can you have too many games?

can you have too many games?

– Today’s video is sponsored by Raycon. (relaxed electronic music) It’s been a little while since I’ve given you guys
a tour around the office and quite a few things have changed. So let’s go ahead and take
a look at my gaming setup. So this is the main shelf setup we have for putting on display both
the consoles that I’m using for playing games on and just other stuff that we like to have on display. So on the top we actually
have our white PS4 Pro, white Xbox One X and a
Switch dock, all hooked up. Something I really like
about the TV we’re using, which I’ll get to in a little bit, is that instead of having you plug in all the HDMI cables directly into the TV it has a breakout box on a single cable. So we can have that behind here and plug all those in together, which makes it a lot easier
to keep a nice clean look. And let’s just keep the system’s
further away from the TV. Now everything else on
this shelf, honestly, is in flux a lot. We change our things based on any kind of recent product we get in or something we thinks really cool. Or sometimes we’ll even mix it up if there’s a video over
shooting where, yeah, like, these characters
and things are thematic for what we’re talking about. But right now one of the recent things we’re really showing off is
this whole “Gears 5” set up. We actually got this promotional
box in from Microsoft that was super cool and I
love the designs on these. This is the new One X they did with the “Gears 5” look, which is awesome. Tied in hard drive, that
has a similar design. Our little Marcus Fenix Pop!, that actually we got a long time ago but I’m including that in the mix here, ’cause I like him more than
more recent characters. And then the controller,
as well, for this setup. Okay, let’s see what else we
have on display, right now. This is actually a little figure that’s from the same company
that makes Pop!’s, Funko, but this isn’t a Pop! line, ’cause it doesn’t the
messed up eyes and stuff. It’s actually designed
to look like the devil from “Cuphead”, so
that’s why I like a lot. Pop! eyes scare me, even though
we still have Marcus here. I grew up loving Mega
Man, so the moment we had any kind of justification to order this, I went ahead for it right away. Pixel Pal in the middle of Mario, from “Super Mario Bros. 3”. With a little, not the Tanooki Suit, that’s the full body one. That’s just the raccoon tail, which is still a great-looking design. We’ll switch him out every now and then. Our “Creating a Champion” book for Zelda. I’ve got a lot of the
different Zelda dictionary, kind of encyclopedia things they’ve done from Dark Horse that are awesome. This is my personal favorite ones. Then kinda hiding at the bottom here, I’m not sure how we can
get a good angle on these. We’ve got the little tiny baby arm from “Metal Gear Solid 5”. (laughs) If don’t know the joke about this. Japan got the same collector’s edition, but with a 1:1 replica scale hand, whereas America got 1:2 scale. So it looks like a weird
little baby robot arm, instead of a normal-sized one. Before moving on I wanna to
take a second to thank Raycon for sponsoring today’s video. Raycon makes a line of
awesome premium earbuds that start at only half
the price of other brands while still offering amazing quality. I’ve been using their E25 earbuds and they are super comfortable,
thanks to having five different ear tips sizes to choose from to find the one that’s just right for you. They’ve also got a lot of
different great onboard controls. I can do things like pause
and play a song, skip ahead, change volume, and even call up Siri. Paired with their portable charging case they can last up to 24
hours on a single charge. If you wanna check them out, make sure to go to link down below and get 15% off your order. Then, as I mentioned earlier, there’s the TV we have for this setup. This is the Samsung, I wanna say, QN65, bunch of other letters after that, I’ll put it in the description. We’ve used this one for a while. The main reason being that this is a great TV for gaming, specifically. There’s other options out there
if you want things like OLED or pleasant movie viewing experiences, but when it comes to gaming
this is an awesome one. The input delay is super
low and it also offers all those handy features like HDR support. It’s just a great choice for gaming. So really liked this one. And again, I really love
the solution it has for our HDMI cables, ’cause I can
just run a single cable out, over there, to plug the system’s into. So it’s not a whole mess
of different HDMI cables coming into the back, which is why it can
look so clean like this. Another cool thing about
this particular model is that this is the first one they started including FreeSync with. And the main point of that was that once Xbox one started using FreeSync, these were the only TVs
that really offered you the ability to make use of that. So if there’s any games that
support FreeSync on Xbox One, you can use those on this TV. Which gives a pretty nice
little smoother experience. (relaxed electronic music) Now if you’ve seen any of
our past game room tours, this is actually kind of a
main stay, it sticks around because people really love it. In fact this is, actually, probably the one thing we’ve
shown in our setup before that I’ve had a lot of other people show me their own takes on and them tryna make their own design of it, it’s awesome. This is our controller
wall, where we have a lot of different Xbox One controllers on display. Because, really, out of the three major console companies right now, Xbox does the best job of making some awesome design controllers. So we’ve got a couple different ones on display that are all cool. I don’t have time to cover
each every one of these, but let’s do some highlights, real quick. This is actually the newest
addition to it, right now. This is the Sport Blue. They’ve been doing this
whole Sport line lately that I really like the look of, and the blue is a great addition to it. Next to that is the
white Elite controller. I’m still waiting for
the Elite 2 to come out. But until then, this one
actually has a little cool faceted D-pad that we
got at last year’s E3. This was at the display
booth for trying the Elite 2, so it’s sitting on the white one until that Elite 2 shows up,
so we can grab one of those. Another classic that I really love is the “Sea of Thieves” controller. This is probably one of
the most all-out designs they’ve done for a special edition one because it’s not only just a lot of crazy stuff happening all at once. One of the coolest details about it is that all the green parts
here on the controller, is actually glow-in-the-dark. So if you have it exposed
