Arcade1Up Star Wars Review & Game Play – The Force Is Strong In This One!

Arcade1Up Star Wars Review & Game Play – The Force Is Strong In This One!

it’s not a far reach to say, that the
videogames we know and love today would not be possible had it not been for the
significant influence that the Star Wars film franchise bestowed upon popular
culture with the original film trilogy being recognized for groundbreaking
technical achievements and special effects wizardry it just made sense that
when it came time to make an arcade video game for the Star Wars franchise
that the game creators would attempt to do the very same after spending two
years struggling to develop a game called warp speed initially intended to
be a 3d imagined space game Atari decided that name to go in a different
direction so in the summer of 1982 they partnered with Lucasfilm to begin
converting their warp speed prototype into a Star Wars themed video game
capable of capitalizing on the success of the film as well as the recent arcade
boom this partnership yielded the Atari star wars game that we see here today
gameplay revolves around a 3d flight simulator in which you take control of a
flight go to navigate your spaceship and efforts to destroy the Death Star during
development of the game Atari found it rather difficult to integrate specific
scenes from the movie into the game rather than delay production further
they ultimately chose to narrow the game’s focus on the finale of destroying
the Death Star piloting the x-wing of course is Luke Skywalker and you’ll hear
authentic sound clips from the movie from both Luke and other characters in
the film as you play through the game these iconic voices and gameplay sounds
come to you via the dual speakers nestled away underneath the marquee of
this cabinet the dual speakers and the all-new adjustable volume slider are
just some of the many new improvements and features that these new releases
from arcade 1up are featuring as standard adorned atop this wonderful
cabinet is the included fully lit arcade markiev this Marquis looks absolutely
wonderful and really gives this cabinet a much more polished look to go
hand-in-hand with this striking design you should also take notice of this
cabinets unique silhouette and side panel shape as it’s the first of its
kind from arcade one up they have faithfully recreated the
original cabinet shape from the original full-size Atari cabinet it’s a rather
significant attention to detail that I’m sure that will help win over some of
these die hard arcade purists still left out there this cabinet also features an
all new settings menu one for each specific game is included should you
wish to make any changes to the game simply click on the respective gear icon
underneath each games title to open up that new menu you can modify settings
such as your number of shields gameplay difficulty and vector glow among other
options shown here are some of the varying degrees of difference when
making such changes to the vector glow strength settings Return of the Jedi also has some unique
menu options as well one of which is something a lot of fans have been asking
for and that is the inclusion of a scanline generator here in the gameplay
menu you can toggle the scanline effect on or off for your gameplay experience
should you wish myself personally I’ll keep my setting turned off because I’m
just really not a fan of it but it’s neat to see this option available for
others that do prefer this look often seen in the arcade 1up forms last year
was an overwhelming amount of comments and sternward to disbelieve the arcade
1up would ever manage to acquire the licensing rights to release such a
cabinet as this fortunately for us consumers they were able to use the
force and land a deal on one of the most absolutely recognizable brand IPS in the
world today I was there front and center at e3 this summer when this cabinet was
unveiled to the public for the first time being in uber Star Wars nerd myself
I knew just how significant this announcement was not only for arcade 1up
but for home arcades in general the original full-sized Atari star wars
cabinets are extremely sought-after in today’s marketplace often times demand a
extremely large investment prices now that arcade one of has created this 3/4
scale version of this iconic machine many fans are dying to know if the end
result would live up to their expectations I’m happy to say that this
cabinet satisfies my admiration of the full-size original counterpart and does
so with flying colors and speaking of colors I absolutely love this blue
colored cabinet trim along the sides here it really makes his cabinet pop and
stand out from the rest and of course we also have the beautiful arcade faithful
recreation of the iconic Darth Vader and x-wing artwork along the sides this
cabinet also comes bundled with a custom graphic riser as well showcasing some of
the awesome TIE fighters on the sides as well as a great-looking blue front plate
with the atari Star Wars logo it should also be noted that this
included riser is actually slightly taller than previous arcade one of
risers have been in the past this was a necessity to bring this flight yoke up
to a more arcade accurate control height and of course we need to take some
special time to talk about this flight yoke if there was anything that was
going to make or break this cabinet in the eyes of fans it absolutely was going
to be how this yoke felt and played I was truly delighted the moment I turned
this machine on and took control of this flight yoke for the first time I found
it to be extremely responsive and well calibrated right out of the box while
there are no accessible system settings menus to calibrate this controller
further I was pleased enough with how it performed and didn’t find myself wishing
