Can I Buy V Bucks with an Xbox Gift Card – How to Buy Fortnite V Bucks with Xbox Gift Card Money

Can I Buy V Bucks with an Xbox Gift Card – How to Buy Fortnite V Bucks with Xbox Gift Card Money

Lately there’ve have been a lot viewers that
have asked me if I can buy Fornite V Bucks with an Xbox Gift Card. And the answer is yes! You can definitely buy V Bucks with an Xbox
Gift Card. But don’t click away just yet. In this short video, I’ll add a gift card
to my account and then actually buy V Bucks to show you the whole process. So I had just bought a $10 gift card online
and was emailed the redemption code. You can also just run down to your local store
and buy a physical gift card if you don’t have access to a credit card to buy online. To add the gift card money to my account,
I need to go to the Store tab. And part way down the screen select the button
labelled Use a Code. In a few seconds, I’ll be able to type in
my 25-digit gift card code. Of course this part is a lot easier with the
chatpad keyboard which I have here. I’ll click Confirm to add the $10 card to
my account. Now on this screen it shows me the total amount
of money I have available. So let’s go into Fortnite and use this new
gift card to get some V Bucks. So let’s say I want to buy something like
the Battle Pass. It costs 950 V Bucks and I only have 100 right
now. I’ll click A to buy the Battle Pass and on
the next screen it will give me the option to buy V Bucks. After clicking X, I’m taken to the Fortnite
store so I can choose how many V Bucks I want. I’m just going to buy 1000 for now. On this screen it’ll show me how much real
money I need for the purchase. Thanks to the gift card I just redeemed I
have just enough to get the 1000 V Bucks. It also shows that I will be using my gift
card money instead of a credit card since I don’t have a credit card associated with
my account. Once click on the Buy button, you can see
at the top right of the screen that the V Bucks are added to my game. And now I’ll go back to the Battle Pass tab
and use my V Bucks to make that purchase. After I confirm that I want to buy the Battle
Pass, the V Bucks are deducted and the Battle Pass is added into my account. That’s basically how to use an Xbox Gift Card
to buy V Bucks for in-game purchases. You want to buy more V Bucks? Then just repeat the whole process with enough
gift card money you need to get what you want! So have fun with your V Bucks and good luck
in your Fortnite battles! And please click the thumbs up if you found
this video helpful and I invite you to subscribe to my channel TheRenderQ for more videos similar
to this!

100 thoughts on “Can I Buy V Bucks with an Xbox Gift Card – How to Buy Fortnite V Bucks with Xbox Gift Card Money

  1. So there is the Xbox normal gift card, and then there is the Xbox live gift card. You showed us that you can buy v bucks with the normal Xbox gift card but can you buy v bucks with an Xbox LIVE gift card? Is that possible or can you only use it to buy Xbox live

  2. Hey i fot question:
    1. I dont have this payment option, if i use this code i will get this option?
    2.And if i want to buy double card for 5$ and use this one by one i will get 10$, Yes? (i asking because i dont understant all comments under this video) or i have to buy card for 10$ at once? I have to know that.
    Sorry for all misstakes.

  3. This is dumb this video is useless I thought it was unlimited codes everyone knows how to and has bought vouchsafed with a Xbox gift card this is clickbait

  4. I have a question, if I’m going to buy something that is limited time in fortnite that costs 20$ and I bought a 25$ gift card will it cover up the tax ? Or have enough

  5. Hello I bought a 25 dollar gift card I redeemed it bought 1,000 bought but I had 28 in total afterward I still have the same money but I have the vbucks did it pay with the credit card? Pls replay I’m scared to buy any more vbucks EDIT I checked how much money I had with one of your videos it says I have 17 dollars but when I go to buy vbucks its says 28 pls help me

  6. Ok, when I redeem the gift card elsewhere. Like for example the Xbox Game pass section, and I get the free trial for it can I still use the leftover money for VBucks?

  7. I tried doing it by going to the store tab then buying from there on my xbox, but it is not giving me my v bucks on the pc and my xbox account and pc account are synced… please help me asap

  8. Is it the same thing for xbox one s (pls respond back because my friend said he will buy me a xbox live gold card for fortnite

  9. Great video, but I need your help. I put in the code like you said, then I went to the fortnite store. I got a $15 gift card. I chose the option to buy 1,000 Vbucks. Instead of showing my gift card, it says to "Add Profile Address". Plz help because I don't want my gift card to go to waste.

  10. I feel like I never make any purchases and I still figured it out super easy by myself. So everyone commenting must be like a retarded child

  11. I put the gift card on fortnite and i got zero v bucks then i put it in the microsoft store and it says i already used the code

  12. do you need a credit card for the gift money to be on your account? and is it possible to use a gift card multiple times if u buy something for like 5$ and still have 10 left

  13. I tried using a 5 dollar gift card for xbox to buy the laguna starter pack and the ammount was 4.99 with added tax and i have 5 dollars, and when i click buy it asks how do you want to pay the rest, please help

  14. …. how does the community not know how to do this… do you know how to operate anything else but fortnite people?

  15. Or you could go to GameStop or any other gaming store that will put a code on your receat and put on as much money you want

  16. I put in the code then it took me to the fortnite app, I go on fortnite admits not there so what do I do now

  17. Thanks for the help! I redeemed it and thought it’ll automatically get me Xbox live gold but it didn’t i was pretty confused.

  18. When you want to
    get a way to gain card
    you just have to look up " xbox trickempire " in Googgle or Yahooo.
    I tried out an hour ago and it was good.

  19. Bro pls help me I tried to buy 25 dollars vbucks but it didn't work than it said how you like to pay the rest. I have 25.69 dollars on xbox.

  20. Help, I just redeemed my $15 dollar gift card, and when I try to buy v-bucks it asks me for a payment method, but there is no way to pay with the money of my gift card.

  21. I can't purchase anything because it says you need a profile address and I don't know it. PLZ ANSWERS IVE NEVER HAD A SKIN THIS IS MY FIRST TIME

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