Bishop Travels Back in Time to the 1990s to Become a Fan Favorite

I’m Angelique Roche,
and I’m joined here by Assistant Editor
Chris Robinson, and we’re talking a
little Marvel 80th. And today, we’re talking
about a very special decade. We’re talking about the ’90s. Yeah. And we’re going to be
talking about a very special character from the ’90s. Bishop. Big thighs, Jerry curl. Man, but he’s got
that rad red bandanna. It’s that like one of
the coolest– like, I wish more characters
would have bandannas. Whether it was his
introduction into the comics in 1991, or whether it was
the Bishop from the animated series, for me that was
the first time that I really remember such
a prominent black male character as an X-Men. 100%. He’s like one of the
top male black X-Men. It’s like Bishop, and then
there’s like a lot of space until you get to the next guy. ANGELIQUE ROCHE: When
he first came out, he came back to the
pat for a mission, accomplishes the
mission, changes history, and now he’s stuck. His timeline– – His timeline is obliterated.
– It’s clipped. It’s gone. CHRIS ROBINSON: He’s had so
many alterations over the years, you know, where he goes
away and comes back. So he has a lot
more appearances then after he’s, like,
accomplished his mission, and Professor X
doesn’t die this time. What is your favorite Bishop? CHRIS ROBINSON: My
favorite Bishop. OK, I’m going to go with he
does District X, where he’s literally a cop when
Mutant Town was a thing and he’s policing Mutant Town. Here he is, he’s a cop,
he’s doing investigations. It’s awesome. Bishop was not here
for anyone’s foolish. – No.
– And it was very– That should be his role. It was a very Bishop
Bishop, if that makes sense. And I think that reflects,
obviously, the future in which he comes from. No nonsense future. ANGELIQUE ROCHE: I mean,
the man has an M tattooed on him because of mutant. CHRIS ROBINSON: That’s right. ANGELIQUE ROCHE: He’s
lived a rough life. At the end of the day,
he does have a compass. CHRIS ROBINSON:
Sure, absolutely. ANGELIQUE ROCHE: And his compass
points, no, not my future. Bishop’s compass is
always at, oh hell, no. ANGELIQUE ROCHE: No, hell no. Oh, hell no.
who really want to go find out some more about
Bishop’s history, you really should go check out
the comics on Marvel Unlimited. There is so much
Bishop, and just make sure you are
also checking out the new comics that
are coming out. Obviously, Bishop’s
legacy continues. And for more about what’s going
on with Marvel’s 80th and all the rest of the cool things
that we’re doing to celebrate 80 years of Marvel, make
sure you’re going to check out I’m Angelique Roche,
this is Chris Robinson, and this is Marvel. Your universe.

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