Clash Of Kings – Armaments Complete Guide

Welcome back guy, I AM YOUR FAVOURITE YOUTUBER. I haven’t said it in long. Have I? Game has brought in a new feature called armaments, which will greatly enhance your troops into gaining extra attributes In this video, I will try to explain to you whatever knowledge I have gathered upon this topic. so make sure to watch it till the very end. There are basically two types of armaments involved for level 11, 12 and 13 troops. You can find the option to forge them and equip them at your drill grounds. The first one is called razor, which will greatly increase the attack and damage dealt against certain troops type whereas the second one will greatly increase the defense of the troops and boosting their hp attribute. They are called Tough armor. The damage increase from armaments is only for the troops they naturally counter in combat. Cavalry kills Archer
Infantry kills Cavalry
Archer kills Seige
Seige kills Infantry In easier words, Having every 100k Griffin Knights (Razor) will increase 1% damage dealt by cavalry to enemy archers (which can get a maximum 10% damage increase) You can build these armaments with the help of the general resources and fine iron. There is different armaments for different levels of troops, level 11-12-13. But the general category of armaments is still two – one for attack. One for defence Let me try and show you what I mean. Here is the highest-level armaments which are for level 13 troops. I will make 20 thousand of the razor ones and then 20,000 of tough armor now. After you forge these armaments through in here, you need to go to armory option next to armaments. You can select troops you want to enhance with the newly forged armaments and also it shows you the attribute change for your troops if you do so. If I made 20 thousand armaments, they can go on 20 thousand troops. I will put tough armor on paladins as I like how it increases their HP and defence. Whereas razor for my griffins, as you see their power and attack goes up with this.( this is my personal preference, you can make infantry as your razor equipped troops also) After you finish this process of equipping with armaments. You can go to see your army in here and you will find how razor and tough armor gives a special symbol to the troops making the identification easier for you if you have one troop type with both armaments 20,000 each. You can select the razor one for attack as they will make a big difference as a rally initiator using them, leaving the tough armor troops back home for defending your castle It creates a new layer of troops in the chart here with extra bonus attributes than the normal troops. So the HP, defence, power of the troops with armaments will be different than the normal troops. You can check this here too. I still am playing a cavalry-based game here. So, I did this. You can choose these according to your troops percentages and preferences. I will still say not to follow the crowd and put what others are doing. Look at your report and decide what troop type is strongest and enhance them accordingly. if you enjoyed or learned anything from this tutorial, make sure to subscribe, like and share this video to support the channel. thank you, hope to see you again,

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