100 thoughts on “Concrete Genie – Paris Games Week Announce Trailer | PS4

  1. This looks like the type of game that gaming media would be applauding and calling an innovative masterwork if it were a Nintendo game. When it comes to anyone else, particularly Sony and Microsoft, they claim games like this aren't "AAA enough" essentially and then claim they're not worth retail price due to being "too simplistic". Similar to TearAway, Puppeteer, and Recore.

  2. I loved an entwined so I was on the edge of my seat to see what was next from Pixelopus and this does not disappoint what so ever can't wait to get my hands on it

  3. I hope one of those cute beasts comes off the wall and teaches those bullies a lesson they’ll never get to remember!

  4. I bet Ash draws all of this because he's alone and has no family of his own. His emotional stress only worsen because of those bullies, even more so when they tear apart his life's work. As he progresses his journey after discovering the brush, Ash soon gains confidence as he creates more exotic creatures and lush landscapes and true strength from within.

  5. This game would kill on the pc. So much potential for growth. There was a game on ps3 called Journey. If that was on the pc, and it got updates I'd probably still be playing that, something so mystifying about flying around as basically a cloth in the wind.

  6. Looks up there with the art style of little nightmare in that it's uncanny to something a Tim Burton movie would be themed around (minus the musical numbers because they're literally the worst).

  7. Looks amazing, but I fear the painting mechanic my be a tad tedious and janky if they didn’t give it their all.

  8. So you draw stuff on walls and get beat up and… that's it?
    I suppose I shouldn't be surprised that this developer is based in California.

  9. Please put this on another platform besides other than the PS4. Not everyone owns one and I would like to buy this game for my students! Putting this on PC would be great!

  10. Also it would be a slight bit cooler if the main character can have a, I don't know, unisex voice like being able to chose what the player sounds and looks like

  11. the info is confusing it says the move controllers are required but the ps4 camera is optional yet the move controllers only work with the camera…so??

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