranny he looks like to do it on MADtv they
used to play Stewie right absolutely right yeah you’re right
you’re right yeah look what I can do didn’t like you yeah Frank this other
boy let’s see you know what if you remember in the last show I told you
guys I said Nintendo don’t fuck around they’ll see us in the fucking minute
they do not kid this is dishonorable tony luigi sued
them then we’re gonna talk about Bandersnatch on netflix we don’t talk
about burn box and then i’m gonna tell you some ride share stories that have
been happening to me as of recent and i think it comes from me just picking up
any and everything and you get the shit because there’s a reason why a lot of
people leave some of these rides here motherfuckers behind and don’t see my
problem is is that and again we’re gonna get back into the topics is that i don’t
look at the ratings of the motherfuckers that i pick up i just be scooping the
ass up morning in the car me they be like oh the most of the topics we’re
gonna cover today again thank you let’s go into this one segment about the
transgender woman losing her shit yeah aka Macho Man Randy Savage I think she’s
called Oh God 24-inch pythons – yeah and I mean like you can look this video up
everywhere you go this video is everywhere I want to show it but my
channel is up for targeting every five minutes they’re hitting me up with their
hit me with some bad general comment like the video type of transgender woman
loses it and it’s every every way all of google it and you’ll pull it up but over
here rolling out comma says transgender woman loses it
when shop worker calls her sir video a transgender shopper went volcanic on a
game store worker where the employee used the wrong title to address her the
unidentified woman exploded on the male employee who made
innocence the in though the innocuous era of addressing her as sir instead of
ma’am at a Gamestop in Albuquerque New Mexico
the transgender customer had just purchased an item when the fireworks
popped off because the transgender woman considered sir an indignity that she
demanded her money back I don’t want credit you’re going to give
me my fucking money back the customer fired off a high decibels according to
Christian journal media at one point the transgender customer even demanded the
male shop employee walk outside with her so that she could show him what sir
really oh boo wouldn’t it be fucked up if that muhfucka really had some hands
though look at a video this mothafucka had some bear claws on him yeah look at
the mitts on that uh that guy Hey Oh male bodybuilder soccer mom and shit
like dress the identify okay and he says I don’t
want critter you’re gonna give me my fucking money back the customer fired
off at high decibels according to Christian Journal media at one point the
trans you to customer even demanded the male shop employee walk outside with her
so that she could show him an absurd a really is at the customers after the
customer finished her rant she stormed toward the door and
deliberately toppled a display of toys and it looked like it was Star Wars
stories so this motherfucker must be stopped
no one topples over Star Wars toys but she was just getting started because she
then walked back towards the counter to continue the tirade the transgender
woman reeled once again about the male store clerk miss identifying her gender
she also demanded to have a corporate number in order to file a formal
complaint a female customer said excuse me sir there’s a young man in here you
need to watch your mouth I can call the police if you would like me to you need
to settle down the angry transgender woman brought back excuse me it’s a
ma’am it’s a ma’am muffin it’s a ma’am in you need to sit in and mind your own
business ma’am make it work need a building hi
and calm to pare down the transgender woman Oh thought he called her sperm yet
again and she waited at the top and she wailed at the top of her voice
motherfucker take it outside if you want to call me surrogate I’ll show you the
blonde the blonde transgender woman wearing a grey hoodie and blue jeans and
finally stamped out you can see the captured footed on Christian journals
media YouTube page now are there any comments somebody who died now see
here’s the funniest word it’s fruitloop when he looked like what sounds like a
woman dressed like a woman moves like a woman then he will be called she this
titles misleading this person is a transgender woman Sam man and he was
called sir not her just out of curiosity why do you see why do you say she is a
man I’m pretty sure due diligence was done to ensure the proper print Pro now
was was used what exactly makes this individual a sheet other than the
delusion going on in its head staged not loud
it’s obviously a man no matter what it’s what it calls itself somebody says I
think it’s a prank scholar madam everything looks like junkie Prince Adam
no I’m just gonna play look at the broadness of the shoulders in a oh that
thing is brolic it’s a crawling brother though even though the motherfucker is
trying to look as feminine as possible look at that jawline look at that
lantern jaw that’s the kind of dude who walks by trucks and they throw him
boxers do it alone hey can you go this boy damn all fuck down leave me when I
tell you he I bet you this motherfucker was a boxer or a fight or a street
fighter at one time to be certain because he has a fighter’s build it’s
not really look at the movements no not this motherfucking saw trust me look I’m
gonna knock you up and suck your dick yeah he got a nice shoulder spray look
at that shit he’ll brush your shit figuratively wake up the head of Vania
hand jerking you off I want you to see the
mix you got some cream there bear clothes for real look at him a hand to warm man exactly
whatever the fuck you got in their hand is hidden from them big mitts come here
commander let me see but you know what me and make it would have jumped that
motherfucker we really would have yeah we jump that love fucking yeah on this
video everywhere that man is in surgeon pills in their purse it’s really fucked
up has really fucked up you know because I mean like you can tell like this store
clerk was just basically trying to accommodate this individual and he
literally literally literally just lost his shit and we got somebody just
punched him in the mouth and knocked him out Oh mark we got in for animal in here
that’s I’m a real female he says Norway yeah that’s the one cuz I there’s only
two genders and a bunch of mental disorders yeah yeah
what’s your crazy that’s the one that’s my friend everyone say hello to press M
for animal he is my Norwegian friend that thinks the only day upon meeting me
felt as though the only Star Wars character actually like his Lando
Calrissian thing he likes to call me video chat and then when I don’t respond
and I turn like I return the call he won’t answer so he sent me a message and
said oh so how does it feel how does it feel how do you feel I was like Darth
you’re really not gonna answer like no for for 2019 I’m going to Knight you as
Negro Calrissian Negro Calrissian Yeah right David how are you David you got to
come on the show one day we want to interview you
David chin wonderful actor has been in many films longtime friend great guy you
got to check out his films he’s been in films such as a proud Mary he’s been in
a really an improv Mary he’s been in on Luke Cage in uh what was that he’s been
in a tirade of films on he’s been in Gotham he’s also done stunts he does he
also does stunt work as well wonderful y-yeah if David is listening right now
pretty sure he is I need your bio I need to read up on you
I would love to interview his bio um his bio is um on what’s the name his bio is
on IMDB just type in David chin you’ll see him wonderful hey can I in a CH Ian
ch Ian wonderful guy great talent he’s he’s one of those Renaissance people
like yourself a full of talent full of like hello you’re funny Americans haha I
looked down on me that’s what President for animal says I’ll order for the
Americans done stunned yeah this guy stays work and David Chen he things work
and he is one of the busiest guys and show business everytime you look he has
a new show that he’s working on he’s also been in I’ve got this one show that
I also absolutely love Oh God it’s um what’s tonight he’s been in a lot of
them and like I said before one day I want to get the opportunity to bring him
on which is what I told you guys before we will be doing interviews this year
because I know many people in the industry um yeah he’s been and tell me a
story he’s he’s a no he’s in a multitude of things
I’m multitude of things he’s a great guy fantastic person wonderful character
great acting prowess I mean and you know the thing I like about is that anytime
you meet him he still acts as though he doesn’t let the fame or the popularity
get to his head he’s still the same that’s what I’m like absolutely
wonderful person but I mean moving right along we have a story here of a soldier
boy getting caught up on some bullshit yeah crack their content and ER is going
to take no no no I think that end already how much more support soldier
boy now I’m a cop me on console now you can’t find it anymore you cannot find
them shits anymore that’s dead they got his ass they got it right we all want to
get one now just because of the whole thing I think I fucked up I almost want
to get one now that’s my so I’m over here smell good boy tell
them we have we have my article here from comicbook.com amid legal threats
Nintendo and I told you before concise and you can dice them but the mint in
man just keeps right on coming I’m telling you you don’t fuck around with
Nintendo they won’t fucking thought number at your ass in a minute intend oh
doesn’t fuck around as I mentioned in the last show I told you go pull up the
link that I sent you that was with Soulja Boy as well from complex no
because um there’s a link that I sent you on Soulja Boy made a comment that
says for anyone that thinks Nintendo is gonna sue me you’re retarded English historically GLE threats
assisted on social media that what he was telling was legit it appears that
rapper Soulja Boy has reversed course when it comes to getting into the video
game console selling business early in December the superstar got into hot
water where he began filling Alibaba Alibaba produced God’s little home a
knockoff yeah exactly that is like the home of anything wanna purchase that
will not last longer than a month you know instead he began selling oddly
Alibaba produced consoles on the soldier watch website loaded with games powered
by illegal and it certainly got the attention of
Nintendo who threatened to sue them over selling them but oh how the tables have
turned a new report from MP one MP first suggests that consoles are now removed
from his site and aren’t likely to return watch it
now I already had a soldier phone to confirm I mean that shit looked like I
don’t know it looked like yeah it’s a good value man at that console you had
so many youtubers on youtube like pulling apart and literally like you
know power and a finger they had like this part of well this game it was mixed
with colorful it was a fucking wreck it was a fucking wreck I’m telling you and
he said Soulja Boy originally offered various consoles as well as handheld
systems featuring thousands of emulated games he bumped up their prices well in
this system that they were legit legitimate Soulja Boy products wind up
playing him on social media when they were clearly aware that wasn’t the case
when it came to the removal of the system Soulja Boy’s simply said on
Twitter I had the boss up I had them I had to I had to boss I didn’t have a
choice it wasn’t very should have called it the crank that a great day for the
gods oh great their messages in which Soulja Boy got extremely frank and
brushed off complaints from those indicating that he would be super
nintendo saying things like Donald’s scared me off soldier boy before
continuing with comments such as if Nintendo would go and do something they
would have told they would have failed at the first date I’m not going
everything I’m doing 100% legit stay mad and I’ll keep getting richer and then
Tendo ain’t got shit on on me man thousand in King Koopa and what they saw
that shit yeah I dunno I think I’m I think it was on King Koopas kids is the
ones who were who was suing his ass and shit cuz I’m yeah if you remember the
Super Mario Brothers show that one that stayed high all the time that was the
one that was in Smarties go now the real question is if Nintendo was going to
move forward with these threats a few of these consoles may have already been
sold but the soldier boy loyal is possibly picking them up so the company
could have some legal ground to cover mark wise there are other game
manufactures that could get involved as oh my god depending on what titles are
and where emulated the soldier consoles reportedly included a number of
emulators covering the spectrum of classic game consoles now all the Soulja
Boy game business is on hole perhaps permanently in the meantime however he
from RIT is eSports initiative which is set to take off sometime in early 2019 exactly and it is now can console Lionel
