Can you stop​ the bomb explode? | 8 ballpool miniclip

Can you stop​ the bomb explode? | 8 ballpool miniclip

hey I hope you find there for this
introduction I just want to tell you to activate the new feature on this channel
I have added six different language Arabic, English, Hindi Indonesian
Portuguese and Spanish hope you enjoy watching welcome time to get his first I’m Phil Collen
decision to go Oh God honnestly I’m trying to make a kiss shot
that’s why I’m showing where the ball will go like this shot but everything’s
gone wrong black ball potted By normal and white ball stratching actually for this time I want to play like
a normal player I wanted to stopped the white Ball around here and pot a black with a
simple bangshot but the reality give me another job I
need to change the plan double chusion? and it’s work yes in
this situation then I try to snookering my opponent it’s better to try some trick
shot can you see that?
Playing fair was great if you often watch Hollywood movies with
action genre you will often find scenes when someone’s successfully stopped the bomb
in the last second but you know that it was fake and just a scenario but this is
real I make a kisshot in the last second before time running out I’m not talking about this game right now
my heart was shaken, I feel so sad for our friend our family in Indonesia
on September 28 to 30 earthquake and tsunami came to them like a nightmare
more than 1000 people died I just want to say never give up Indonesia keep
fighting for a better life

72 thoughts on “Can you stop​ the bomb explode? | 8 ballpool miniclip

  1. Where is my tutorial of how to get a girlfriend that ask you for? >:'v (I don't know if u will remember haha)…. JK hahaha good vid dude keep like that

  2. Sameer always here….. rip those person who sufferd from tsunami… i will pray those people who sufferd and love from india🙂

  3. Love indonesia 🇮🇩😰😢😭

    You can stop 💣 kiss shots put you can’t stopping 🛑 my kisses 😘 for you

    Thanks for many language
    Love you 😍 hhhhhh

  4. What a complicated! First I think your voice was cute at the beginning,
    Second you made a funny clearance (editing)
    And the last you made us cry by too much word ' we're human ' 😭

  5. Every One Should Live Happily O God Tc….🙏🏻😇 And As Always Impressive Video Awsm Gameplay Rama Bro, #Ramasantos ❤️U👌🏻👌🏻😄😄

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