Das American: Christian Pulisic’s Spectacular Rise

100 thoughts on “Das American: Christian Pulisic’s Spectacular Rise

  1. The second PK should have not. The Spanish defender already committed to the challenge when the ball was there and US player run to her. Knowing the circumstance the ref should have been ok with plus the US player already lost the ball control.

  2. “Thousands of American soccer fans” ouch not so subtle jab at our us soccer fans which number in the millions albeit not as much as our other sports…Bad form

  3. Chelsea fans expecting him to fill hazards boots are delirious he's hardly a goalscorer and much more of a creator

  4. What a great video to show what dedicated parents can help children do. Great job to the parents and Pulisic!

  5. Who is here after he dismantled Jamaica in the semifinals of the Gold Cup for the USMNT to send us to the Finals against Mexico?

  6. I hope team USA doesn’t turn into The team relying just in Pulisic just like Brazil want to rely on having neymar..kid has talent and they need to work as a team.

  7. Come see the amazing story of a man who was born with everything and remained the same way. Come see what happens when privilege meets opportunity.

    Give us something really inspiring, not this.

  8. Here after Mexico beat USA and I don’t even blame pulisic he played well and created a lot of chances. It was a good game first half USA had the most possession and pressured Mexico and then the second half Mexico had the possession and the pressure on USA. If only Altidore didn’t miss that clear shot 😂 that was the game changer

  9. Mexicano here and I'm happy we finally got one. I've been a coach for 12 years now and the talent is starting to bloom here in the states.

  10. He comes from a good bloodline, his father played overseas.
    His father knew what it took to get the kid where he is today,but the kid had to work for it it was not give to him

  11. He couldv played the world cup final instead he choose to play for USA which cant win the gold cup 😂 nice choise man respect

  12. Got to play against him in tournaments back when he was playing for the PA Classics, glad he’s doing so well bc now I don’t feel so bad about all the times I got worked by him

  13. It’s a shame he’s at Chelsea and not United. He’s still gonna grow into a beast. Hopefully he inspires more American talent to the sport.

  14. Watched him come on against Real in CL down 3-1, score then assist on equalizer. What American has ever done that? No one.

  15. Once a great soccer superstar is born, it only takes a minute for the world to hear his name. Christine spectacular rise is still beyond sports n FiFA comprehensio.

  16. Perfect replacement for Pedro. I believe he's gonna be world class, he has the discipline & determination to get to that level

  17. Chelsea got a GEM!
    What a focused young man.
    My favourite is Cristiano.
    My second is Pulisic.
    I see the determination.
    Watch out.

  18. great talent but we aint winning a world cup when all our fastest and strongest athletes play other sports like football (american) instead of soccer

  19. I'm English, never bought in to the USA player hype. My bet, by 25 Pulisic is a world class winger, close to Hazards skill. Will be our highest paid player.

  20. It’s sucks living in the us if u don’t have money like that a academy club cost around 1000 to 2000 any one who plays soccer in the us knows

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