Best Naked Sport Bike Mods for Touring at

Best Naked Sport Bike Mods for Touring at

Spurgeon here with going to talk about
modifications you can make to your naked motorcycle to make
it more sport touring-friendly. The naked or traditional
segment of motorcycles is one of the fastest
growing in this country. And the reason is it’s
comfortable upright seating position means it’s really easy
to ride back and forth to work as a commuter, or when you go
out for rides on the weekends, you can still push
it aggressively through the corners
and even take it to the occasional track day. With a few additional
modifications, however, you can push the
functionality even further and turn these bikes
in a lightweight sport touring machines. And that’s exactly what I
did with the Kawasaki Z900 that we’ve had in the office. I took a trip
recently with my dad, and I made some mods so
I could travel longer distances with this bike. But keep in mind
that this is just going to be our example bike. All the mods that we’re
going to discus in this are going to work whether
you’re on an SV650, a Triumph Bonneville, or a FZ10, or
pretty much any bike in between in this segment. And all of these
modifications are going to be a 1 out of
3 on our BSD, our Beard Scale of Difficulty,
which means you can tackle them in the comfort
of your garage using a few simple hand tools. Now, the first thing that we’re
going to discuss in this video is going to be storage. And that’s because the
difference from a sport bike and a sport touring bike is
the availability to take items with you on a multi-day trip. So for the Z900, I
went with SW-MOTECH Blaze saddlebag system. And I like this
for a few reasons. The semi-rigid design means that
it holds its shape whether it’s empty or full, and
that’s a little bit of a difference
from what we’ve seen from regular throwover luggage. And then the other
thing is that they come with dry pods, which means
I can throw all my gear in here and they stay dry. Even when I was riding
for two days in the rain, I got nice and soaking wet. But when I got to the hotel
at night, all my gear was dry. Now, the thing that really
set these bags apart for me was the fact that these are
going to be bike-specific. They’re going to utilize
a rail mounting system. And what that means is
there’s a detachable rail that sits underneath the bag,
and it prevents the bag from rubbing against any moving
parts like shocks or the tire. And then once you get to
where you’re going to night, you simply unsnap them. You take the bags
into the hotel. And then when you’re not
using the saddlebags, you can actually remove
the rails, which gives the bike a nice, clean look. All things considered,
I found the SW-MOTECH Blaze saddlebags work
really well for me on this particular project. Now, normally on
trips like these, I like utilizing
old-fashioned paper maps. However, advancements in
smartphone technology as well as new apps like Google
Maps, Rever, and Waze have made me take a
different approach. So because my smartphone
is waterproof– I have an iPhone 7– I didn’t need any
additional cases, but I was able to
mount this to my bike using a simple RAM mount setup. Now, I was able to
also get continuous charging by running an SAE
lead off of the battery up to a battery tender converter. And this gives me a plug-in
for a USB port, which means I could use my
regular Lightning plug and run it right into here
and have continuous power. Now, the really cool
thing about this is that because I was using
touchscreen-compatible gloves, with the touch of a
finger while riding, I could go to my maps app
and I could see exactly where I was rolling on the trip. And then because I was also
using a Bluetooth device in my helmet, I could control
all of my favorite songs with a push of a button. So for the first time, I
used a smartphone on a trip, and I actually really
like the functionality. I could see myself
using this again and again on future adventures. Now, oftentimes, people
think about adding protection of their motorcycle if
they’re going to the track or for off-road use. But engine protection can
be a real simple insurance when you’re touring as well. You don’t want your
trip to end early because you’re spilling all
your fluids all over the side of the highway. So for the Z900, I threw
a simple set of R&G engine covers on here. Really easy to install,
you have a few bolts on each of the covers,
and you’re set to go. Now luckily, I didn’t
have to try these out. Now, one of the most
important modifications you can make on any motorcycle
is going to be your tires. That’s because
oftentimes, stock tires are a cost-saving exercise
from the manufacturer. So the Z900’s stock
rubber was horrible. And I mean, honestly,
in anything other than bone dry conditions,
there was no grip to those tires whatsoever. So before I went on this
trip, I updated the tires to Dunlop Roadsmart 3s. And I was extremely pleased
with their performance. I rode for two days in the rain. They gave me great grip
and great feedback. And from what I’ve been
reading, these tires should last me for quite a
few miles, which is always an important consideration
when you’re modifying a bike for touring use. Now, the final
section we’re going to discuss in today’s
video is going to be ergonomics and comfort. And while the Z900 is
relatively comfortable right out of the gate, one of
the things to note here is that on any
naked bike, you’re going to tend to get beat up
after spending long distances riding on the highway. So I added the Puig windscreen
to the front of the Z900. And I like it because it
doesn’t detract from the look, but it gives me just
a little bit of relief from the pressure
hitting me on my chest. And remember, this
naked style is going to be a problem for
a lot of riders that are looking to put down distance. It’s the main problem
with naked bikes. Now, the biggest problem
that I had with the Z900 specifically was
that my right foot kept smashing into the
exhaust pipe on this bike. So while I normally
wouldn’t recommend an aftermarket exhaust for the
ergonomics and comfort section on any modification video,
in this case, that’s exactly what I’m doing
because by trying out a few different
exhausts, I found one that worked much better for
me from a comfort standpoint. And that’s going to
be that Yoshimura pipe that you see down there below. It gave me about an extra inch
to an inch and a half back, and now my heel isn’t
smashing into the exhaust pipe and I can ride more comfortably
on the balls of my feet. This allows me to really
have some fun with this once the road gets twisty. Obviously, there
are a wide variety of different naked
motorcycles out there, and each one will
have a different area that needs to be addressed. And I’ve seen folks
change handlebars, add AirHawk seat pads, or
just change the seat entirely. Some will lower the foot pegs
while others add rear sets. There’s no right or wrong. It’s just about what is
going to work for you. But hopefully, this
video helped to give you a few ideas of
some modifications that you could make to best
outfit your naked motorcycle for longer haul riding. Now, if you have any
additional questions on any of the products
you see here, you can click the Info button on
your desktop or mobile device. You can read other rider reviews
from folks that are already out there using this stuff. And if you have more
specific questions, you can always reach out
to one of our Gear Geeks at 877-792-9455
or over shoot over an email to [email protected] Thank you for joining us for
this look at how to modify your naked motorcycle. I’m Spurge. Enjoy the ride.

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  12. Could also add some levers onto that list, a fairly cheap way to add an extra adjustment level to something you are going to be using a lot. They also provide better build quality then stock levers. ASV do some good ones but feel free to shop around and I know its not a Mod but investing in some decent gloves that are slightly thinker will help in reducing the amount of vibration you feel and relieving some of the pain from a long ride.

  13. I built myself a good touring bike out of my gsxr 1000, raised the Bars, comfy padding for the Seat, a sw-motech bag for the rear seat with 40 Liters volume and mounted a gps via ram between the speedo and tank, works perfect for me!
    As a helmet i use a shoei rf 1200 with photochromatic windshield and sena 30k, best Setup i ever had in 20 years of riding

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  15. Use Gearing Commander website to tune gear ratios to suit my riding needs is one of the big ones. It moves to top speed of my '17 Duke 390 from 162kph to 184kph, lowers rpm and vibration so my single doesn't always have to hover near 7000rpm just to keep up with traffic, allows me to use my dyno chart to use power & torque to my advantage. Still have gobs of power and torque now to do 150kph now without having to struggle, making my CDN$5980 373cc single feel more like a 600cc in open country. A brilliant tool.

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