the light long enough and then put in the dark, you’ll see the little skull and all these bits here light up. Which is awesome. And then, of course, what better way to complement Xbox One
controllers then to have Nintendo ? Block lights. Look, they just look great
against that blue wall. It’s an awesome color combo. So here at the end of the room, that’s just opposite of where
the stairs where you come up, is our desks up. We’ll use this sometimes if
we ever wanna do something like, say, shot where I’m
showing some research I’ve done or if there’s any kind of
thing where it’s useful to have a computer screen on handy. We’ve got our Surface set up. This is also where I’ll actually
do some research sometimes, when there’s a video topic
that we need kind of like, you know, get some interesting
bits of history on. Something this part of the room
also really well highlights is the fact that we’ve got
Hue set up throughout the room and that’s how we’re actually getting all these different
tones of blues and pinks, and sometimes other colors that we use to give that kind of vibe we
have in all of our videos. We tend to focus on those ones a lot ’cause it kinda has that retro ’80s vibe that I love using a lot. But we’ll mix it up sometimes, especially if it’s a
good kind of color match for whatever the theme of the video is. Now behind me is the back wall. This was kind of a weird thing when we first moved in this office because this was actually
an open space down here that we turned into cabinets. And we have this up top
area that we use to display a lot of different bigger items we have, or just things that are
really cool to have, just out on display. So looking on the right,
just moving across, we’ve got the original Game Boy. That is not the one I
had growing up, sadly. I don’t know where that one is, But this is one that I got
to eventually fill that void, ’cause younger me was a moron. After that is the Needler replica. We got that back when we did, this was actually, probably,
one of the first really big display items we bought,
’cause we used that for our original Xbox One setup that was, oh man, I don’t even know how
many years ago that was now. Two years ago, three years ago? It was after the One S came out, but I’ve lost track of
how long ago that was. But that was one of our
first big setup videos, and we got that as really
the big showpiece for it. Next to that is my longtime
favorite weird controller, I have talked about it
every opportunity I get, including this one right now. (laughs) That is the “Resident Evil
4” chainsaw controller they released for the PS2. There is a GameCube version, as well, it’s a little less detailed. So that’s why I like the PS2 one, especially ’cause the
display case comes in. And then of course we
have R.O.B. the robot. Fun fact, he was missing
a hand a couple days ago and we freaked out. We finally found it. It worried me a lot. And keeping going to my
right, your guys’ left, we have the Slime controllers. Now I just did a video
on the Switch version, that just came out, next to
it is the PlayStation version. If you guys want to go
ahead and figure out which one is which, go for it right now. I’m not telling you which ones which. Hylian Shield replica, up top. One of, I think the better
buys we got for our money. I’m gonna be real honest with you, super up-close, doesn’t
necessarily hold up, but back in display, looks great. The LaserScope. This is another weird controller that not a lot of people really know about because it didn’t do great. This was alternative to
the Zapper they released on the NES from Konami. Where the way it was supposed to work was that would yell
fire into the microphone and it would fire the light gun. – Fire! (mimicking gun firing) Huh, frizzed out already, and this game will be coming out in April. I retire this, in glory. – Didn’t work great. Further down we’ve got a statue of Aloy from “Horizon Zero Dawn”. And a mask from
“Dishonored”, which I just, it’s one my favorite
collectible I’ve gotten from collector’s edition. Now, like I said earlier,
we have down below all these storage shelves. We’ve got a lot of different
things hidden away in here. Some of it’s not quite
as pretty as others. So we’re gonna focus on the pretty ones. First, in here, are a lot
of our collectible figures. We’ve got amiibo as well as some Pops!, and other Funko designs on the top shelf. Pixel Pals in the middle. And a couple miscellaneous additional ones on the bottom. One of the weirder amiibo
that they released, the Treasure Goblin for “Diablo”. This is probably one amiibo I have that I’ve never actually
used it’s scannable ability. But I just love how he looks. And this one is where we’ve got a lot of the older handhelds. We have actually have, is my original 3DS. I bought this one way back when we first started doing YouTube, not on my own channel
but when I was on TLD. This is one of the first
things I did on there, was unboxing this exact 3DS. We can see the 3DS has
a bit of a rough start. So I’ve held on to it since. And then in here, is
some, emphasis on some, of the physical games that I have. It’s a lot of the Switch
stuff I currently own, a few select N64, NES, couple older games. I’ve got a lot more of these back home, but these are ones that
I pull out a lot for stuff they’re reviewing here. And since Switch has been really heavy, I’ve just gotten the point
where I just leave Switch stuff. I’m a little bit of a relic
still, in that I love physical. There’s certain specific
games and some stuff that have been starting
to do digital more often, but, especially with the Switch, I’ve been basically all physical. It’s just, (sighs) it’s the way I’m wired. I’m gonna keep doing it until it’s no longer an option. (laughs) And then skipping all the
way over to the back corner is where we keep a lot of
the really old retro stuff. I wanna to start making a little more room so we can display more of the stuff. I do swap it in and out. The top rack is where
some of the really cool, old stuff we have is. We’ve got the TV-Game 6 and I
think this is it the 15 below? Yeah, TV-game 6 and 15. These are actually the original systems that Nintendo did before anything else. This is their original home
console you plug into a TV. It hasn’t aged super great, but it’s an awesome piece of history. Along with that is Sega Nomad, the original Nintendo Switch, kind of. Basically this was a Sega
Genesis that was a handheld, but you could also plug it into a TV to display out there, as well. So awesome idea early on that didn’t really work for its time, but, hey, Switch is working out great. Here’s this slightly troubled system. One of the various, if I can get out. One of the various Philips CD-i’s. Which brought us such great classics as “Zelda: The Wand of Gamelon” – [Man] Squadala. – Squadala!

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