Busting Tech Myths (True/False GAME)

100 thoughts on “Busting Tech Myths (True/False GAME)

  1. First question is not true cause I leave my phone on charge overnight when I go to bed when I get up in the morning to go to work my phone will be fully charged and ready to go

  2. First one is true, although it will not overcharge the battery, having the battery at/near full charge will diminish the battery more quickly over time. Rhett was actually correct.

  3. Tech guy here. Just to be clear, incognito mode is really for your computer, and not the Internet in a way. Incognito is what you would use when you're browsing to something you don't want to appear in your history. You would use it when you are using a shared computer or something. Almost everything else about incognito browsing is pretty much the same and makes you only every so slightly safer in some cases, not any safer at all in others. Another common myth is VPNs are the magic privacy bullet, but that's only if you trust the VPN. If you want to really be anonymous, use tor. No, tor is not illegal, tor and the dark web are not the same things. And that's the end of my internet privacy rant.

  4. if a VPN and "incognito mode" are the extent of your protection, you should maybe consider staying away from "the dark web" lol

  5. Dang link.. I was just about to buy some dogo wear. Then you called my best friend a mutt. Will not accept that!!!! Even if he is a mixed breed 😂 Still mad though..🤬 lol

  6. I always charge my phone overnight and my phone goes down little by little like my battery stays at a full battery for like an hour then starts to go down

  7. BMW electric cars and scooters and scooters are computer controlled to not over charge or discharge, the gauge reads 0%-100% but it is actually 20%-80% battery charge to protect the batteries from consumers who cant follow manufacturer recommendations…..

  8. I’ve worked for a phone company & we’re told that over charging weakens the battery. Either the myth runs so deep phone companies don’t know or we’re all in the matrix

  9. Marques spreadin' some inaccurate information about how the internet works. 🤪
    Dude would benefit himself and his viewers from further compsci/engineering/networking education. 👍

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