Block App from Internet Windows 10 & Android | Block Online Games | Hindi

Hey friends, today I am going to tell you how to turn off the Internet of any app of your Windows PC or Android Here you can see that the internet is on Now let’s go to the advanced settings of Windows Firewall After this you have to click on Outbound Rule and go to New Rule Select the program here and go to next Here, you browse and select the application whose internet you want to block Later select Block the Connection and press Next Tick ​​all three and click on Next Here you have to write the name of the app and click on finish Here you can see the newly created rules You can turn on or off the connection by going to app properties Now in the browser you can see no internet connection is showing To create a new rule, you copy the old rule and go to Properties and select the new program From here you can turn on or off the rule Later, if you do not want to turn off the Internet of the app, then you can delete the outbound rule in the firewall Similarly, you can block internet access of the app in Android mobile as well For this, you have to go to the settings of the installed app Select that app and go to the restrict data usage, then remove the tick mark of WiFi and Internet SIM After this, if your boy turns on the game, he will see a connection error So you can joke that you play more so you have been banned for 1 month Here you can see mobile internet is on If you want to turn on the Internet for that app again, then go to Settings and tick the WiFi and SIM If you like this information, then like and share it Thank you

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