Are The Nintendo Switch NES Controllers Worth Buying?

Are The Nintendo Switch NES Controllers Worth Buying?

This is a pair of NES controllers that
Nintendo was selling on their website for people who have a year of their
online service so you can’t actually buy these without having that and then you
buy it specifically from them and Nintendo will actually ship it to you
themselves it’s the whole thing and I assume the reason they did this was so
that there wouldn’t be confusion in stores since these are specifically
supposed to be for Nintendo’s online NES catalog the games that you get if you
have the online service so today we’re gonna unbox them we’re gonna check them
out with a switch and then we’re also gonna open one of these up and compare
it to the NES classic Nintendo controller as that is I guess the last
time they really designed and released it because I’ve a feeling that these are
very very similar to those so it’ll kind of give you I guess an idea as to how it
feels all right so let’s go ahead unbox these things now I know there’s not much
going on here because I opened it up originally to charge them and I realize
that there’s really nothing in here at all they do have some instructions on
the back as to how to attach them to your switch they’re pretty much set up
to only go on one way and it’s pretty hard to mess that one up as the the
release grips or at certain points the button you press for it but yeah that’s
pretty much it it’s a very minimalistic box not much it’s just a Nintendo logo
Topman Tendo online here in the Nintendo Entertainment System controller so not a
lot there both are covered in plastic bags if we
can get one of these guys out there we go
and that’s pretty much it like I said they don’t really give you
anything else outside of that that’s that’s all that comes with it so we’re
gonna put that to the side and let’s get these guys out of their bags here so
they are designated so we have a right and a left obviously and you can see on
the back they have the tops where you press to release so they do look very
very very much like the Nintendo classic controller as you can kind of see here
let me I’m not that there we go as you can see here it looks pretty much the
same as we would expect because again I have a feeling it used the same molding
pretty much the same everything they probably the same button
same d-pad same rubber for start select they just changed up a few things when
it comes to being able to be Wireless and of course having the sleds on the
sideshow railings to attach to the switch nonetheless though we will
compare those right after I do what everyone probably wants to do with these
things and make their switch look absolutely ridiculous by attaching them
like this so now I’m ready to play smash broz perfectly alright now that I’ve
actually done this it really does look absolutely ridiculous to have this in
this setup however what’s very interesting about this situation is
Nintendo has accounted for this happening in fact if we actually jump in
here and start moving around this d-pad flips as in its it’s set up in this kind
of position so instead of it being normal where it’s like up and down this
has now become left and right and up and down as left and right as it would
normally be in that configuration so they have kind of figured out that you
would probably do this although I don’t know why you would want to as I mean I
mean look at this thing wait why would we do this I mean I guess it could kind
of stand up like that and now it’s it’s up I get I don’t know it’s more funny
looking than anything as this is not at all practical it’s mostly for charging
when it’s in the dock and that’s been explained several times by them however
I’ve already seen several people attempt to play a couple of different games with
it so you know what why not let’s try playing smash well I can at least
navigate the menu alright like this guy let’s uh let’s see we’ll go into just
regular smash and we’ll see what happens here I don’t I don’t really know what
all the buttons are gonna be I know I can get through just by pressing a and
just kind of go through there but I don’t know how I’m going to control this
I do know that this is a let me pick those all right sure Mario start okay I
start still works fine there so I know this is I guess this is Plus that should
be – a and then maybe B let’s see so that works oh wait a minute no what
oh that that would be an issue that would be a bit of an issue okay so I
don’t actually have a way to move because the analog stick is not at all
oh I’m in trouble it’s not at all mapped so these are there’s a normal d-pad here
of course so these are just his taunts I okay so I doesn’t work well with smash
but how does it work with the NES games so I guess we’ll just go ahead and go
into the the standard configuration here and it does feel good the d-pad feels
fine it reminds me very much of the NES classic controller let’s see where is
I’m at Troy let’s do Metroid it looks it looks pretty good here it does have rnl
at the top for the suspend menu so you can press these together it says there
and it goes to the suspend mini that you normally press like Godwin Zr is for it
so let’s just let’s go in here and kind of at a weird angle looking at it but I
think I can play a little bit here and kind of get an idea as to how it yeah it
plays exactly as you would imagine and it’s Wireless which is nice I mean that
does a good quality of life feature when you know if you want to play with I
guess a GameCube controller or otherwise I’d feel like a pro controller but again
if you’re playing with the the joy con grip you’re probably okay as well but it
is nice to have a solid d-pad here where something like the pro controller also
is heavily questioned about its d-pad and its accuracy
there’s no denying something like a true Nintendo d-pad especially with how close
this feels right now to the classic controller you’re pretty much in good
company there so if you like your Nintendo classic controller these
actually will be pretty cool for you especially if you’re playing and getting
a kick out of the NES games for now yeah you probably will like this and actually
get some use out of both these controllers that said $60 is pretty
expensive considering you get something like that 8-bit dough control or adapter
or just an 8-bit dough SM 30 for example and save yourself some money but if you
want I guess the actual experience made by Nintendo well there you go he’s got
to make sure you have a year subscription something I noticed is we
don’t actually have a home button on this
one other thing is you can’t turn the switch on with this controller which
means you need to have a joi con setup or your program x2 you to then turn it
on and then grab this or course walk up turn the switch on that’s fine too
however I wish that wasn’t the case I wish you could turn this on whether it’s
just by pressing start or maybe a button at the top and then it’ll just turn the
switch on like a home button would something else I’ve noticed is getting
out of this game is not great since I have to go I have to go to game
selection and at that point I’m not 100% sure how I can get out of here since
