Arcade1Up TMNT & Marvel Superheroes Cabinets Found In Stores!

Arcade1Up TMNT & Marvel Superheroes Cabinets Found In Stores!

in today’s video we’ve got a lot of home
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after this so first things first the arcade one-up
Marvel superhero cabinet is now starting to show up and select Walmart stores all
along the eastern seaboard and the United States there were multiple
reports of the cabinet appearing on two store shelves this weekend with both the
included riser bundle option and the plain riser less option also being
spotted with previous arcade one-up releases like Mortal Kombat having a
similar product rollout it’s likely that most people should be able to find these
in their local Walmart stores within the next week or so as stock gets
distributed across the country from the Walmart fulfillment centers Walmart calm
still appears to be all over the place though as they still have the riser
bundle option of the Marvel superhero cabinet listed at a much higher price
than any other similar cabinet bundles that have been out there previously and
interestingly enough the riser bundle cabinet shows a release date on
Walmart’s website of October first but the option without the riser is showing
an October 26 for product availability now keep in mind that neither one of
these Marvel superheroes options from Walmart are these special edition
versions that is exclusive to the arcade 1up website currently meaning it doesn’t
come with the light-up marquee doesn’t have the Sanwa joysticks and our buttons
doesn’t have the variant riser graphics and it doesn’t have the Marvel
certificate of authenticity that’s the special edition version from arcade one
us website it does now as always I’ll have product links down the video
Scripture box below case you want to save yourself some time energy and gas
money prevent all that wasted energy from driving around all over to local
Walmart’s trying to find these in your stores because as always product and
store availability differs from product online availability with Walmart and
speaking of online versus in-store stock availability many fans were
shell-shocked this weekend to see reports at the Teenage Mutant Ninja
Turtles cabinet being found in Walmart stores along the eastern coast a few
lucky fans were able to stumble across this cabinet for sale in states like
Pennsylvania New York and New Jersey and a lot of fans were upset by this given
that many expected there to be a hard-coded street date on the
and we’re under the impression that they would not be available until November
however let’s go ahead and take a look back at the hot mess that has been
Walmart’s handling of this Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles arcade 1up cabinet
from the get-go so about a month ago Walmart put a pre-order link on their
website for $349 price Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cabinet and everyone was
super excited and rejoiced well that rejoicing lasted about 48
minutes because the pre-order window closed and they said sold out that was
unfortunate but a few days later people were excited to see the pre-order links
were active again however it was priced now at $399 meaning that Walmart
apparently had a price mistake on their original pre-order link so people were
miffed at the price it suddenly went up $50 but they were still pretty excited
to be able to preorder this cabinet well that excitement lasted for about 34
minutes because then yet again the pre-order closed and it said sold out on
the website fast forward a couple weeks later and Walmart altogether pulled the
Web Store listing and now you cannot find the arcade one of Teenage Mutant
Ninja Turtles cabinet on their website as is the making of this video proving
once and for all Walmart gonna do what one won’t want to
do the reality here is that there was no actual hard coded street date for these
cabinets fans that pre-ordered the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cabinet
from Walmart online were never promised to get their cabinets first by either
Walmart or arcade 1up which is what a lot of people made the mistake of
assuming you all know that old adage of what happens when you assume and it
appears that the arcade 1up suggested time windows of the product availability
for these machines was merely meant to represent a time frame in which the
units would be widely available in all areas which is actually in line with
almost every single arcade one-up release to date so you really shouldn’t
be shocked where typically the cabinets have shown up in stores weeks before
they were expected to be for sale and slowly but surely are distributed across
the country they become widely available all around the original expected release
date and I get the excitement we all want
this Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cabinet fact I wanted this thing in my
house like yesterday so I can completely understand that you want this today but
initially enough there was actually a subtle change to the Teenage Mutant
Ninja Turtles arcade intro theme music that I thought I would report on so here
I’ll play the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles arcade intro music and
then I’ll play the new re-recorded version that comes on the arcade 1up
cabinet now me personally I’m more than okay
with this change it doesn’t affect turtles in time that theme music is the
exact same but the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles arcade theme music
has been subtly changed and I’m okay with that
because whatever they got to do to get me this in my house I’m alright with and
again it’s a subtle change in my opinion it’s not a deal breaker but something
worth mentioning anyways that is it for this video guys thanks for checking it
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32 thoughts on “Arcade1Up TMNT & Marvel Superheroes Cabinets Found In Stores!

  1. I live in Pittsburgh. And i saw one Marvel Cabinet at Walmart on friday.

    I want the TMNT. I was going to ask an employee if they had any in the back but i wasnt ready to spend $400 that day anyways lol.

    I do plan on picking up the TMNT cab soon though. Im sure my Walmart will have it in the next few weeks.

  2. ETA in Canada thru EB is Nov 28, and I’m sure we aren’t getting it any earlier!!! My daughters, nephews and nieces are gonna have a fun Xmas!!! They better at $530 CAD!!!

  3. Found and Just got one too Dover,Delaware Wal-Mart they have one left.. only a total of two came in the truck I got one put to the side for me because I know a guy😉 good luck to all I just had RNGESUS on my side.. Lol and I preordered the marvel limited edition as well I'm HYPED!

  4. Are there any exclusive TMNT cabinets? I want the riser for sure. Add me to the list of being super bummed about the theme song. Watching 88 TMNT with my 4 and 2 year old a lot lately and they would have loved it.

  5. Will there be a bundle that includes the stool? I know Costco has one that included the arcade with a stool, riser, and light up marque.

  6. Star Wars cabnet looks really cool! Please don't forget to review the new Street Fighter 2 Champion Edition Replicade from New Wave Toys! I'm awaiting mine finally being shipped in the mail. If you didnt hear this past weekend New Wave Toys had a booth @ Nostalgia Con in tribute to everything 80s in Anaheim, CA. Keep the cool videos coming! Thanx!

  7. The music change in the TMNT cabinet could be a deal breaker for me, as it may be a sign of larger changes.

    Previous ports of the arcade ROM (usually hidden as easter eggs in other titles) have had the music completely changed due to licensing issues. And what they replaced it with was very bland and generic.

    When Arcade1Up first showed these at E3, I was excited to hear they maintained the original soundtrack. Now, it seems that's changed.

    With this news, I'll have to wait and see just how much the music has changed before I think of dropping $400 on this thing. 😕

  8. any word of GameStop preorders of the Marvel can? product page says ships in 24 hours but my order hasn't been updated in like a week

  9. Cooltoy I got my tmnt cabinet all set up today looks great plus I got the lit marquee in it as well got same one you got from arcademod up looks sweet!!!!! Cowabunga dude

  10. Wait so the marvel superheroes arcade that is in stock in gamestop is different from the one sold by arcade1up store?
    As far as I can tell, they look exactly the same to me.

  11. I like all 3 new cabinets. Out of the 3, I like the art work of the Marvel cabinet. I have raspberry pie emulator modded with over 4000 games in my Street Fighter II Arcade1up cabinet. So there is no need for me to buy the new ones even though it would be cool for the look & feel to have multiple cabinets.

  12. Seen this video in Buffalo New York and I went right to my Walmart. They had two turtles cabinets for sale and immediately I picked one up. One of the best days ever

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