Armed with Wings: Rearmed/Rearmed Trials

Hey, hey, hey guys “Blind Eyes,” here, and welcome to a game called Rearmed Trials. I figured that today we should play something a little bit different. Uh… And, of course, I saw this on uh… Game Jolt and I was like “Hey, let’s uh… play this game. It looks awesome enough!” So, let’s uh… start. Shall we? Ah… I am clicking. What’s going on? Oh! Right. I have to press “A.” (It’s a chuckler!) I’m gonna take a look at the controls, here, to see what’s going on. So, WASD to move. “A” to… Oh, no,
it’s the arrow-arrows to move. “A” to attack. Power attack is “S” and then “D” to block. Okay. Everything else is for…something else. So, let’s get started! Survive and score. Okay. Whoa! That was awesome! (The chuckle continues) So, I guess they expect that I should uh… (Wow what a long pause. Time to get some popcorn because this pause is a whole movie.)press the power button for a long time I guess Haha! Gotcha what looks like a uh… Pope I’m guessing? Complete! Awesome! Who are you? ‘kay. Kablam! Kablam! Awesome. (The Terminator makes a noise and then says the next words) Kablam. Kablam. (Normally, now)
KaBlam. Ha ha! Hey! Kablam! Kablam. Kablllllllam. Ha ha! What? Oh, no! I died! Okay. Let’s do that again. Yeah, I really like the uh… aesthetics, here. It’s really good. Oh! I got hit! ‘kay. So, I guess “A” is just, like, get in a couple of attacks, (pause) you know, so I could-to uh… distract them and then press “S” for the power-the power strike. Yes! I got a new weapon! Awesome. Wave 2. Haha! (What a teaser.) I’m not even worried about the guy
behind me. Eh, wha-fffsss. Seriously? Okay. There we go. Hi-ya! Hi-ya! Hi-ya! Haha! (I said this a lot. Didn’t I?) Now, come here. Yes! There we go. Kablam! Kablam! Haha! Yes! Yes! Die! Die! Nope. D- There we go. (This one, too?) Wave complete. (Screams) Oh, this is a new one. (ANOTHER FREAKING SCREAM!!!!) So many people! Oh! Come on. Oh. Pressing that dodge button. (Who was I talking to?) Oh man. Really? ‘kay. Let’s try that again. I can’t believe I have to press “A” (What The Fuck?) (Chuckleson. That means I had chuckled.) Well, that was interesting. Yes! Kablam. Kablam. Kablllam. Hey. Haha! There we go! I gotcha Now, I just need to do some more dodging. More of defense kind of stuff. ‘kay. That is pretty much when it’s the
best time to do-to uh… attack. You know, after they do their uh… show like that. Hey. Come on! Finally! They’re still arriving! There we go. Oh. Dang it! ‘kay. We can do this! We can definitely do this. Wave one, again. Hey. Kablam! Kablam! Kablam! There we go. Uh-uh. What?! What? That was really short. to-to. ‘kay Ooooohhh. Uh-uh! Kablam! That’s not cool. Kablam. Why did I kablam like that? I don’t know. KaBlam! Nope. Whoa. I’m already almost dead! Yeesh! Dang it! Dang it! Dang it! Dang it Dang it! Dang it! ‘kay. Couple more times. Hi-ya! Kablam! Uh-uh! Kablam. Kablam! (voice squeeks) Kablam (another squeek) Kablam. (gasp) Kablam! (Purposefully squeeks) (Unintelligible) My voice. (Purposefully SQUEEKS! My voice just squeeked, too.) Hey! Kablam. Kablosh. (Not kabloosh.) It is a kabloosh. (I guess it now is) Wave 2. Haha. There we go. Ah! I got myself stuck in a corner. My- well I
did, I should sa- Why didn’t- There we goooo. Haha! I’m already almost dead-halfway dead Ka…blam! KaBLAM! Kabloosh. What? Haha! You fell. (Tease it all up. OKAY!) Oh, I didn’t even get-I didn’t get one of them like I thought I did. Like, I thought I’d got all of them. Wave complete. (EPIC!) Wave 3! (What voice is that?) Kablam! kab…..BLLLAAAAAM! (gasps!) NOOOOOOOO! (Another voice crack) Well, that’s pretty much uh…all the time I have for today. Actually, I started recording this a little bit late, like, right now it’s like 5:18 and I should have started this at 4:00 and then ended it at 4:30 or so. But… I’m-I was late. Well, anyways, that’s all the time I have for today. So, if you like this video go ahead and let me know by smashing that like button. You can also subscribe, that’d be fantastic as well, and I do have some links in the description down below. Uh… just in case you’re not able to
use the next uh… screen to subscribe. There’s the link in the description. Also I have a link to Patreon Um…I have actually been uploading videos um… for the $12 uh… and up Patreons. Uh… since yesterday, really, (chuckle) and… Yeah! And uh… Until Next Time, Have A Wonderful Day!

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