gets in the way fucking the jig but see that’s what happened when you open your
fucking mouth you don’t do some dudes I mean like I’ma be honest I mean I’m
gonna be real honest which I’ll be frank and candid as well I used to sell like
movies and shit like that did you see me opening up my mouth be like I said the
fuck up that’s just like that’s just like going for the cops be like oh they
ain’t gonna do shit at me okay I probably a seller legitimate cocaine
it’s all pure white yo oh really really I mean soldier boy bad you know we
talked about this on what was it on last week’s show and I was trying to tell
people like I say they won’t get it look what
happened you got a you got a better chance of but they don’t really give a
big give a fuck what they don’t but Nintendo Nintendo is the fucking drama
they don’t they shut down all the emulation tonight today it was Wang
sitting up there like the emulation sites all that shit is fucking gone
fucking god fucking god bulldog he’s a fuck-boy looking for a come-up he
doesn’t have the money to rock with Nintendo I’m just reading the comment
Soviet press infra animal says all I wanted for Christmas is a soldier boy
console step assignment agree that’s just hot dark talks that’s just I dub
hot dog talks mouse type said stop being cheap JMU says he’s always cheap JMU
says Dennis but Preston for animal press in for animal but seriously I can’t
believe anybody would write would with right sis of mine even buy these Soulja
Boy consoles you even far off better with Atari Jaguar don’t you ever fucking
talk about Atari Jaguar I’m fucked the Atari Jaguar how dare you mr. M from
Norway but on David chin says man you know my background like yo you know what
I used to do press M for animal also says Mario and his pal Donkey Kong got a
fuck soldier boy oh yeah guy I love him say his name out loud but I’ll send you
a link out request with him he’s a great guy I have known Martin well over I
would say I’ve known Martin over eight years he sends me gifts in the meals
were a very big star Wars fan he’s actually one of the earlier podcast
before you became my um a co-host here I did a podcast we’re talking about how we
can say you need to be on the show then a Darth why don’t you come on the show
right now yeah is up come on yes please come on the
show oh come on the show dogs you will know now but right now Oh Jade muse the
man who does nothing to talk with his gun says what with her goofy glasses
laughing out loud because Jade means I’m black and I have to have some type of
distinguishing characteristic you get it let me tell you about Jade Jade mute
love he loves me but he hates me and he wants to have sex with me he know he’s a
closeted homosexual but he won’t tell anybody there’s a little moisture looking at you
oh you get glasses a goofy honey let’s see what you really mean you know say
that because the man holds the key to my virtue so Oh chin all you have to do
what I can do is um you can just use Google Hangouts and do it from your
phone or wherever you want to I would I would love me can I would love to
interview you and you know pull out your material and everything like that well
hopefully are you everything oh yes see this is what a relationship falls apart
with me and Jade use the right choices because you’re black fuck no you said so
many mean things to me and what gets him is the fact that I keep coming back or
like he’ll come into my xbox party and I welcome home with open arms
like did you see what I said to you I say yes thank you
maybe line you’re fucked up okay cool so David chin says Google what
he said I’ll get on now with it with my whiskey and weed um Google Hangouts
download it might be on your phone already everybody usually has Google
Hangouts I you should have PCs on my browser cuz if you do that should be
easier so that way I think that he could just go to UM
he could just download Google Hangouts on his desktop or anything like that his
dad’s computer he’s not allowed install porn on stuff I don’t think your father
would mind trust me trust me your parents met me and they were actually
happy to see me Darth and they were Norwegian his father was like it for
father was like this he saw him he was like he was like this abreu like he said mother was like hello his mother is cute
as fuck I will not why I’m telling his mother is cute as fuck and she gotta be
I mean I dark mother is all up there but she cute his fuck
I guess it’s I don’t know I guess it’s the like the magical powers that go on
in Norway that keep them motherfuckers looking young you know what I’m saying
or either Dyke it’s so cold there they’re like features get frozen in
place or whatever I don’t know but yeah um Jade News says I’m beyond repair but
you still love me Jade news that’s all it matters and after I leave here when I
get on xbox you will be in my xbox live party and you know you will now strike
says if you get Brazilian core and they won’t mind but sure what’s your name you
but sure and princess what’s your day what do you mean Darth what do you mean
I don’t understand her I don’t understand is he’s gonna be what’s my
name hey also press in for animal says says
add me on Facebook I wrote wrong Jade News says you look like you’re a 50
while he’s crying I know I actually thought I’d look like
that was 70 thank you thank you James yeah you say such this you say the the
sweetest saying you say such sweet things and I’ll send you some pictures
in a minute check your messages Jade news you know he hates when I send in
pictures obviously the pictures of like my mother shit I’ll send him like
pictures or like a picture of you I surrounded run a bunch of dildos he’s
talking to you oh my oh my name is Mika but you get the honor of calling me
pinky sweetie but you know what Mickey if you go on my facebook you can
actually find them all right download it hang out he said
my mom was happy to see you my dad don’t care for any of you don’t care for any
of us okay so what I’m gonna do you guys gonna have to hold down the show why try
and get David chin on the coat so um give me a second let me um what I need
you to do hold on I’m going to go into my Google Hangouts right now and find
you’re gonna have to see me oh my god Jake now Jake look look look look this
is to show you the type of relationship Jade muse and I have so if he was a
girlfriend he would be a serious problem look look
Jade muse is harassing me and calling me right now that’s hella homosexual I love
you love you Shelby moss all good fun sorry
there’s queer as Hill URI oh you guys can take over the show talk about any
they interact with the audience over there let them know you here acknowledge
them and I’m going to try to get a hold of a what’s his name
David chin on the shit okay Oh God wonderful guy can’t wait to get this guy
on here hold on one second you guys you said that you wanted to talk about you
know like some bullshit New Year’s resolutions like I know Dan they don’t
have any so Kenny do you have any new year’s resolutions or no absolute
believe you I know I’m not I don’t do resolutions are silly to me it’s my only
resolution I have to travel more I really do want to travel more
I miss traveling you know like I need more stamps on my passport and I miss
that um make sure you guys pay attention in
the comments ooh I’ll talk to them all oh I’m not even I’m not even on my own
browser right now cuz I’m just paying attention so the whole show and
everything like that okay I’m on the cover
my dad is vice mayor no joke all right my god is vice mayor so you better watch
your fucking mouth American good good for you pops I just said damage in a
message David I just sent you a message on Facebook send me your Google hangout
mail if you don’t mind me asking how Arian are you I mean are you a straight
like blonde hair blue eyes Hitler dream Aryan or are you like yeah it’s Dartz
you remember him he’s a legit alien he’s also bestiality so weird oh yeah he
likes to fuck animals man dudes well to have some type of humanoid DNA cuz he
I’ll ever have posted a bunch of like a porno looking dragon people weep like
big titties and shit all the time oh yeah what they loot in the first
place a waste of time I totally agree if you’re going to do something you should
just do it cuz it is a no psychological fact that if you teep to like
resolutions that are put in place never happen and only 5% of what you have made
a resolution of comes to fruition the rest of it is just like pissed in the
fucking wind they don’t they don’t get accomplished so little easily always
been individual like within the last I would say like six or seven years I just
put a target goal in my mind and I said it for I said for it that’s making a
promise to yourself okay I’m going to send you tell I’m going here you nineteen you mouse tight you’re gonna
have a good year I want you to be a civil civil person gonna be a monster
are you really huh they want to know what you’re
drinking besides me wonderful and lovely thank you I’m sweet I’m caring I’m not
any kind of wash I’m lovely and wonderful yes now they wanna know on what you
drinking though so what are you drinking yeah with your shiny ice cube the black
bottle I’m drinking the black bottle that’s what I’m drinking oh do I add me
to the chat who is that that’s Jade mousse once we tell them they’re gone
we’ll hang out so you can come do you have an edge see where you fill your
Pokemon but he says he makes Pokemon porn for a living would you would you
like would you like us to shout out you’re poking popcorn oh my goodness you
can look for Pikachu hey by pokemons porn what do you mean man like Pokemon
and Pokemon or like human on Pokemon like what’s the ratio would y’all be and
would you please please explain more like I mean do you all like ash getting
topped off by about by his slow pokemons he does making Pokemon I think I don’t
think you guys know ice cube is an ice cube with some champagne yeah ah David
chin you’ve been given an invite oh hey oh is that child porn if you drop
pokemons poor because of trainers or kids I mean was adults I mean if you
tried the main guy blowing a load inside listen to nineties
they are using depressing that’s what I want is good it’s always good man milk’s is cat wonderful person great
actor stuntman Harrah’s or uh okay he said give them one second right now not
if you draw them as yeah I get it now if you draw them as adults but I’m asking
does he draw them as the characters are like he’d be drawing like little little
penes going to animals or something cuz that’s a whole different kind of
category at you’re looking at man with everything I mean you know that sounds
like animal holes and alien monster holes right you into that shit man cuz
if you in today go to fleshlight and copy like a monster pussy do like 70
bucks make a Google Hangouts account and you can join the stream you can join it
yeah make a Google hangout school you can do that
you just need a Google account yeah in there just download um Google Hangouts
people like I fucking hate you call if you have Google Chrome or
something man or it’s an apple on your phone call me pin up some Snorlax well
scrooge mcduck so it’s just noir like supposing wall scrooge mcduck cranks
cell phone so you I guess you do the cross genre porno
did okay Jay Mewes you have to send send me your email address so he can send you
an invite all right all right big news can wait I’ve taught them on
Xbox later all I need to do is show some fun whole picture field how you gonna
call me a tweet when you’re drawing animal porn search all right creepy draw
animals getting posted out long time friends and movie movie professional
David chin on them on on the stream Here I am so happy to have you how are you
doing let them know who you are but don’t you’ve been in everything just
give him the whole skinny the floor is yours sir I love you Amy yeah just fine
all right cool David said oh I can’t top it it show we did a good intro formula
like no no no he has awesome Ted I’m an actor and his stuntman from Irvington
New Jersey born in Newark see I’ve been doing this especially now
like getting paid professionally now about four years that I’ve been doing it
since high school some well I did a recent stuff I did with John wick three
Central Park five daredevil season three one dollar tell me a story – episode –
that Gotham Luke orange power Blue Bloods blind spot Proud Mary in the
first purge I just did a movie with a co weeks ago with Adrien Brody call clean
is coming out right other than I just think whiskey and so what got you into
acting David I don’t want to do as Elvis right
so that was a kid like I always loved movies like like one of my most movies
on the glow like loved were like The Last Dragon and leave the weapon one and
uh the old-school action joints the whole Sylvester Stallone band and a
steams to go before you turn into a couch like those don’t back arrow Davies
right so I always like that always want to do it always memorize the lines and
just mean they you know I had a lot of jobs man correctly I did I did I did the
boy who becomes her he was a bouncer he was about year now art ended as well no
no no never bought two new no not really I did like twice just like it was like
