Are the World Cup games called soccer or football

It’s football not soccer. Or is it? Actually
the word was first coined in England. Everybody knows that Americans used the word soccer
to describe the game that almost everybody else calls football and this makes people
very angry. But is it fair? Take for example the following comments from the Internet.
“It seems that almost every American can’t understand that there is no sport called ‘soccer.’
It’s football! Or the following: “I do not wish to be in a world which calls it ‘soccer.’
And knowing the influence that American cultural exports seem to have on the rest of the world,
my fears are definitely justified.” Yet soccer was a commonly used word in Britain
until the 1970s and only goes into decline in usage in the 1980s, exactly when it becomes
a popular word in the United States. So we should get over this. After all, Americans
aren’t going to stop using the word soccer, when they have to distinguish it from their
version of football. We don’t get mad at Italians because they’ve got their own word,
Calcio, for the game that we normally call football. So I’d just like to take this
opportunity to wish everybody a very happy soccer World Cup.

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