Clash Royale: This Is How We Balance Cards

The November balance changes are live. We’d like to take a moment to discuss how
and why we do monthly balance changes. HOT TOPICS
BALANCING CARDS We have three main goals
when doing monthly balance changes. We want to ensure every card is viable
in at least one successful deck. We want as many viable successful decks
in the meta game at a single time as possible, but we don’t want
any one deck to dominate. Monthly balance changes allow us to rein in cards
that have gotten out of control, while regularly buffing the weaker cards, until they finally find a place somewhere
in the Clash Royale meta game. We chose to focus our balancing decisions
on challenges and maxed-out ladder, where all cards are an equal level and we can get
a fair judgement about cards when they’re playing
against each other equally. When looking at usage rate,
we consider 9% to be about average. If a card is significantly
above that usage rate, that means it’s popular
and you’ll see it all the time. If it’s below,
it might be because it’s too weak. To help with this,
we also look at win rate. Win rate should be between 45% and 55%. We, of course, take feedback
from social media channels, play a ton of games and check out the Clash Royale eSports
happening around the world. This helps clarify
the various interactions between cards and lets us know
when a card is actually too strong, or if it just happens to be good
for one month only. Here is an example. This last month, Royal Ghost hit
a new high of 60% win rate, way higher than it should be, while being the most popular troop
in grand challenges. Since it was being used in 40% of decks
with a 60% win rate, we had to aggressively nerf him. If you enjoyed this video,
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about game design and decision making and behind the scenes stuff
that happens at Supercell. Thanks for watching.
See you in the arena!

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