house party shit wasn’t real but uh mainly bouncing in a bounty hunter
investigating won’t sleep physical jobs right no is there any like any show or
anybody that you would really love to work with like was something that you
always wanted to work with who it’s a lot of them out there
so like Clint Eastwood it’s so many even if you go whole school like Stallone
Schwarzenegger yeah not so much dinners to go but like Kurt Russell Samuel
Jackson is like on my top top it’s a lot it’s a lot of my got the chance to meet
like I got the chance to work favorite Dubonnet so that was still fader so that
was cool too before he became Ultron right when he got cast at the Oh Luke
Cage that was the get the work we got to work with a Mike Holter several times
but the thing about that is the coordinator the stunt coordinator flew
cage really to me was the highlight of that experience because the stunt
coordinator for that is James Lowe right James Lou
big trouble little China back in the day right well and he was also in lethal
weapon forth and remember when when Chris Rock and Mel Gibson were chasing
the guy through Chinatown and he got away and a guy went on the roof and
gently strangled one who that was James Liu
so it was like working with somebody I watched as a kid and him and I became
friends still so that was like you know but um currently it’s a lot about their
it’s a lot of black directors that I want to work with like Pete Chapman
right F gary Gray who I know for a while we haven’t had the chance to work
together but I’ve known him for quite a while and Antoine Fuqua single John
singing just so like all the main black directors male and female I just want to
work with all of them that’s what work here you write good I
just wasn’t good you know right right Mike Brown Murray was dope boy that was
it that wasn’t like my breakout movie I died but I did enjoyed the film and to
me if you ask me it was a it was a very good film and they just went under the
radar it were things that could have been better
could have been better because we did reshoots for that movie oh and the thing
is why I could have been better easy cuz my opinion a director the director that
movie is not good at directing action Oh so we basically like we shot one thing
right for the trailer out we’re in the trailer I got blown up and but when I
looked at it frame by frame you see it freeze front of me like this and then I
blow up and it was terrible CGI it was bad so they called it back say hey are
you available we’re not there for like almost three weeks if you shot the whole
thing we did the whole thing with the car right all that way better so like
all right I mean I got to work on that whole in England you don’t see me really
I should really look but I died like nah I am such a big fan of you and your work
to where like every fucking show and film you have been in I said that’s my
boy right there I know that you did the worst night like yeah what
do you mean worse when you can start the like the worst set that you ever worked
on I mean as far as we’re like attitude wise or what said that I get hurt
attitude organization everything I’ve worked on so far has been cool like I
haven’t had any bad set experiences chin huh
um how was your experience working with uh working closely with Jada Pinkett
because for some reason it seemed like she kept you very close almost an all
still but like she insisted that you were by her side if I could be wrong but
that’s what it seemed like was that with that the case and how was
it working with her well you know when they cast me in most these films they
don’t know what the fuck I am so like I’m cast as usually I’ve only been cast
as black as once and that was the very first episode of Luke age and I was
called tall black guy everything after that is either I miss panic or apathy
big us or just hard to name so for that I guess with the tattoos that I had
played a lot they liked it right so they they used it and that was really like my
second job than the business really my second professional job as a stuntman
working on that with Jada Pinkett yeah that fight scene that was my second job
and I kind of almost didn’t get that because I used that coordinators name
before working for him they’ve got hired on another job so he
gave me my chance and with that that’s how I want to get in the second role the
second episode with her might be dear her dude and all that you know bro you
were in more than just two episodes you were like her fuck no no that was in
five seasons I’m in the last season now yeah I died one more time this season
you know they kill me every season except season – yeah season two you I
think you just like you just fade it off yeah me too I beat up this white boy in
jail mm-hmm um what do you prefer more do you prefer
to acting or does not work personally I have to Ferdie acting
because that’s me with my passion lies right stunts is also great but sluts
also pay the bill when there’s no language acting some of the actors you
know they look for a very particular thing sometimes you know I have to be
looking for a lot of times that don’t the good thing about it is if I’m
submitting for an acting role a lot of you jobs that I work on they’ll have me
audition there’s an active first cuz they’ll have a physical role instead of
having a stunt double to have me do it but if I don’t get it I usually wind up
getting on the show anyway like proud mary i auditioned for a role of a guy
named Jerome and they liked it they called me back for us I did three
auditions for and then they said well we went to a different direction basically
they change the role to a white guy it was only gonna be three days so far I
got that job other than working on the maybe three days to week I wound up
getting stuck so on it and one flipped on the for over a month so much better
me money-wise hmm okay so um like what are the sandwich that keeps popping up that’s is on that’s actually on Danish I’m on pc i don’t have a camera cuz you
get a cheese danish what was your question you said um the three
misconceptions of stop work we mean it three Misco that is easy that anybody
can just do it and that uh there’s only really two misconceptions
that it’s easy and that anyway i can build cuz anybody can’t just doing this
really not easy there’s some easy days and there are some very hard days yes I
saw that was one stunt you were doing and you had put it up on Facebook and
you had you strapped to some harnesses and stuff like that
have you ever been seriously hurt on Bob doing it what that huh I think the
harness one was for primary because I got original stuff for that I was
slammed I got in the harness I was blowing up and thrown into a forklift
and we be in on that when I said I hurt my neck but I didn’t realize it’s living
year later I still do it at some time I had a slip disc in my neck
it’s a big no-no I gotta go to a doctor find out I cracked my collarbone on Luke
Cage and I got my face split open or mr. robot oh yeah yeah I was like um I
remember seeing you and mr. robot I follow your work schedule asleep well
Lucy when I tell you I follow you it works endlessly no bullshit yeah so I
mean what what arm I don’t I know you may be held by you know contractually
not to pretty much say what is in the works but oh oh I was in Red Dead
Redemption to like she’s not gonna tell you I was I was like a one of them NPC
characters walking around town oh okay cool but you know what the thing you
know and not to get off topic I can’t finish Red Dead Redemption too because
it’s too boring for me no bullshit you don’t like worse things do you
I love westerns what are you talking about I do not like this cuz it’s too
slow moving for me I can’t get with it it’s just so slow moving for me maybe
you’re going the wrong path what shit is that big right bra it’s not as good as
the first one or like uh better than the first
I think so because I mean like me and Miko sit there sit up there and watch it
and play it and I’m just it’s like watching fuck you know where you at what
part of the story um the the part where they had a what was his name we’re like
I haven’t caught hepatitis yet you don’t catch up at writers anybody yeah you do
know you catch tuberculosis home so that’s what that’s why I’m jumpin quit
TV it once you catch TB and then you’ll start thinking about after the I think
catch TV it’s hurting like tombstone oh okay alright cuz I was telling mica
mica would be like you know change this shit oh yeah no they’re always meant to
be like it says it’s like a Western you know a lot of westerns old school buses
and surgery long westerns right firms right and then they cut but they like
this one is like a slow burn and give you that real feel you got a dual
problem what’s little bird all little videos put me to sleep there didn’t he
was streaming fuck Marcus muffle get a haircut I don’t want to go to sleep in
that around town and I’m online now online is getting formed because they
still in beta mode you got like and the thing is about
online like so like on on the regular story mode and I’m going I can go into
in my catalog and by the volcanic pistol 420 right right right online that should
cost two hundred and ninety three dollars right in order for me to make
three dollars I gotta work I got a I got a grind for like 4 hours of some shit
like that or not even that I guess I got a doom action where I got a goal like
farm fish or farm fucking deer or and then you get these fucking creepers on
there I’ll be out there fishing some fucking asshole comes last with me a
friend of mine said the reason why I stopped playing is because he said every
time he would go in the UM multiplayer like somebody would throw a lasso around
him cuz now I’m so like I could tie my own tie out and he’ll run up on me in an
artistry shoot him in the head you never like oh shit yeah but they say that
thing that everybody’s just trying to last them all that’s right you know why
is this like certain um there’s certainly fucking Awards you get for
like if you lasso 25 people last or 50 people yet like XP points it’s just so
right right they trying to grind and get them you know cuz it’s still in beta
mode right right you know I mean look once they shaded to where you can
convert gold to money and it came to like all right like on online mode or
story mode if I had they had it they had an exploit that I had use where I went
to this one spot I forgot what was that all the paper element the pink Salman no
no no no the 15 gold bars all okay all right and I want of having like a
thirty gold bars yeah I will take it to the fence and I will get $15,000 right
right I did that shit so much I got a hat I got like online or story mode I
got like 20 grand right now online one gold boring shit so like yeah
everybody was complaining about so if they change it back to the regular
currency there’s gonna be so many people out there that’s which they get out
there buying gold bars trading it in and all that which is all right you know if
you like grant dupatta right I mean look if they do it like
Grand Theft Auto and some houses some settlements that you can go in there and
purchase and enlight like they said I watch a lot of videos now if they change
I put in place the honor system where is it like if you’re on if your honors are
out there you can be a good outlaw to do bounties if you’re a bad outlaw you
could do the other shit and then you can hunt the outlaws you know right do
something where you know with them creepers and dudes be I feel like I’d be
octo I goes doing the fucking salmon thing online tear down their fish and
collect the fish do walked over I pulled my gun cuz you don’t know it’s like real
life almost like being in the hood yeah walk up to you call your strap out on
but you say like so someone fucking you you don’t know what people coming from
so I pull the gun out of hold it down they see if he stays I have a question
for you David and put a guy who’s do rag does magically appeared on his head and
hold on hold on hold on hold on one second
we got a question over here press M for animal with this guy’s from Norway good
friend of mine says if I may ask David a question how was it to work on daredevil
we did it was episode three it was the the one take that the long fight scene
in the jail for when murder goes and I don’t know if they might have yes I
remember yeah yeah we kingpin orders the big like the hit on him in jail and his
prey fight see so I’m like at the very end after the if he breaks out yeah
before he gets in the cab monitor inmates out there that tries attack and
get hit for the police show but I worked on it for about three days we actually
shot that scene in three takes because we had to do it one single tape
that single take I think is figure 11 minutes right so we had to do it we only
messed up once actually yeah we only did we did in two takes really messed up
once when we rehearsed it three times and that was the longest one shot in
marble history so it was fun we did it was easy it was easy basically everyone
had their part to play the hardest part of the job was really uh Charlie Cox and
his stunt double Chris Brewster because they had to swap in and out through the
whole thing awesome and a lot of it Charlie did himself except for the you
