100 thoughts on “[Cuphead] this game is a little hard

  1. pewdiepie : you have to be good at games to review them

    also pewdiepie : a good game doesn't have to be beaten by everyone

    come on felix pick one or go home

  2. PewDiePie: Comments on other people failing the tutorial.
    Also PewDiePie: spends 30 minutes to try to make a cobblestone generator on skyblock.

  3. So true what he say about difficulty.
    I cry everytime someone say that Dark Souls is a super hard game. It's just not true. Of course, you die a lot of times in Dark Souls, it's part of the game and it's used as a mechanic in the learning experience, but honestly, EVERYONE can finish Dark Souls, there's never parts where you get stuck and can't progress anymore, you just have to learn the level, or you can even grind to be more powerful and upgrade your gear. I don't say that Dark Souls is easy, it has its challenge, but honestly, if you think Dark Souls is the hardest game on earth, then you didn't played a lot of games.

  4. Nice editing we all know that Felix never dies in games brad/sive or whoever is editing it is obvious that they edited the death screen in the video so Felix didn’t show his absolute alpha male gamer power

  5. Holy fuck, that "gaming journalist" playing that tutorial shouldn't be allowed to say a fucking thing about gaming, ever, anywhere.

  6. 8:30 Back in the day they couldn't make the games very long due to technical limitations so they made everything as hard as balls

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