hello this is going to be my first
official video in English and today to start the first video in English I want
to show you a gameplay video recorder that could allow you to record
your games and as a software would even work in low-end computers so for example
imagine that you have a computer and your computer is not good especially for
games but you want to record your game even if your computer is not good so
this software would allow you to record your game with a minimal performance
loss so the first thing that you got to is to click on the link that I’ll
give you on the description below here so it would have this page here and you
have to click on download and now to that you have to install the software
and when you open the software it would have this kind of interface here so the
first thing they have to do we have to select the tab of your game so for
example if you are playing your game you have to open it and then minimize it and
then you have to select it here or you could click on auto and it would detect your
game automatically so right down below here you have some few options such as
record your voice this is important if you do gameplays and you want to
record your microphone so here you select your mic and you set up the volume here and the most important the settings. It’s very important
to select the folder that your videos would be saved to so click here and you
select the folder that you want to have your videos saved to and of course the resolution so if your computer is not so good you could reduce the resolution
here or keep it at original in order to not have a lot of compression in your
file and the FPS is the same thing you have
a low-end computer you could reduce the FPS but I don’t recommend you to reduce
a lot if you have a bad computer try to keep at least at 24 fps in order to not
have your record so lagged another And the quality you can set ups here as well the
quality of your video and of course the recording mode you could select here so
if you are recording common games you could leave it at high speed so this
kind of DirectX is more compatible so you wouldn’t have any problems you
know when you record your games because it detects that your game have direct X or you could select middle speed but keep in mind
that you would eventually have problems with this option because on this option
you would have to put your game in window mode in order to record it
without any troubles or if you want to record your browser imagine that you are
playing a game on your browser you could select this one here as well and low
speed that is window mode but it is another mode and it could maintain a
constant framerate but of course the file size will increase so these are the
options have here more options you could for example edit your video and upload
to YouTube but you would probably have buy the Loilo software low or you could
directly upload your file so this is it guys I hope that you have enjoyed this
video and if you have any questions about it you could leave then on the
comments here below


  1. Wow, I was full of problems with OBS. I can't record freely with obs and my videos were laggy . Thanks sir for the recorder.

  2. this was so useful since i have a low end desktop that can barely record and i had to use my phone for everything and this helped me a lot

  3. installs loilo 2 which is a trial version of their video editor without asking – severely slows down game & machine – no included uninstaller so they probably also installed spyware as well. VERDICT: POS, remove immediately & thumbs down

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