know you could use if I mean I can tell the difference but there’s a lot of hard
time sometimes it’s hard to tell which is the double which is Charlie because
Charlie does a lot of his own stuff but if that was an awesome experience that’s
great that’s great that’s great so we got a couple of comments over here and
Jake news says that no mouse type says that game is asked press in front and no
great news says I love that game mouse type said it is more than more than a
slow burn that shit as a sleeping pill on crack yes
and the mole says yeah I mean about me not liking Atari Jaguar but you don’t
like our Filardi r2 which is red dead redemption two miles type said let me
awesome William Clements says I think it’s boring to excellent game though but
I think I’d love to see a open-world samurai game William Carly did it yeah
it’s just you and the right games are they got slated and well in Clinton says
Doc Holliday William Clinton says that pasted it subliminally delicious to
their mouth Abe says have you ever survived mouse type says have you ever
survived in a show or movie oh yeah I survived a social part five I mean they
made in that I I see the thing is I die and come back I’m like the only person
yeah exactly that’s what like so like I die I’m the very first first person to
die in Luke Cage season one look at the van scene yes yeah you got it in the van
first one to die right and then I’ve you don’t know I’m back
and see episode 3 when he I take to the car door yep and he pushed
it in yeah and then I come back of course as you know in episode 12 with
mathematic but the store right right when I planted my characters according
to Marvel so it’s like I’m playing twin complains when brothers yeah I said I
die in power season four but I come back at somebody else and if it in season
five and I don’t know I enjoy the fact that you get steady work bro I love that
factor I love the fact that you get steady work I don’t look any on screen I
love seeing friends that I’ve known for years from you know progressing through
life doing well in life you know things turning out well for them before I’m
more than just a fan on the front you know what’s in that Cup oh nothing
black coffee that’s all I got coffee so I try calling my whiskey I just I just
grab I get boom drink black coffee yes what was about the action that’s not good Oh yo chin it’s not me Kirby having
some shit in bottles that just wait what is black barrel that’s a Jameson it’s a
yes type of Jameson it’s the better part of Jameson that’s right Oh Myka you have
a comment over here mouth they said she needs that hat in sight actually got
this hat from Patricia Field who used to working on Sex in the City
oh she had a score and hopefully yeah I got this from Earth but the drink you
didn’t get the drink at your local liquor shop yeah the question that I had
for you to guy is what um you know like 2019 is coming in
both we are like the biggest gaming so um what are the games that you are
looking forward to for 2019 oh well still with the zombie one uh yeah lost
poster is lost he’s gone he’s gone and something like I want that one and go to
Tsushima no such you SEMA may cry five ooh Devil May Cry five yeah it’s the
everybody definitely cries it’s like double me cry
well this new one I played the demo is absolutely fantastic it’s back to the
core roots of Dante of like original Dante but here yeah you’re me up there’s
also the other umm there’s Virgil there’s a Nero in there he’s lost his
fucking hand somehow all that shit it plays well I played the demo like five
time well see things you know we have we like different games oh good it’s like I
don’t really do sports games like I just started like in third first-person
action is like the only first-person action I used to play was Call of Duty
and I and I got bullet that after a while but like when I played Far Cry 5
oh shit you know but like my games are like Assassin’s Creed grand theft auto
raid that we benched you like stuff like cuphead and stuff like that i tried i
watched you to get try to get inside skin my daughter likes stuff like i
can’t get into it I’m alright yes there’s some cool stuff
but I don’t but like you know see the thing with me is that my tastes change
like hot at times you’ll see me play open-world shoot at times you’ll see me
play a few first-person I’m not too particularly fond of first-person
shooters but um you know like I love a lot of like like honestly I like this I
love the Batman games I love yet out that was going around
like this I like the UH the spider-man game it grew on me to her like it grew
up you know in spite of in DLC sucked oh yeah the black cat DLC was disappointing
and underwhelming it wasn’t no boss fighting it was just none but all side
missions it’s me the problem I have is like argue the game
I destroy them I beat him fast right so like I beat spider-man at 100% so I had
nothing else to do before the DLC came out in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey came out
right so I got it today and then I was like I was trying to rush to beat that
because we’re dead came out at 3:00 or the best I went to got that early so I
was just like all right fuck Assassin’s Creed then I jumped on Red Dead beat
that see once you eat it once it like I said once you get sick it’s sad to say
once Arthur gets sick octagons deli and then you you make
different decisions and it changes in any game it becomes like what playing
the tombstone game with actually okay let’s see what the issue I had to is
that um and rock stars famous for doing this they pretty much place you with
situations without even giving you like proper instruction on how to excerpt
thing oh yeah you know what I’m saying but Rockstar is famous for doing it and
it got me a little frustrated because like when a new quick I have a video on
my channel where I spent an hour trying to master the aspect of arm drawing by
doing the draw did the duel rather oh because no instructions that they gave
is not how the duel goes at all it was kind of like how the first Red Dead was
though no the first one you drew slowly in a three-part thing you got to slowly
pull it up lock on them and then fire like it’s weird it’s not bit crisp they
made this game a lot more complicated like for no reason and there’s a lot of
people who can do that you don’t even know that you can do you can dive with
the gun again yeah like me I just recently found out that I can do like
some Robocop flip but then what’s happened it’s fitted yeah yeah funny
stories my boy one of my close friends I don’t know if you’ve seen maybe one of
the pictures I posted with him but if it was Muhammad Ali writes his real name
right he does all the mocap for all the gun drawers and all that stuff but he
also did all the mocap phylidia right right right
so like this dude is a beast hmm so we got a couple of questions over here you
know you got to understand like everybody just wants to ask you so many
questions what image Clint Clement says who did most of the bush man
stunts if you’re in a position to answer that unarmed I didn’t work on season two
but I do know the guy the guys that did work on season two right though as far
as like all hey Mustafa the actor did a lot of the
fights but when he comes when he came to like the flips and acrobatics of friend
of mine and Brandon McQueary did all the flips oh okay I miss a book but when he
can look like him doing like in fact when a lot of the kicks like a lot of
the capoeira type style kicks he actually did themselves but there’s a
lot of but like when it came to the aerial flips and in the eye falls
another guy Brandon jump in a get back oh okay alright we also on fierce plate
over here says Mortal Kombat 11 Resident Evil 2 remake I believe is coming the
next Gears of War days gone looks cool builds a game she’s looking forward to
and press M for animal are wonderful Norwegian dictators as well I gotta go
it was nice near here you you today and it was nice meeting you miss what’s your
name David chin and what’s your name David what’s your name David chin and
pussy bridge sandwich have a good happy new year Danish uncivilized European William Clement says I’ve got coffee and
I think he meant to say Bacardi or kobbari the killing mile says I can’t
wait for Kingdom Hearts 3 jump for us what is K diverse 3 coming out cuz I’m
gonna fuckin nobody say Kingdom Hearts much team hearts more Kingdom Hearts
Kingdom harder you know booty with Butchie you know it game butt cheek
booty games with androgynous boy characters my nuts inch what employment
says days God 3 & 0 cup head was phenomenal chin yeah chin you gotta play
cup it I know it my petal slug if you like games like Metal Slug chin you
gotta you gotta play cup you know what I actually you know what I would really
ideally like is a game of perfect me if they did a Walking Dead game
third-person action style like Batman right whoa not know kind of like like
we’re dead is in a way that like war so like maybe like a big open world right
where you can create your own settlements kind of like fallout yeah
well they again the can’t that’s kind of but that’s right and that stated no stay
that state of decay is kind of like that no yeah that’s for Xbox yeah yeah that’s
for Xbox well I mean like if they did the graphics like where you can create
your own characters and the main character in The Walking Dead or just
characters they’re they’re non playable characters in the atmosphere so it’s a
whole story kind of like the story I guess whatever the story they had now
for that new Walking Dead game but if they like that an open world where you
can wait so that you have to scavenge should you have to defend your uh your
settlement yeah they had something like that you know downloads that shit could
make light like there should make money and said what’s that fucking game that
everyone plays Ward out no no I’m not the I always some object you’re a
fortnight fan Shane I can’t play for tonight neither me that
I’m asleep for like shit three minutes and I got killed and then it took me
like 30 seconds of Eastbourne I’m not like it’s forever and like fuck this
game and then my daughter she plays and she lives and I’m like fuck this game
and she’s like well daddy uh can you buy me the old zoom like fuck this game
though so like I got her minecraft she let him do minecraft in the sense and
shit like my daughter let you you see somebody gave my dog yeah yeah yeah yeah
yeah yeah over here she’s it – uh-huh no she’s in – what is she playing now
she tried to play right there but she look mad she didn’t like he was too warm
for her she plays The Sims all the time your daughter huh I like the daughter
she got sense yeah she loves she loves the Sims – please watch she plays
minecraft she out with a whole leg over play minecraft oh she does every now and
then well she feel like building shits are
going to do minecraft and it she’ll build a whole fucking in the city and
shit like that yeah but now now I bought a cell phones and everything is obsolete
she’s an air-bone and fucking instagram this is we get back to console you know
she actually yeah that che Mack the cop yeah he works out for me cuz I just
bought a brand new 60-inch TV and I’m on the bought me a fucking surround sound
so this is sounds like a movie theater so I decided to replay got a war last
night on my wish and wait which one which the newest one the newest for all
All Right see here’s the thing I’ve never played the oldest are you
serious Jen you’ve never played the old god of
War’s nope ah then been like well here to think I tried to play the original of
the other ones after I played the new one that I was just like I didn’t like
it give the graphics I love see the thing is you’re a fan of the oval so I
can understand why you would not like to put I fucking love it and then I walk
around I love all people boy boy yeah
girl my white blur you would evenly guess where yeah you know so I like that
game yeah you know I started playing it I played it I played a good like I would
say like 20 hours of it and I just lost interest instantly I I just began losing
interest I felt like it was a it was a how can I say very repetitive which any
video game is repetitive oh because what you play in a bridge 15 to 20 minutes is
what you’re gonna be doing throughout the whole fucking game but with this one
no it was the same character models for bosses over and over again you know what
I mean I got born but I repeated like with the bow crease yeah and I felt as
though the violence was toned down I felt as though the violence was toned
down the whole visceral nature and I understand that he’s you know this is a
different transition into a more adult more father type Kratos so of course
he’s gonna be as brutal and I like visceral as the original but I just
couldn’t I just couldn’t get with it I tried not there believe me whenever I
bought special edition one like the Ultimate Edition me too me too
and I just um I just thought I realize how much money I’ve wasted on games like
I’ve bought fucking strategy guides for fucking games like I’m glad you got a
horse ancestry but remember if it we when we worked at the bar and stuff like