okay there we go home menu then you press R so you don’t have an actual home
button obviously so you go back to this menu then you press R now you’re back in
the in the selection here so it’s a little bit more of a process it’s not
straight up pressing a home button from the game it’s going here pressing R and
now you’re back to your home menu well now that we’ve seen how they’ve
performed let’s actually start diving in and checking out more about the hardware
here so first we’ll go ahead and weigh these guys we’ll least this one way one
of them next to the NES classic controller so if you have one of these
that should give you an idea this one’s 66 0.6 grams and then this one is 85
grams so it is noticeably heavier but I think a lot has to do with the battery
inside and of course maybe the extra components when it comes to it being
Wireless and then you do have that railing on the top so there are extra
things there adding to that weight let’s start taking this guy apart and see
what’s different in here and one thing that I noticed right away that’s
different that is very annoying is they did use try wing screws back here so
this uses Phillips this uses try wing mostly because I know Nintendo probably
likes to annoy me so there are six of these try wings on the back and then I
think that’s mostly it I think at that point we’re in so these are pretty
straightforward they don’t seem to strip very easily from I’m telling right now
sometimes they’ll get try wings that just want to strip completely and you
can’t unscrew them these seem to be a bit higher quality than something that
I’ve seen in like a DS Lite for example even a 3ds these seem higher quality so
that’s at least good okay so all the screws are now out this should just open
up and we’ll see how the railing is held there okay so it’s very similar to a joi
con again it’s not really surprising there how this attaches with a ribbon
cable and then you have the railing set up very very similarly and we can
actually look at the battery here as well which is a 525 milliamp hour
battery that’ll actually probably give you some decent battery life then yeah
that’s actually a fairly sized battery good sized battery for this setup let’s
go ahead and peel the battery and then I want to get the board out so we can take
a look at something like the d-pad what’s interesting about this setup is
there are three screws holding this board down and it also held this battery
and holder down so while the battery is glued to this holder the holder is just
screwed in so they used minimal amounts of screws inside they’ve pretty much
doubled up in order to hold this down and to also hold the board down so as
soon as I’ve unscrewed that the board pretty much lifts directly up and at
this point we can take a look at what people are very curious about which is
something like the d-pad and so far it looks pretty solid we’re gonna compare
it to the d-pad that is in this classic controller which I’ll take apart real
quick but it has a very large kind of bump at the bottom here where we
normally need it to be so right in there and you can see that so it already has a
nice little pivot point and that’s probably why it feels so good compared
to like the pro controller for example we also have what appears to be our
wireless chipset here and then our antenna that actually runs all the way
up here to this corner at the top so good placement for it as well since
you’re really not going to have your hands over that too much it’s not where
palms would touch more so where you might have your fingers to grab and
touch where the are now is so that’s actually the best place they can
probably put that antenna and again you should have decent range out of it okay
so now up to the plastic controller again six screws at the bottom this time
there Phillips head screws which is very much appreciated Nintendo I wish you
would do that for most of your stuff at this point and once we get these out we
should have the shell we should be able to look directly at it no battery will
be in here of course and a wireless module so we’ll see if the boards are
similar otherwise all right so with the last few screws out we can open this guy
up and you can see immediately that it’s completely different it’s not at all the
same inside this looks like a much older type of board right a very simple boar
you can even say but it is using similar parts in terms of a and B those are
pretty much the same start and select are pretty much the same and then the
d-pad that’s of course the question I can tell you the moulding is exactly the
same for the further rubber on the bottom great now the d-pad the big
question mark is always the d-pad the the the board itself a very simple board
it doesn’t have to be crazy it doesn’t need to pull power it doesn’t need to
connect to the switch it doesn’t really need to do much of anything other than
just take the button inputs and relay them to the NES classic
so this d-pad and this d-pad are pretty much identical in fact looking at them
they’re really not different at all they’ve pretty much lifted the d-pad
directly from the NES classic as we would hope they would and moved it over
for use with the switch wirelessly that’s actually really cool and I am
very happy that Nintendo has provided a good d-pad for the switch in some way
it’s just more or less a shame that it has to be done through their website and
you have to have the online service and of course because of that people are
already scalping these things so you know good stuff there so there’s not
much else to do other than put these together and kind of give my final
thoughts on them those are the Nintendo Entertainment System controllers that
you can use with the NES online library now is it really worth getting for 60
bucks probably not mostly because there are other options out there from other
companies that provide pretty much the same thing just cheaper look to
something like 8-bit Doe for example and you’ll find out very quickly that you
can get them easily and well they you they work for other devices as well but
if you are someone who likes to collect these type of things or maybe you just
want the official first party controller and you don’t really mind paying extra I
can at least tell you the build quality inside is good and well this is probably
the best d-pad Nintendo has developed and produced for the switch definitely
over something like the pro controller and love the joy con tech Lee doesn’t
have a d-pad so let me know you guys think about these controllers again
there are $60 think it’s like five dollars shipping and then of course it’s
$20 for the online service let me know you think about these would you like to
see then 10 if they do something like Super Nintendo
for example do something similar like this for the Super Nintendo controller
and do you think you’d find any use with these being attached and handheld mode
because then tend to account it for it and technically it does work make sure
you guys like the video if you liked it dislike if not get subscribed for all
different types of accessory tear downs and all kinds of game news I’ll see you
guys the next video

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