[ASMR] Intense Ear Attention & Mouth Sounds (Tktktk, Clicking, Shooooop)

[ASMR] Intense Ear Attention & Mouth Sounds (Tktktk, Clicking, Shooooop)

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100 thoughts on “[ASMR] Intense Ear Attention & Mouth Sounds (Tktktk, Clicking, Shooooop)

  1. not a fan how u make hand sounds but u didn’t put hand sounds in the title. it makes me very uncomfortable. i know you don’t care but please put it in the title next time thanks 🙂

  2. Gibi you always look amazing but I have to say the look you have in this video absolutely kills it. Stone cold fox! It makes it hard to close my eyes and let the ASMR do its thing. Will always be one of my favorites though!

  3. Gibi, que linda que estás, éste look me encanta !!!! sobre todo el color de tu cabello ♥ hago un esfuerzo grande para poder verte hasta que finalice el video, porque tu ASMR me provoca sueño 😉

  4. Response to ad. No you stupid paid moron, Trump's economy isn't hurtin' you in any way, now shut up, I'm tryin' to watch A.S.M.R! Seriously, what a loudmouth.

  5. I remember when asmr was something people did for fun and the love of giving to others.
    I'm tired of tingle*****s and grifters. You get NOTHING from me

  6. Melatonin. Nope. Weed. Nope. Gibi. Yes! Thanks for opening my mind to ASMR, I sleep now and my anxiety is so much better.

  7. Have you ever had those ASMR times where
    Me: Turns up volume all the way and gets ready for relaxing asmr video
    Ear raping ad starts playing
    Me: Rages and breaks headphones
    I've had this happen to me a lot lol

  8. Gibi Congratulations Honey is using the start of this video as an Advertisement, your soft calming voice had me searching ASMR and looking for you, get ready for the road of 5 million subscribers lol

  9. It's like those ladies that try to talk dirty in your ear during sex. You just want to tell them to shut the fuck up cause you hear all the saliva eeeeewwwwwwwwwwwwwww

  10. You're the fucking worst. Every single fucking video on this site. PT PT TH PT HTT TPPTPT TP PTHT BUY HONEY PT HT PTTP. FUCK OFF.


  12. Sorry to comment this on here, Honey disabled there comments! Asmr shouldn't pop on adverts! I have Misophonia, so I avoid this content respectfully, however I can't avoid it if it's being force fed to me when I'm trying to watch videos about DIO!!

  13. Fucking disgusting, how am i the only person who's skin crawls listening to this shit, I legit almost vomited the first time I heard it.

  14. Watches this is September 2019 and Gibi starts going sksksksk which used to be my favorite trigger

  15. You ASMR PEOPLE are so retarded. Just think really hard about what kind of nonsense you listen to. If our grandparents knew what kinda stupid shit their grandchildren would be doing they would have stopped breeding. What stupidity this is!

  16. I really love this video but something bad to me happened after it and it just reminds me of it and upsets me but then you calm me again.
    Thank you

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