Beast Quest  – Launch Trailer | PS4

Beast Quest  – Launch Trailer | PS4

[MUSIC PLAYING] For millennia, the
forces of our world have been kept in
perfect balance… …until the dark wizard,
Malvel, brought down this curse upon us. Your father once fought
to keep us safe from evil. [SCREECH] Now you must follow
the warrior’s path. Seek out the beasts that
protect our lands and break Malvel’s
hold over them. [MUSIC PLAYING] You are our last hope. [SCREECH]

84 thoughts on “Beast Quest  – Launch Trailer | PS4

  1. Played this on my iPhone a little while back. It was a cross between infinity blade and a more traditional rpg. Pretty decent title. What’s the price?

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  3. If Monster Hunter World killed itself and from it's ashes, just its pubic hairs and a bit of taint skin, arose to form this game.

  4. Jeez relax its an indie game alright?It is hard to make games

    At least they dont lie like No mans sky.

  5. Book: A sweet loving fantasy that brings out joy.

    Game: A 8 year old RPG game without having level ups

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