Cooler Master MM710 Review – Is It TOO LIGHT For A Gaming Mouse?

I have to be honest with you guys I was
very skeptical of Cooler Master delivering on their promises with the mm710 we even trolled them at Computex by bringing a scale to their booth and
measuring the weight but since its arrival to my mouse mat I’m happy to
report it has not left all right so I have three pieces of good
news for you number one the mm 710 is available to purchase today for $50 so
this is no longer on the pre-order and that leave links below number two it is
an awesome alternative to the glorious Model O that some people might find
too small as the mm710 is wider and it’s definitely more accessible and
affordable than the overhyped final Mouse ultralight tube and for number
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so if you’re looking into the mm 710 you’re probably interested in that super
light form factor and this thing is only 53 grams and I think it would definitely
give you an advantage for FPS games and you probably want something small too as
this is one of the smallest mice in my collection now I am coming from the
model oh and that thing feels like an elephant now but a more appropriate size
comparison is the G Pro from Logitech that is about the same length and width
at its widest point as the mm710 it is a very comfortable shape for my hand
size with not too aggressive top curve so it doesn’t feel too flat and for my
hybrid grip everything just feels well in place and despite the ambidextrous
shell the thumb buttons are only for the right hand it does come in four colors
but those are not available just yet and to keep the weight as low as possible
there is no illumination now in comparison to the model o that is the
same price at 50 bucks and just like the heavier you do get that awesome side and
interior light spill but to be honest I’m really into this whole matte black
set for my desk top and because of the exposed nature of the shell internal
components are coated for protection against dust and moisture I do want to
address some build quality concerns from the early units so the primary buttons
right now still exhibit a little bit of wobble but not as severe as before it
looks like the side shell has been reinforced because pressing into them no
longer activates the side switches but unfortunately that internal rattle that
everyone else also has experienced is still present on my retail unit I have no complaints on button placement
or feel the scrollwheel is excellent with defined steps and light
middle-click the DPI shift is tucked away from accidental presses the thumb
buttons have satisfying tactility and softness when pressed and primary
switches have that fast travel to feel really similar to my model oh so
excellent all around the feet are white PTFE with super smooth glide this is
smoother than my model oh the Razer viper or the g pro while the cable is
their ultra weave cable for Wireless like feel it is awesome and finally the
sensor is a Pixar 3389 so you have seven dpi levels at one hundred dpi increments
with two lift off distance adjustments and surface calibration in the software
and I’ve had nothing but pleasure using this and games and initially yes it was
a bit too light as I’m coming from a much larger model O at 67 grams but the
53g body kind of became part of my hand for easy across her navigation and
just told really natural to use to stay on target and apply whatever aim
directional shooting speed and the only reason why this might not
be a good fit for you is if you find it too light and you prefer something
heavier to give you a little bit extra stability when you aim and if also the
shape is somehow not for you it’s either too large or doesn’t accommodate your
grip well and I’m actually quite surprised at how similar this thing
feels to my G Pro from Logitech and just how uncomfortable the model of – feels
in comparison to the mm710 now the good thing is the mm710 is available to
purchase today and it’s relatively inexpensive at only 50 dollars while
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