Assassin’s Creed 4 Black Flag | GameStop Exclusive Pre-Order Bonus (The Black Island Pack)

Assassin’s Creed 4 Black Flag | GameStop Exclusive Pre-Order Bonus (The Black Island Pack)

Hey Assassin’s Magnitudex here for
GamersBeverage and today we’re taking a look at pre-order bonus’ that come with the purchase up your
Assassin’s Creed 4 black flag game there be five videos
released each will include five the pre-order
bonuses that you receive from certain locations so this video we’ll take a look at
Gamestop and EB game exclusives if you pre-order your copy of Assassin’s
Creed 4 At an EB games or GameStop location you’ll
receive the exclusive in game content called the Black Island
Pack included in the Black Island Pack is the deadly black ship which actually
includes captain Morgans ship that was lost at the black island you also include
captain Morgans costume picture and title those titles are included in the
multiplayer games of course legendary silver flintlock pistols that are also used
by Captain Morgan and you also be able to explore the
Black Island which is rich and treasure hunting missions all those items are available to you by
purchasing your game from EB Games our GameStop so if you can’t
wait to get your hands on exclusives and you cannot wait for the DLC’s to come
out make sure your purchase your game from
Gamestop and that’s it for the GameStop exclusives if you guys wanna stay tuned for the
next video I’ll be talking about some the Amazon pre-order bonuses are available
to you if you purchase Assassin’s Creed 4 Black Plague and as always guys I Magnitudex and if
you liked the video leave a like and favorite and share it with all your
friends and as always guys stay thirsty

100 thoughts on “Assassin’s Creed 4 Black Flag | GameStop Exclusive Pre-Order Bonus (The Black Island Pack)

  1. Nice video but you don't mention if the Black Island Pack will be available for PC or if it will only be for PS and Xbox. The Gamestop website only lists it for the console versions and there are conflicting answers from Gamestop store management: some say yes, others say no while some say they aren't sure. Can you provide something a bit more concrete?

  2. Actually, according to the recently released official promo for the black island, the black ship is a playable vessel

  3. Exactly, so I think the DLC only unlocks some customizations which make the Jackdaw look like the "Deadly Black Ship." So the "Black Ship" It is not a ship itself, but a skin to the jackdaw.

  4. Yeah because it is already proven that you can change the wheel of the ship and make the jackdaw different colors so why not make it the black ship?

  5. Which, unfortunately, is an edition that is not available on the continent on which the game was developed … damned Europeans always getting the extra shit. :/

  6. Uhhh … no? I'm positive that it will be the exact same way that every other mission in the AC franchise has started …. ever. Head to a map marker.

  7. hmmm Ubisoft is french company so yeah, game was developed on our continent. In addition, Ubisoft has several studios so…

    go on ebay and get it. There are many black chests for sale.

  8. What's the deal in the box is only a 19 digit code, following the instructions takes you to a 25 digit redemption screen???? Says code invalid when I put it in…

  9. Where do i go in game to access the content for captain kenways legacy pack and the pirates bounty pack. I know the black island is on right side of the map.

  10. Yeah im having this same problem i have no idea where to get the stuff! Do we get that stuff if we just pre order it? Because it doesnt look like we get the legacy pack or the bounty pack, and if we do i have no idea where to find it!

  11. For all who don't know how to get the black ship and captain Morgan outfit I just figured out..once you have gotten far enough in the game that you can free roam the ocean check the map in the upper right will be an island that says BI (Black Island) go there stealth and get all the treasure chests then go back to your ship and change the sails and the headpiece to that of the black ship

  12. I got everything as well from gaestop pre order but it told me to find the stuff at florida andreas island and I think hayo island I found andres island but I didn't get that part of the dlc I didn't really find anything can u help me out?

  13. The pirate bounty pack is in crooked island east side of the map west of mariguana island the legacy pack is in florida the rest of the chest just contain money

  14. If you have black island installed its just southwest from there and I think its sequence 3 mission 4 before yu can free roam…

  15. You will have to travel around the assassins creed map to look for clues to find the treasure the black island has most of them on it and if ur really struggling I suggest looking up a videa to where they might be

  16. Are the gold scimitars unlocked from the gamestop edition for multiplayer, or are yhey for the single player, and if so, where can i find them?

  17. if you preordered AC4 at gamestop did you have to keep your receipt to get the black island pack? like is there some code thats on the receipt? cause i lost mine and idk if i can get these stuff anymore

  18. was there a code on the receipt for your preorder in order to get the black island pack? or is it just in the game? cause i lost my receipt

  19. go there stealth and get all the treasure chests then go back to your ship and change the sails and the headpiece to that of the black ship

  20. So i just did the Black Island and got the guns and the costume. So it is bullshit that they advertise a "ship" when they only give you sails and a figurehead. Also, the pistols suck. They don't look unique and the stats are awful

  21. GB I purchased the season pass but I didn`t get the Black and Mistery Island mission. I tought this was with the purchase of the season pass!
    Please somebody help me

  22. The code is inside your game case on a piece of cardboard or whatever.. And I just walked up to EB like a few days after launch and traded in a couple games for my copy. It came with all this Black Island stuff in the case so did they have extras or was it they just bs'd and said it was for pre-order only?

  23. I has a code for the Hidden Mystery Pack If anyone has the code for this Black island pack and want to trade PM me and we can switch. (PS3)

  24. Screw Ubisoft for taking an ENTIRE ISLAND out of the main game unless we preorder it. What happened to you pay for the game, you get the whole game? This generation looks bleak.

  25. I typed in the code…and it said it worked…but the black island does not appear on my map.Someone please reply so I can get my extra content.

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