Brian Returns – Episode 1 – Robbery at GameStop

I’m now back from school I heard that GTA 5 is out now!! So I decided to buy it online!! Brian, shut the fuck up!! I don’t care what to
do you stupid bitch!! Brian, don’t talk to me like that or I will
kick your fucking ass!! Fine, I will shut up! Bitch. Where the fuck can you buy it from!!?? Wait! I can rob Gamestop and steal
GTA 5!! Then everyone at my fucking school
will be jealous!! And I will be the first one to have it!!
Brian, will you shut the fuck up? No!!! Don’t make me come up there and kick
your ass!! I don’t give an any shit! I will go and rob GameStop!! Okay Brian, that’s
it! I’m coming up there right now!!! AHHHHHH!!! WAAAAAAAH!!! Come here… Please don’t hurt meee!! Or else I will stab you with the fucking
pencil!! This is a robbery! Everybody put your hands up
right now!! Well what are you just waiting for? Give me
GTA 5 right now!! Listen! You better fuck off or I’m will
call the cops! I just want to get that game! Okay, that
will be sixty dollars please. No and I will never pay you stupid mother
fucker!!!!! I finally have GTA 5!! Let’s go home and play this!! Time to
play GTA 5!! I’m so excited!! YAY! That was an awesome game! Brian, what the fuck is going up there?! What the fuck? I can’t hear you! That’s it Brian, I’m coming up there right now!! NO!! Please
open the door!! Go away from my peace!!!! YOU MOTHERFUCKER!! I’m going to break the door and chop
your fucking head off!! what?! Oh my god! you stole GTA 5 from GameStop!! I can explain! Shut the fuck up and I’m calling the police!! The number 911 is not avaliable. This piece of shit had just never working!! I think I’m going to have to do this the

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