that we would come in compare notes and like talk about where you know well
that’s when GamePro was around bro yeah right we go back man we go back you know
but like I got I got to shred you got 4 farcry Assassin’s Creed origins and like
two of this shit and I only looked at him just in fucking final fantasy and I
only looked at me just like three times and then I got the one for fucking Red
Dead Redemption I had to make sure I used it I’m like I’m a farm with a
fucking dreg I’ll highlight that’s a fucking $40 another fucking book there
yes just basically a coffee table but the book is beautiful though it is it is
love the book and sometimes I offer bookends
with it and stuff like that now yeah I got that one yeah
and I’ll just put it like up on the shelf like I remember Gears of War when
I when I was heavily in the Gears of War I purchased this one book that they had
it was like a Gears one I showed you like the land the landscape the
topography what certain metals meant and so on and so forth so it’s just pretty
much there you don’t have saying the book what that’s what this would look at
the book for this one is really good the only thing about these books that I
always say that they never in it I think they should put these books out after
they released online because they should have a guy for all the online stuff to
let you know that you’re not gonna get this well what you can get it you know
but everything’s so fucking secretive unless they use unless those all those
things apply for when the maps online come so like if like if you go on this
part of the map and there is fish there or certain type of animal or rare animal
that should apply directly absolutely I agree I agree so we got some comments
over here too yeah I read in the comments too yeah you can read them out
loud mica you have them away from me you can do it yeah all right we got over
here it says my nuts itch he said spider-man was good the deal the dlc was
a bit underwhelming in certain aspect but I did like the last another one
morning because they had boss fights in them because they had some decent I
enjoyed the boss fights and Jake noose is study talking about his nuts and shit
like that I guess he wants me to come in on he says he said seems both reason
shit Saints Row 3 is garbage sir that’s terrible Billy mouth says Kingdom Hearts
3 come out next month are you fucking sure yo Kingdom Hearts
gonna come out and it’s gonna go straight in the garbage I want to play
Mickey Mouse and and some anime jmu says fuck fortnight here’s play said shit a
guy is to play Duke with help is all of that damn fortnight fuck that game
take their help somebody says what animates Clement says and the new or we
look built it does game fair sport and I can suck my shit if you love that shit
for tonight is for pervert house of a perverse are you saying a lot about
yourself right there sir with important says King of Hearts gonna
be that work I got like in top I love the shit it was a funny way for spilling
garbage we need a new know did you speak in a fortnight did you hear that
what’s the man in the plays Carlton yeah yeah we did
we didn’t look back the UM backpack kids on them too and a couple of trying to so
yeah there’s actually three people suing fortnight altogether and what’s the song
kid name that did though orange orange justice Keith no I think his name is J
block is be effective his name is something I totally fucking forgot but
he did the sweet dance yeah yeah what is that a sweet what persuasions the sweet
dance tonight childish gambino if we’re doing in this is America exactly like
the lawsuit is not gonna go far first of all the Carlton dance is not Carlton’s
original dance backpack kid he might have grounds that they could give me
some sort of a cheese or something but because that he created that you know he
did that super Katy Perry book Carlton there Carlton dance ye people were doing
that sit before hand he’s making fun of ye people when he did thing actually the
Carlton dance started with the boss back in the eighteen dan used to call it
the Jersey shuffle listen shit like that was that man the dark on
the stage when he pulled that’s the jersey self whistle carton bill still
correct as I said white people yeah oh my god yeah that’s right well now now
here’s another thing would you like for them to bring back then honestly this is
what made me veg out on Red Dead Redemption back when it was on the 360
and PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 was the undead nightmare would you like for
the mail like the other because how do you have the maps of shit now and then
just like so it’s so big yet I’ll be cold up there fishin think about some of
the creepy shit you’ve come across I come up to this house I came fucking
hell it was a fucking pig like monster in
there like strapped up by I saw the video for that did you come across the
fat dude and his sister no no dude today will you see that scene if anybody has
played that game that came to the cross where they went fat dude calls artha in
the house and all from dinner and his wife is flirting with him and he turned
out to be brother and sister but there’s a look but there’s a look tonight there
is a look that Arthur gears and they zoom in on it’s like a fucking movie
that I’m talking about it’s comical bro like you really literally laughed out
loud because the world of the actor that did that shit poke the fucking Express
it was a real it was a really good look moment so you gotta find his house but
I’m gonna tell you if you do it after that what happens happens go back to
that house go back to the house go back to the house cause it’ll rob your ass so by yo that that house that part like
it was videos about that shit but yeah I I didn’t the only thing I came across
and I was just riding around and up and I opened up the option where I can fast
travel places that’s what is right what’s over there now and you know like
me I’ll be like when I’m not playing online I literally scour a fucking area
or find a little shit here and there you know what I mean and I came across this
house and it wasn’t I couldn’t I couldn’t figure out how to get in it but
then I throw the wagon on the side I grind up went through the fucking window
it was like some fucking Doctor Zhivago or doctor man serious you know what I’m
gonna layer on this week I’m going to do a stream I’m going to go to that house
and I’ll show you it was a big monster up there it was held up by Fred I’m
telling you believe me when I tell you it was up I know you talk about like
this motherfucker had made um something like it was a mutant with a pig’s head
it had uh you two might you got bored the game you yeah all you could do is
explore oh yeah oh I spent days exploring before finishing the games I
don’t want to finish it right explore you find there’s so much weird shit in
that game and even after you beat the game I want to ruin it for you but it
goes into the future a little bit and you can still explore some shape you
have you are you played the game well enough have you been to a part where
there’s this guy’s walk around and he’s go easily and Gavin I heard him but I couldn’t find him you
know I I find much like I’ll hear motherfuckers and I look like look
around and I can’t I don’t I can’t find him I this is not a big spoiler so I’m
gonna say that mother goes through the whole game right you wanted too many
he’ll explain today he was with his friend Gavin and then he actually tried
to help find Gavin wood you will never find Gavin so after you beat the game
this shit takes it goes to like a year or two later right you’re
playing again I’ll fuck it I don’t know nobody tell you not know hold up there
hold it back I hold me back but Gavin still there
right and he’s oldest he’s older you can tell he’s been just walking around in
the same shit and he realizes that he’s pretty much lost his fucking mind he’s
been looking for the same guy for so many years right so there’s like little
things like that but this house where does this dude they got like 18 necks
and shit like he’s like a mutant fat dude on a porch with like a little hat
on when it would a shotgun and like you can kill him but it’s just some weird
shit me game this an old lady in the house they try to get you reduced jobs
for us sons and shit no you should explore oh there’s a lot from what I’m
gonna do Nica we got I’m gonna bite the bullet and go back to plan it because I
didn’t think I was gonna pick that game ever again I was going to delete it off
of my hard drive more fun exploring yo didn’t I tell you what even if you don’t
beat the game right just explore a little bit more and then get online
you’ll have more no he’s gonna beat the game it’s just gonna take some time
hey question about red though man like if you kill an NPC like if I murder that
feminist in the street it’s gonna come back so I can do it again or she just
bill are there more than one family shooting kind of murder like like you
know there’s one there and one there like you know saying goodbye it’s kind
of Merkin on YouTube I’m just there’s more than one to kinda you know kind of
collects now huh I did you kill her you will get in trouble but there is like she done no I think they want to suggest she was
being too mouthy and talking up to a man it will be night a mayor you know she
was talking too much sir she was just read I think I think that I’d be in
trouble for because she’s no community and I think if I go back in town I think
I’d be straight relatively just if you think about the way it should have been you in Back to the Future 3 in the Wild
West if you hurt the whole you would be hung if you watch the movie any pile of the
holes in the whorehouse forgiven that they hired out Clinton ease with the
murder dude who was fucking with the hose these are also but they also yeah
if they wouldn’t cut up when he’s preaching broad anything is they in fact
the guy who were in the whorehouse who was the guy who plays Chucky char
but he got mad at her for hiring them to go do that because they didn’t even have
the money he didn’t think they had them on even though they did have the money
so ha ha breath huh I got the shit from my mom like a sandwich breathing heavy look at the shape this round pick shit
up getting excited over that song nah man let’s go here clear just a little
bit happened to you on Red Dead Redemption when your gun just went off
and all of a sudden you got wanted out of nowhere
yeah you know sometimes I’ll be talking moving around and I hit that you look at
that quick-draw button and I was in the town and my bullet happened to hit
somebody shit that one it level went up I’m off with it pacing I was like what
they don’t play bro they release in a posse after us no and then this one
motherfucker just like I was minding my business and I bumped into him and then
he came winging off on my boxed him up I boxed him up next to you know they
bleeped like I got a warning wait wait did you knock him out
no knock them out right yeah now after you knocking about to do kick him when
he was down no I checked you know I like checked his pockets and shit that’s why
did you rob if you could just knock his ass out and walk put your head up and
walked away you’d have been fine the fact that you robbed him and he saw it
they became a crime but he’s the first y’all matters the Lord is the Lord OS
man you look the same no qe1 in people pockets after this one motherfucker I don’t know what
it was with the preacher he just wanted to box it like um the preacher was drunk
as fuck ran on the red light I had to chase him down and then some for some
reason the dude wanted to fuck him up and shit like that
and you know I was trying to diffuse the situation they just started winging off
on me now I beat him up and shit like that my wallet level go up and he was
like trying to kill the preacher oh no I was walking through sandy needs
any like I was just like this is after I beat the game just we’re all right and
this Mexican Spanish it was a cake come in some like you know I’m gonna go over
there right hit the button prompted he was like I’m
gonna show you something like it’s an alley I’m like I should know better I
pulled my gun out I walk in hit me – hey a gun fall
he’s like three dudes jump out my hat come off now the thing is I hate cuz I
lose my hat it’s hard to get your hat back exactly and that’s what yeah I
picked up dude hat one time I thought it was mine cuz he not there’s a way to get
your hat on your horse if you go to your horse and go to your horse will right
you get your axe there what niggas robbed me in here right so III stop pull
out the blade and I start sticking them up like sticking them sticking sticking
I was thinking over the witness call the cops
I’m running through town then in there then you get on the horse the horse be
fucking stupid and running in and shit I ran into another dude on a horse we
flipped over and just like just what the hell but it’s you know you like anything
it’s like a real Western you’re like things will rob you they will last your
ass and drag you through the mud you’ll wake up like this seems will you black
out and you’ll wake up in certain areas and all your money be going right and
you gotta go back and find that shit I know what I will I know when they sent
