Beyblade Burst | Rise of Fake Nation | Episode 1 | GT Turbo Show

welcome to the Fake Blader Show where I
show you Fakes are the best if you don’t agree then get out of this show we all know fakes are way better than reals if you wanna be a real beyblade winner like me throw those reals in the trash
today’s special guests are Zwei Longinus judgment Joker you don’t see any trash
you can’t tell me logos on there Takara tell me these two great date against
real the Shelf it first battle break why do I do this second out three two one Thanks how do you move keep one job you feel you lose one more time gonna throw you in the trash how about that yes I just watched sake I thought I told you
to wait real wait the first this big play to
show then right here this fake judge you man beyblade now it’s judgement joker what is this I lost great Vegas crash I can’t seem to
find a fake that’s good enough to beat a real humming trouble I want to be the
beyblade squad or should I say the who is calling me in the middle of my
show lethal blader kind of moron names himself lethal blader fake beyblade
that’s right all these fake truck and I need to beat the blasts on squad who are
you anyway my name is lethal blader and I have a solution to your problem
what I need is a fake beyblade guarantee you sure the brass don’t kick
so you want the ultimate fake beyblade oh I have what you want
oh really – its venom Diablos certified fake what I need that give it to me now
you really want this you got a deal no get ready I’m about to snap my fingers now give me the beyblade but a little
share-worthy worth I told you give me the beyblade you’re gonna have to beat
me – steady okay what is your gonna to be getting it
it’s my thing you understand now what’s that I know you’re gonna lose did you
see everything after lethal pretty much my launcher is called the fake
that’s why noise Drac time to beat this fool this morons call me fool see them
I’ll teach you a lesson you think he’s good guys but but don’t forget our deal
if I beat you I get venom Diablos you understand you got a deal
let’s do this now I’m gonna be like poor best fix against this venom Diablo the
best fake of it we’ll see about that ready face first two points three two
one three one zero break out see each room I it was just a warm-up round for
my Diablo what happened to you destroy me story it’ll happen
it’s one zero fake blade you that God is one what whether were yes to zero I win the next battle is slash
Valerie I’m just getting warmed up three two one what did I say it’s too good I was gonna
win doesn’t matter next baby you won the first time we
thought we’d it’s 1:1 I’m gonna prove this fake beyblade is the best you see
about that three two one okay my baby weight is too good
yes one it’s 1-0 touch me Joker let it rip it’s too good huh my feet Ruth why
random Diablo this is the last battle if I beat you with y Longinus
yeah beyblade is mine you ready you’ve got a deal good answer while on
this to give me let me down can’t it I know how powerful is big beyblade in my
possession venom Diablo I could finally destroy the
blast stay with me and become part oh hey Macy what do you see
yes now I need a tree stronger so we can beat the blast sound squad with your
equipment and my skills we could become your most powerful later you know then
we’ll take over everything don’t kid will be no more that’s right
blossom squad be afraid now get ready before we battle the blossom squad we
need a break blossom kids spirit I like that ID hey judge are you a real
beyblade judge yes I am I’ll pay you 1,000 whole dollars if
you’ll do a favor for me this is fake money really you just threw money oh
okay how about see it’s $8,000 will you do it
okay good here it is now here’s what I want you to do for me you got a deal
good now go take care of business judge so we beat the blast sound squad we’re
coming for you blast it squad fake nation Oh

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