100 thoughts on “Casually Explained: Video Game Genres

  1. Oh and there are also good games, like Dark Souls or Monster Hunter or Isaac or any game that can give you a challenge different than competing with other players on an easy game base.

  2. People who play trucking simulatory games need to become a fucking truck driver. Where you actually make money doing something youve done for hundreds of hours in a game

  3. Incorrect about shooters. What he showed was FPS games not shooters like Salamander and the 1942 series and R-Type games.
    First Person Shooters is what he should have called them.

  4. Oh im onr of them ets2 and fs19 and all other vehicle simululstor and racing game dudes

    I just prrfer cwrs ovrr shooters … exept wolfenstrin snd dooom coz those are epic

  5. In RPGs you do a bunch of shit you wouldn't normally be able to do in real life. Such as kill gigantic monsters, go through intense, convoluted life arcs, and beat up Jafar from Aladdin with an oversized house key.

  6. Why are Korean people so GOOD AT GAMING
    I thought it was because of those pc rooms that they have but they're also good at mobile games??

    (I'm Korean but I'm not good.)

  7. Such a good youtuber you remind me of myself, even though I’m still a minor I really like these videos because it’s nice and relaxing and simple, it’s helping me get through high school. Thanks!

  8. I'm a huge football and FIFA fan and I can assure you that that explanation was the most accurate one I have ever heard

  9. What about the "Dark Souls" genre of games for peoples who love S&M where you are the M and the game is the S… I love not having fun

  10. Playing casual games with actual casual gamers means that experienced gamers will usually wipe the floor with them. I usually don't lose at Mario kart or Mario Party unless I let my friends win.

  11. The 200 CC rainbowroad experience was one of the best things that happened to me, everyone struggling to even keep up with the bots, while i came by pulling wheelies with an oversized turtle and lapping them. i guess in the end im still alone and no one loves me, but it was all worth it

  12. Lmao I thought you were gonna give me a harsh reality check with the adulthood college campus thing, but then you hit me with the unvaccinated children and I died😂

  13. Serious question. Why are unvaccinated children a for the rest of the population? I mean when vaccination would work then nobody is threaten at all 🤔

  14. :48 I know he’s just joking around (r/whoosh) but you can see a clear change in soccer, the person on the cover, his name is Cristiano Ronaldo, he changed teams if you look at his jersey

  15. You forgot Facebook games. Aka: The sad games of people who ironically have no friends. It is ironic because they are literally on the internet's official friend database.

  16. doing things you cant normaly do in real life like taking money from dwarfs

    High school bully has entered the chat

  17. Why do racing games always get omitted? Especially if there;s many memorable and great titles like need for speed, forza, gran turismo, the crew, midnight club, etc

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