me to fight that fucking bid that there learnt the fuck out of yo I’m right
there yeah I I never killed that there I tilt the bear skin them but then I got
robbed while I was taking the fucking skin back to my
um what’s the name and shit like that I was new I was green to the shit I know
what the fuck is going on I noticed all for this robbery and shit like that I’m
like you don’t say I’m figuring like you know I did when I started I shot like
three of them but one of them like dead at me and my skin was gone and
everything so I don’t know at back or no that’s it if they want to make that shit
fun for DLC like how you buy clothes and they they should rob you and take your
fucking clothes yeah we walked in naked bro you know they just ran all done I’m
on a hunt foot like I won’t go back to playing it now cuz I’m on the hook I
want a mask I want some more mass and shit like oh yeah yeah you go to trap
you can I would have keep masks and as I love I love pigment I made the whole
Clint Eastwood geared any other one remember no other ready yeah yeah maybe
maybe might be a deal see you something maybe it might be something warm on it
come out where that might be in the catalog yeah mouth I said well you said
have you said if you’re in the bear fight and help the bear yeah that’s the
same I’ll always say to Bob for you that will help me and me and a bit of help
them motherfucking Bay don’t help but chin it is so good to have you here
brother good to be in come on you know I’m just letting everybody know Dana
chin look him up on IMDB this guy is the motherfucking man trust me when I tell
you this very short show yeah I mean like shit you know I’ve always been true
chin you know what I would like for us to do one day I like for us to be to do
like a grindhouse film like I want to be a villain
and you got waiting I’m waiting I’m waiting you gotta be the villain I
wanted to do like a grindhouse film so we’re like like I mean I want it pretty
much in the stance of like something like a vigilante film well I have I I
did a movie that I did because it didn’t come out how I wanted
it to but I created the character you might have remember our poster come oh
yeah yeah bullet bronson right bullet bronson so
and I kind of like model him a lot after how I am so like his best the best that
I usually wear anyway right and with the goat sound about firming since recording
ago sound so I ain’t right I implied a lot of shit my in my life into my cat oh
by the way what if you notice my shirt my black still t-shirt right you notice
the shirt right so we doing that next research freedom I
did it for me it’s a comment I’m working on that
but the best in our own bullet bronson yes yeah yeah but I get that but we did
the movie and like I didn’t like the scenes so I created the character so I’m
gonna do my own thing with it if you ever eat a villain please I want to be
your main villain I want to be like you can see like if we’re able to contrast
well with us I’m dark your life I would always be the one that will I get like
one of them out though if I did a bullet Bronson movie it has to be like Black
Dynamite exactly exactly what I’m looking for you
know exactly what I’m looking for so we got it yeah good thing cuz I have a
drink man are we trying to get you see you since orange bro I know man I know I
don’t know we’re busy and caught up with a lot of shit and everything like that you’ll never have me in your car oh no
I’m fine I’m a kidnap yes one day I’m fine I mean I’m gonna do VIP you have
you provide VIP VIP okay night over VIP bro so I’m a bottom feeder I’m a bottom
feeder I’ll be grabbing yeah yeah I know but you but you you can write a story
off this you go write a movie about you know what I think that’s the reason why
I end up getting these stories because I take anybody
and with that I’m doing the night shift so you know yeah be careful well I know
I know I know but I know but I gravitate towards this fucked up shit I’m sorry
sometimes like it’s been Manu who you are you probably what 20 years yeah yeah
you know my brother yeah Wow about 20 years yeah but you know one thing I
could say about you chin you haven’t aged a fucking day
you’re aging gracefully your agent very well brother you look very good very
good brother it’s this I think this it’s no extreme this Nord strain because it
is more shake that could be anything I remember what was that grabbing me
remember it was one point when you were smoking a certain and a weed a certain
greater I got no rocks I got a full of strong rocks which is a variation in the
conversion of it which are just knocked the fuck out here right now see you got
real shit now what I say what I say is that like when it comes to north curtain
you know the hood gain their weight is like you I got sour
I got cush but it’s basically the same shit back in the day then a you remember
back in the day when he used to add like fucking Sour Diesel Black Knight was it
all black berry you know sticky with the killer’s lucky hands exactly but now
everything’s all the same but when I travel so I’ve gotten Vegas sweet
California weed Boston Massachusetts those are all places that legalized it
that I’ve been to and I could say for me smoking out here all the time to go out
there they had the best week so right because it’s different like you said
he’s different strains so like when I was in counting
so we got married that’s about that we were out there for about six days and I
smoked a lot so I I smoked so much out there I didn’t feel it but I felt it so
when I looked at all the pictures I was like fucking stupidly stoned and here’s
the thing with me because it’s like I usually don’t smoke like that but do
certify like I have medical condition I have like a constant not even a migraine
I got like a rare medical condition so it’s like or some days I have to not
because I want to is gone I have yeah because it helps so like I feel like
with the California strains the California and the Colorado strains
really really helped me you know really helped California Colorado in Nevada
because the one they’re all close and they have the actual the farms that
cultivated so they could like I remember like I said I’m intuitive shit so before
Comcast screwed me over and took off the Vice Channel I used to watch on a kid
all the time yeah they changed my line of sight so
watch we take it all the time why is your cup look like that why what is that you got a fucking affinis stone in
theirs and I want to see you want some Boston drinking drinking a drink with
show of Infinity stones yeah trip is while we’re talking wheat I’m actually
online ordering something like I’m ordering a pizza that’s how California
where that’s where you’re at you’re in California fucking legalized
J’son gonna be legalized before New York does I’m surprised well here’s the thing
Jersey was gonna legalize it a long time ago with Corzine was in office you know
but it’s tonight yes I do and right before Corzine left he signed the bill
to legalize it but then fat-ass Christie gaining got in and said no hey
well it’s why I hate Kristen cuz Christie was the general and I had a
case a long time ago and I didn’t realize that he’s trying to get my ice
five years anyway five years but yeah you know motherfuckers don’t understand
how they be trying to have a be chasing off focus up all the hand Jersey Jersey
is the challenger’s no did yellow jersey no bullshit but when it comes to when it comes to
the we like you said in California Nevada and all those other states
they’re much better because the grow climate that that but they know they had
different strains for different things like there’s when I really like I said
when I was somewhat the vice general and when it comes in Christie Christie it
was a family from New Jersey that who had a daughter named Charlotte that and
I think hundred seizures a day right she was like two years old one years old
something like that and the family moved to Colorado and they made a strap were
called Charlotte’s Web that it was a oil that they put the dropper in their
tongue and it caught her seizures down to like yeah tend to like once almost
none a day but CBD right there what a CV just purely out let’s see that’s fine I
just don’t maybe like a Rick Simpson type of deal with just a CB peanut and
I’ll look it up it’s called Charlotte sweat and that’s the reason why see that
couldn’t bring her back to Jersey – father had to come back in work and back
and go back and forth because if they would abort her back to Jersey they
would have put they were charged with endangering the welfare of a child
because them so okay train right now – sativa huh yeah wait a minute wait a
minute wait a minute though like for me it’s totally different because it’s like
um like I have something called proximal heavy crania when I sleep like I get the
worst headaches and it will not stop for so for me I have to take indica say that
because yeah like Charlotte’s Web is not gonna do for me like to take indica in
order for me to sleep right yes is my legal action is decriminalized but there
are some it’s not it’s not recreation legal life it’s medically legalized in
New York no like they do no they do no New York does have the chance for you to
get a medical marijuana card they really do so but the thing is their
shit is expensive I don’t want to do that come on he’s an Air Force and he
has uh yet it broke his back he has details a page we so he know he’s an
army of sorry he broke his back but he recovered he’s a it’s not man out but he
deals retain all the time and he said he would he I think he could have gotten
his but he said the same reason that he like it’s cheaper for me just to get
into the street yeah but what I noticed though in effect that Jersey is so close
to legalize you know that’s so crazy because like Jersey is more closer to
getting legalized in New York I don’t know what New York is way you know wanna
just read all about money it’s like that’ll make the money they
quit and they don’t give a fuck where that’s what it is now are just for every
thing every they don’t you over New York no word they worried about you guys like
you know protesting about shit and stuff like that Jersey don’t give a fuck they
be like put a price tag on no no no no because truthfully speaking is like the
money is in the criminalization you know how many people get locked up for like
little like bullshit um you know like how much we that they have and it’s not
even on yeah Rikers bigger news it is it depends of certain people cuz I I have a
history and I smoke a lot like and I I’m kind of like my wife gift to me about it
some kind of like an asshole smoker in a way I’m conscious when it comes to
children like the children walking around I’ll put it away but I walk
through Manhattan and take a blonde out whenever I wanted like that I mean I
look around make sure but there are two situations one was in Brooklyn was in
Queens the first time was in Queens when I was at my daughter’s mother and we was
sitting in the car smoking and we had like Duchess in the car we had I think
about Amsterdam and the door and one of the doors open didn’t the police give up
on us and they searched the car and my boy ate the block because I saw me the
bomb like what the fuck you’re doing and he’s like the cops they searched it they
saw it they I there’s no way they couldn’t I saw the way even though she
said we a smoked at all and they let us go because they were looking for guns
second time I was filming I was filming Mortal Kombat fan film and doing a break
I was going here I was going under the Brooklyn Bridge smoking the lead the the
main duty to play who came he smoked really so we each side with his smoke he
was aboard different way I’m like all right what are we walking to smoking
fucking boys pulled up this is in Brooklyn pulled up on us while we
smoking never got out I’m thinking like I’m
smoking a black tomorrow and I had to blunt the other hand and he’s like it
was like Kate’s with him like what was that Katie McDonald smoked that shit and
they just drove the fuck off so they hate I mean that you gotta be like I
think when it comes to more I’m not gonna say that those are my
experiences I think that they see somebody like maybe dealing or rolling
up maybe what he smelled if you just cuz I go by Port Authority I don’t know what
part of New York you’re from what part of your people are I’m in Brooklyn all
right so you probably around so you go to midtown and all that stuff so you the
Port Authority so I’m go by a mere authority all the time and I stand
outside their authority and I smoke my blocks because I know the balance is
there and I stand I realize that I’m like I’m kind of dumb for donor because
I’m standing out there with this fucking cowboy
everyone knows who the fuck I am because of his hat and I’m smoking blunts under
a camera but I don’t give a fuck because I’m not hurting nobody you know so like
I’m like you can’t just cops come on top of the shit down but I walk down the
street through Midtown and oh it out I’m like my wife and I were gonna karaoke in
a village and same thing I walk there smoke I’m not gonna be an asshole about
it like I said it’s gonna be it’s gonna and I smoked it’s gonna it’s gonna get
