71 thoughts on “Birdman, Jacquees – Free Game

  1. Jaqueese need to keep birdman thirst ass off his tracks birdman using that to get checks talking about birdman ft jaqueese wtf lol and stop with the hand shakes tell they try to hard to put that in every video we get it think it looks cool… It don’t 🤷🏽‍♂️

  2. Talented young man. With a beautiful voice. Love his music other then his choice of calling a female a "bitch" every chance he gets. Just my opinion.

  3. yall some haters this shit actually good chris brown is another level but leave these men alone listen or move on 🤩

  4. Birdman and cash money gotta ride Jacquees wave he’s all they got right now. They are in financial trouble since Wayne has sole ownership of young money……blessings

  5. awsome set of r&b hiphop rap music videos love ya bruhs!

  6. blessed be to you to & to all those who love nature somoted be peace!

  7. Louisiana shit we fuckin with da og birdman believe dat playboy put it down round my way 985 shit too da 504 👣💰🐍💣💯

  8. https://rapch.at/UkLrl1g2EUhttps://rapch.at/bTVuC1h1EUbet let yo whole hood an friends and people checky songs out on Soundcloud and like an Comment An im on googlr play music @Lil Q DaYoungiin

  9. I just heard this song yesterday. And love it good job bird man and jq i like when he say she know i keep it gee

  10. Good Birdman is Caption so rich that must not Pay music Work flow always huslter soo Crazy man we made more Moeny can Gift stutgart street Kokaina

  11. Jacquees look so clean in this whole video and everybody know RED is my favorite color but him in that Blue Terry cloth jumpsuit is what's up. I bought a towel the same color because it reminded me of him. He made that color right there and I loved that Lil move he did 🥰

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