legalized very story I live in the most widest parts of Brooklyn I live in
Williamsburg I’m just you know like you know I live in Waynesburg is like people
are smoking there freely ya know freely and in like the cops don’t stop them for
shit like they’re looking for guns and like especially around my way
they don’t give a fuck about the reason talk about the guns because they they
understand nowadays like it’s like they said it’s decriminalize like they don’t
want to do to pay a lot before you became that can live any want to do
paperwork there’s a lot of cops ed told me it was like y’all damn chopstick and
me like you throw it out and they’re doing paperwork for no fucking reason
they don’t want to do the papers we made me throw it out on what I had not gotten
stopped for weed yet hopefully I don’t yeah I never got arrested the name wants
me to get her strumice America you can’t they might deport you by accident I’m a
First Nations baby what the fun they’re gonna do to me what do you mean what the
fuck they got you you all right so my first nations baby that means that you
are of you are of America of you are of the earth indigenous Native American of
anarchy put you on a casino and have your slinger get mixed up also your last
thing is like Enrique is something like that I need to put a fuck that so Jacob check it out all right I mean
to cut you guys off what what did you I might give you what did you guys think
of the bird box movie – Erica killers I felt as though it was over height I’ve
seen that storyline was alive it was over I don’t see what everybody’s
talking about like Oh Burt Burt bucks it was okay
mediocre girl Bandersnatch I want ya know ya Bandersnatch did you see Banias
I did and I did it last night I made sure I cook I did laughter I made sure I
put him on put him in the ground I killed my father like three times Oh
bullshit hey with the ashtray slitted head open
why I think mother to bury him or to uh cut his body up I knew the best way to
get rid of some shit is to cut them up but you can always scratch uh I was
tipsy when I played it so I thought he said he was when I’m like yo what the
fuck is this my wife is like you say barium I said no I said fucking Burnham
to chop them the weapon did what happened with the chop them up dignity
chop chopping up like your game does become successful but they died no my
mojo you jumped they they basically told me um like after you after you chop his
body up yeah what’s his name comes looking for you what’s his name Colin
Wow really yeah I haven’t really got that far it’s a bit of snag because I’m
at the site of the psychiatrist’s office why did you have a bar I got did you
fight her I bought her I thought oh I water but then it went an alternate
route this was an alternate route where my character died and it was really
Shirley what the fuck y’all talking about my oh my god like I haven’t even
experienced that shit yet Oh for gamers like ourselves especially
PlayStation owners this is not the new because we have games like heavy rain
yeah let’s go gone we have you know – reminded me of mmm she was your own
adventure book yes this is like Detroit yeah exactly with that being said with this being the
first one like that and that was Netflix trying it out because I liked it that a
lot of people said I really did I would like to see more movies like that I like
to see real action exactly you can choose if you like with them that mirror
especially with the black mirror series that is perfect a series is a very
underrated series of peers it is like aware of because it’s it what I like is
that it’s pretty much like a dystopian future but it’s only a story and then
you come to find out some of those stories from different seasons linked to
see like presence eases their past right yeah you’d be like oh shit that’s wasn’t
from yeah I love like Mara like good actors that came from it yeah yeah yep
yeah came from it well I I got one for you
what do you think of the us trailer the us trailer was pretty good no they took
the loonies song and they just made it word yeah legendary right sorry for that
I’m pretty I’m excited for that shit yeah hell yeah point just looking at
like if I worked with uh Winston DuPont person of interest right or he became
Baku right well he was cooling in but I know but just to see like this that I
like how they show them they big it did they get to play two different roles in
Lapita just with that than looking in just the way she was acting I was like
the alysha’s gonna be me and I hadn’t played with my team said it was loud and
fucking creepy I should stay what if I was like yo that’s just no man ya know I
happen to meet Winston Duke after he became in Baku he’s super tall in person
but um yeah he was a pretty cool dude he’s cool yeah believe they don’t chin
is very tall in person to believe me when I tell you three six one my
daughter six one are you fucking kidding at I’m only six one yeah yeah Winston
he’s like 6-3 6-4 okay but on what was that bird box was actually pretty I just
didn’t think is there is deserving all the height there are other films that
are lesson known on them that are very very good black black walks know like
like I said it was good but it reminded me of the happening yeah but that’s not
like happening if you ask me was way better than this you know him yeah it
happened it was funny man happening was a comedy to me yeah exactly was a comedy
to me like yeah I have you seen honest trailers nip version of the happen I
love honest trailers cuz they don’t come star wasn’t happening
you know what he was like it was like trees rustling wind you know I’ll be
like yo this shit was stupid little man can truly make it make you look at the
film in a more honest perspective that way like he’s right I go further I laugh
a little black he got shot yeah yeah I laugh just like you just
laughed like just like that yeah that evil laugh like it was a long lap I
laughed I laughed the way we Davi do we laugh at the works laughing a lot of
dark shit shit different and I look give a bang I’m like politically incorrect
way we’ve been beyond that years ago I hope yeah I’ll be out somewhere and
I’ll get a message from the name sometimes I’ll be on set mixed my wife
three times I’ll be with my kid I’ll be my mother I’ll just be myself
any to be be weird I’m probably sure y’all know if y’all know him like that
if you’re close the weirdest randomest shit yeah yeah hilarious hilarious some
of you won’t even watch someone will be just like you know what I’m just fucking
small past that everything that he says me know is like nothing is supers are
with Danai nothing a woman you’re a woman and women no more oh yes I mean
I’m very open-minded but you know like bitches high five well I mean and so I’m
my wife children might have five sisters ya know me to Gemini I played women
immoral to monitor me cuz like some of the shit he said and I’m like great what
are you I’m a Leo that’s why Gemini’s a wicked people my mother in my daughter
at the exact scene my mother and my daughter’s mother have exact same
birthday like my mom’s Wow my mom and I like we’re 15 days apart
we’re in August we’re both Leo’s on the seventh she’s
the 22nd 15 days apart ya know she had me at 2002 days apart
I’m like no no no no no no no like our birthdays our birthdays up 15 days apart
I’m just yes it’s the black barrel yeah that’s just me actually just shut it
buddy no something else oh my god oh my god yeah so I was like you know like my
mom and I like we’re 20 years apart I’m 21
she’s 41 no I’m no I’m 40 she’s 60 okay so any new year
na doesn’t believe that 40 years old no I don’t know if you see her in person
like now like the moles maybe like 30 32 whatever the case may be you see in
person she looks very very young they’re young like I mean most of the people
here on the stream right now I mean like they’re ageless like you chin you
actually look younger when I first met you no bullshit yeah
and I barely had any of this or any of these cuz when I first met you you look
you you had very boyish features you know very very I was I was like 19 yeah
that’s true yeah that’s true Nicky was like 26 I believe Kate’s 26 us yes that’s so much fun at the Google bar man
yeah no honestly the era in which I don’t think gogo bars exist like that
like in the time that we grew up go-go boys don’t even fucking exist
anymore y’all that’s right y’all they did don’t
they’re pretty much all outlawed in New York right there’s a few of them there
but they’re like bars and clubs are about to fucking close over here New
York now you got a man are we got some stories from Louie’s like work at bars
and strip the bars and all I will leave that for another show absolutely
absolutely not many people before we close this out
I want to thank um David Chen for coming onto the show I really appreciate it
thank you for having me on the fly you’re always well guess it was really
really fun conversing with you see the shit we are overjoyed to have you here
secondly before everyone goes I want to know you guys on the panel right here
what are your new year’s resolutions if you have any to bust my cherry and
travel oh my yeah i’ma bust my cherry and I’m a person David just sweetest
little girl until she’s such a sweetie would a 22 year old kid I know I don’t
ruin my fantasy of you being this beautiful little young sweet woman okay
I’m not I’m not gonna ruin your fantasy I’m sorry but I have resolution but you
be saying what a buncha new motherfuckers you better watch it the
fuck you know like he’s gonna be crying in the shower like I didn’t know she was
capable of doing that and New Year’s resolutions for you no no I don’t need a
bullshit man a picture that’s his new year’s resolution I mean I’ve been doing
what I want I’ve been doing my resolutions
since before so I’m getting started losing weight and all that stuff and cut
down boy wow that more work of course and more
whiskey hmm and just you know more work whiskey weed and are you answer Johnny
Walker no just James no okay just watching me for days before
you go before you go chin have you ever been propositioned by Quentin Tarantino
to do any type of acting work no I wish oh my god you’re not the only one that
would be no no no no cuz remember remember he said that he’s retiring or
his 10th movie he’s not already or his 9th he’s not is I highly doubt if he
does I highly got it I don’t know he just got married
so exactly yeah you just got married he was like I’m retiring on my 10th he’s
already on his knife like there are certain people that I want to work with
in my career that I hope like hope to work like I was lucky enough to meet
Stanley before he passed away there are people that I would like to
work before they like Clint Eastwood I want to work on him before right
I think absolute a makin writer producer yeah a lot of people don’t understand
like some of the movies like well Frank Marino a couple like he’s he’s an
amazing actor Blasi I was a fan of him growing up my favorite movie my favorite
movie is always going to be from Clint Eastwood is the good the bad and ugly –
I love the westerns I’m up yes I love the good men ugly that is my favorite
movie pick two mules for sister Sarah I like that I haven’t seen that you never
seen oh my god watch it I will tonight at the end and his mom wanted I didn’t a
what are you doing for New Year’s Eve New Year’s Eve I think I’m a pretty much
one New Year’s Eve I’ll go do some uber and lyft make some fucking money then I
might as well say you know at a certain time I’m just gonna stop you know I’m
just so I’m saying but if you’re in New York City
around the village right place called boho karaoke on West 4th okay right I
know where you’re talking about Shameka and there’s some of you as well
I want my wife and I okay there with a couple people that I work with nobody
nobody celebrity wives you know I don’t have any so let me back they don’t hang
up but that’s where we spent it on New Year’s Eve so like we’re gonna be there
from 10:30 until okay so what I’ll do is like I’ll take some rides early and then
what um I’ll just uh there’s no cover charge or get in and it’s a cash bar you
like with only are we saying we don’t have to see some of the video and it
looked like you were trying to enjoy your drink he was lying releasing and he
just do it I like a couple months ago I had the chokeslam somebody in there
before me yeah H oh he touched my wife and like I like literally like yeah it
was interesting but he’s no longer there the management’s changed like I never
like my life I’ve never thought I could make a karaoke machine skip but I did
you gave him that heavens to hell drop it was it was like it was it was like a
mix between the chokeslam from hell and and uh fucking loses name Bradshaw at
the light fucking what was the fucking clothesline used to do clothesline about
right oh yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah mm-hm it was like a mix between show plant and
like between the chokeslam in the clothes laughing oh right that who made
it was just more of a reaction because I’m gonna Bobby person I just do that on
TV but wait because he caught you with to do it fluid and you do right whoa
quick story this dude literally was like touching my wife’s back when I walked
away right and then when I came back he reached around me and did it and I felt
this harm and his arm jerk back and I looked there and when I get what the
fuck but he goes what and I’m like are you serious and I dislike it was like
James until God do you know what would happen if I was there right you know I
react you know boy you know what makes it
funny I like right before that one of the guys that work feels like you aren’t
you the guy from Gotham oh let’s take a picture and I’m like sure literally two
minutes after that that happened so we didn’t come back for like a month and a
half a day of course calling out gotta let you gotta let to let it simmer down
a bit yeah like like dude was Turner he was hurting Lee he tried to fight back
and then I slapped him and that was fair I never slapped it here than before I
wanted to see well women slap a lot of people it might snow a lot of people
I’ve been slapped millions of I’ve been slapped means I look like I’ve seen my
father’s level man and I don’t know if my hand is half I’m showing it now like
my hands have been all messed up all along like last week’s like eight like
whatever I guess the weather right you just like I really don’t have any plans
for New Year’s and guess who’s coming to New York Denis Oh Diana oh shit
that’s right Diaw to movie you don’t live in New York no more I gotta move to
Philly no she doesn’t she moved to Philly and our speaker today and huh
does she like it up there Philly she hates it she wants to move back up here
yeah tell um you know if she’s coming up for New Year’s yeah she’s trying to come
up here for New Year’s so I was like we’re trying to figure out what we want
to do now she is such a sweetheart she’s such an eclectic person I’m wonderful I
like the fact that she does like different types of cosplays plus she’s a
you know she’s in the fashion and shit she’s fucking off yeah Giada is amazing
yeah is my bestie Dianna is my bestie so shows up we love it my bad I’m sorry
coach what my daughter’s gonna die my phone mm-hmm musi the whole karaoke West
fourth right you’re all walking comfortable like I said
Judy’s no cover charge it’s cash bar saying every you get every
time you but I drinking it songs what we know them so they usually give us a
stack of songs right take I usually take care of them anyway I’m not saying
drinking I’m not gonna see the name it so next July oh you know man I’m telling
you I’m just haven’t seen today in like over ten years active spit I mean I can
Allison to use because I haven’t seen donate my daughter’s ten and I haven’t
seen Dan in native I we know I had to do it except for social media for you wait
before anything before anything on like I told you like I’m planning a trip and
everything but before I do that I’m planning a little get-together in
Atlantic City if anybody want to come there welcome
I’m trying to get the room pay for right now I’m not far from Atlantic City so I
mean like Jersey yeah so I’m trying to get that together right now or and once
I get to that together is like yours like you guys are invited for real
alright alright work because like I really like I have before a day but you
know I really don’t want to have it I have some trips coming up yeah so at
ladies and gentlemen I think I want to reintroduce and say a warm goodbye to
David chin wonderful actor wonderful friend thank you so much for coming on
the show I mean so much to me bro this means so much to me we got a link
up like one day talk about some scripts or whatever the case may be whatever
you’re writing I would love to be an actor or whatever the case may be even
if you want me to just be like a double in it or somebody gets murdered
constantly and shit I would love that that means I’m not gonna see him on New
Year’s Eve know you as a matter of fact I mean I’m going to go into Hoboken
tomorrow cuz Hoboken that counts playground alright okay I’m gonna go in
the whole book and hang around in that area I got a couple of friends over
there so that it won’t be a big you know deal of me coming into New York
I’ll already pretty much because you know what you cross over you right there
what so you you only do shared no I do I do
uber and lyft yes alright so how about this even if you come out there tomorrow
because I’m a the chance that I might in taking people back right and run way
back I can I can do over regular motherfucker I’ll tell you your home for
free you family they won’t let Jersey pick up in New York really no not really
Jersey you cannot pick up in New York so that way our goods grab you
motherfuckers up for free and shit like that I call cold
no I’m saying so I be like you home chain when you ready you let me know
nigga you fuck as you want y’all to drink in my car every fuckin thing
different if you let me show up I’m going to show up I’m going in no David
yo David make sure I get your motherfucking air for you no for real
I will definitely show up I will show up tomorrow alright what would today says
I’ll show up tomorrow definitely like talking hang out and stuff and get to
know each other because you’re both like can like network and come up with some
shit believe me when I tell ya just show up tomorrow so you wouldn’t yet go
karaoke we’ll be there at 10:30 what is it boho cario boho karaoke and
West for yes West for Islam West forfeitability I know always worth it I
know it’s right there it’s right next day it’s like half a store right next to
it right on the corner is a place called the whiskey okay no I find it I’ll find
it I’m sure it ain’t none for me to travel you not go anywhere I okay all
right so I hope you see how both they’re all right again come on LA
maybe I can would be the cheese danish on screen he
gotta leave it for days red bikini huh never that shit you got a hold up when
we used to do your show and again ladies and gentlemen Kenny has a show and I
will put links down in the description below
a Kent chin also if there’s anything you want to link to like your social media
your Instagram whatever the case may be give me those links so I can put them in
the description below so people can follow you and come and see your
wonderful works I also put his IMDB link as well in the description below they
didn’t do it yeah I’m the one that’s I don’t know how to comment in tag once we
lake like this is my first time we’ll do it again definite all back my daughter’s
going back to school next week go back to work so we’re comes so well I’ll see
you guys tomorrow all right bro thank you so much thank you
alright later later later fantastic all right that was so
everybody for coming to this very very short show that we had today right right
you know I’ll do some ride share stories after the new year cuz I know I’m gonna
probably get fucked up locked up or you get somebody on I try to um and you know
the thing about it I get a few women that hit on me and right yeah but it’s
mainly dudes they get creepy with me like what I’m doing right yeah bad baby
life so um where are you going after this oh page like a cop car on your shit
you’re right I do matter of time before I get killed doing this right sure but
I’m gonna have fun doing it and then I learn how to fucking protect and protect
yourself my god somebody better wish I don’t let mom focus it behind me I
don’t play that shit like that like it’s all that moving back daily to sit next
to me sit next to me to sit behind me don’t sit don’t sit on the other side
don’t sit behind me I don’t like people sitting beyond what you want come around
and drag like put the hooks in me Ginny never let no one take behind you
exactly Oh crying goodness put the hooks in you you’re fucking dead
you’re fucking dead especially from the backseat but your biggest ally if
someone was to grab you while you’re driving your biggest ally if someone was
to grab you from the back while you drive it it’s just hit the brakes real
hard everybody just goes for all that shit everybody get me you know what I’m
saying and I give you a split second to do what you got to do but I got like I
got like fucking shit all over and shark shit blunt shit all sorts of shit I’m
not going to tell you what else I got but they could try it better they better
damn sure just get me in the jugular but even then like I’m gonna strap my god
movie I was watching taxi driver wasn’t when he shot him all up in the back of
the seat was it that was it Robert De Niro and he shot that motherfucker all
of the back of the seat laid it on the arm he put the gun pillow to the seat
and just started shooting and it was terrible for all up in the back seat at
the end I remember that storm in the apartment yeah another thing I liked the
taxi driver I’m gonna end it on this ones win this home it was some fuck I
gotta go back and watch their film that’s one of my favorites one of my
favorites ladies and gentlemen I’m gonna enjoy tonight’s show I hope you did too
we had a girl you know nice guest come on here we will be having more guests
more actors entertainers etc etc I have a vast array of friends associates and
on business partners that are in different fields of entertainment as
well as other fields so you know as I said before for the new year we will be
pushing new content more content more frequent content Kenny will be doing his
weekly podcast which you can catch on Spotify Mika will be retaping for be et
and I’ll be here for you guys I’m also gonna be I’m not sure if I’m going to
we’re gonna do it we here for you guys too because the
Nathan’s damn fucking leaving fuck you Denis i’ma let y’all assume
I’ve been actually doing another podcast other people and I’ve been stealing
material from this show so myopic kinds copies and how y’all talking everything
and I’ve just been telling my coals what to do so ya know go to my go to links
below listen to my little shows I guess no that’s actually pretty good I got a
lot of common jock you got a lot of um what’s the names off of that show they
they loved it nice I have another one I have a solo on
this we can I actually signed up with the program for royalty-free music so
did motherfuckers can’t sue me so I have a background music that is that is
perfect candy that is perfect yeah you gotta get that word you know I had an
issue where YouTube had flagged me for some old old-ass video that was put up
like maybe a year or two ago so it was surprised me though because I was able
to stream all along next thing you know oh I’ve been hit with the violation so
amazing yeah like with me they’ve literally like they literally let just
like smack my shit down drop your shit any second they want me they want me
face looking fucking with me here lately cuz um you know like jokes a little bit
racy sometimes and shit like that are fucked up or a bit dark and out there
yeah they they they have been like like I put up a post and they instantly was
like ah don’t get don’t get cocky nigger fuck you think this is you just don’t
get it do you nigger huh so yeah ladies and gentlemen any closing
thoughts maker um I just wish those who are very very happy 29th well know I’m
gonna do some ride share earlier in the day and shit like that oh shit a body
con over there for cheap drink alright alright alright since you’re gonna do
that you gotta bring my gift then and all no problem is sitting in the fucking
bag right in my office right beyond you know bullshit yeah yeah yeah sitting
back to light for your gift sitting in the back too so yeah see you tomorrow
all right ladies and gentlemen thank you new year everyone again thank you so
much to helping us reach thirteen hundred subscribers whoever the fuck
keeps adding themselves and taking themselves off to make it 13 or one or
two like they do know much don’t take the two away – no put it back that’s
pretty funny actually but I love it I love my audience I love my audience to
death you guys have been a wonderful audience my co-hosts are absolutely
amazing Tina burns meet him in Hoboken
clothesline from health he says let’s read some comments before we go and then
we’ll get up out of here darlin well tough night or you keep doing your thing
man I’m not here to cuss all that much though I think cuss words are funny but
if I do cuz I will be like y’all possibly finished play says crown and
Jameson oh my go-to for whiskey mouths type says the new wife needs money he’s
not going to retire first play says any which way but loose wasn’t a bad form
with Eastwood yeah there wasn’t a bad film either I agree he’s wood it says
the clothes like exactly it’s called the clothesline from hell
exactly moused I said meet him in Hoboken Tina Byrne says thanks Tina Berg
says yes thanks for the invite always love watching thank you so much everyone
for supporting the show for stopping through again we will start doing
giveaways and to be in a new year we’ll start having more content I’ll start
bringing more actors and it and if as I stated before I don’t want
to keep repeating myself so thank you again you guys have a wonderful and safe
new year I love you guys you’re the absolute best we wouldn’t be able to do
this without you take care of you and oh yeah I’m gonna catch a new STD tomorrow
bye oh my goodness

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