to fine-tune it any further the control feels sturdy and well built
and quite frankly I’m blown away with the quality and performance and feel of
this at this price point especially most third-party recreations of the Atari
star wars flight yoke cost several hundred dollars just in themselves alone
so see this being offered bundled up with this cabinet from arcade one up at
such a reasonable price is really impressive so let’s just go ahead and cut to the
chase is this worth your hard earned money and mind you it’s a lot of hard
earned money because this is the most expensive arcade 1up cabinet sans the
cocktail cabinet so this comes at a retail price at $499 obviously it is a
special cabinet with that flight yoke it doesn’t have the prototypical joystick
and buttons so that flight yoke is gonna cost you an extra a little bit of
premium it’s got a light-up marquee it’s got an a riser it’s got graphics it’s
got Star Wars licensing so yeah you got a factor in all those when you get the
price but my personal opinion it’s absolutely worth every penny and that’s
not just coming from buy a Star Wars fan that’s coming from a fan of arcade games
and quite frankly arcade wanna knock this one out of the park and let’s go
ahead and talk about the flight yoke because that’s what everyone is
concerned about and that’s what everyone wants to know is it good I’m here to say
it absolutely is now while it is constructed of majority 90% plastic
there’s metal parts in there as far as holding it together but predominantly it
is all made of plastic the plastic does feel sturdy though I’ve got you know
grown man hands I didn’t feel like I was gonna break it just by squeezing it or
anything like that as far as use I think it’s durable for most adults if you’ve
got a lot of younger kids I definitely probably don’t recommend having them on
this unsupervised while I do think it’s sturdy enough for a long time prolonged
use just having a child hang on it I think would be problematic or will say
that I felt like it was secure enough to where I could actually almost pick up
the cabinet by the flight yoke didn’t actually want to try that myself because
it didn’t want to break it but it did feel secure enough to wear that was
almost in the realm of possibility so take that for whatever it’s worth as far
as how it plays and how it controls like I mentioned earlier the calibration felt
spot-on I didn’t feel like there’s any weak or dead spots a steers very
smoothly I didn’t feel it was herky-jerky or anything I felt it very
accurate as far as where I was pointing my crosshairs where as steered it went
so that was great and overall I gotta say I’m impressed with the triggers and
the thumb buttons they felt accurate responsive and they were a little bit
clicker than I expected having them in you know somewhat used to the new arcade
one-up buttons where they’re a lot more mushy and soft with the micro switches
these are a little more responsive have a little more
tactile feel so a plus there I really am impressed with this flight especially at
this price point gameplay on all three games was exceptionally well everything
I remember from childhood with one exception I did notice on Star Wars and
Empire Strikes Back that there’s this weird gray screen flashing effect once
you get hit or you take on damage definitely something I don’t remember in
the original arcade and I’m fairly certain that it didn’t exist back then
not a deal breaker by any means but it’s something that it’ll take a little bit
to get used to because you’re staring at a black screen all of a sudden you have
a grey flash but other than that the games played great returning the Jedi
especially if you never played that one which a lot of people probably haven’t
because it wasn’t very prevalent in arcades but that one play is similar to
almost ballot odes where you’ve got a lot of side to side and quick fast-paced
action that one will definitely get your heart rate moving and it’ll definitely
break up the monotony of Star Wars and Empire Strikes Back if you’re no expert
on those games and wrap everything up if you’re a star Wars fan and an arcade fan
I highly recommend you picking up this it’s worth every penny in my opinion
definitely check it out I’ll put product links down the video
description box below in case you want to try to order this or if you want to
play that waiting game yeah I definitely don’t recommend it because with Star
Wars no movie coming out and this being a hot ticket Christmas item expectedly
well supply and demand is probably going to bite you in the butt and this may be
harder to find than you actually expect so definitely don’t sleep on it go out
and get one or order one today if you’re looking to get one how they recommend it and as always thank you for watching
guys I appreciate it if you’re new to this channel please consider subscribing
make sure you hit that notification bell so you be the first know every time I
upload your content and as always thanks for watching guys

19 thoughts on “Arcade1Up Star Wars Review & Game Play – The Force Is Strong In This One!

  1. Post Script: Yes, you can calibrate your flight yoke! Here is a tutorial on how to –>
    After posting this review I learned there is indeed a calibration menu on this cabinet for the yoke, to fine tune it if you wish. My instruction booklet arrived in tatters inside my packaging so I never had a chance to read about this. It’s a great feature!

  2. I agree with the "don't play the waiting game" comment. I thought about it and came to the same conclusion as you – so I ordered it. Can't wait for it to arrive!

  3. I guess you forgot to read the manual because the instructions for calibrating the flight yoke are in the manual.

  4. for me – this is one of my most beloved childhood arcade games. I want it for nostalgia alone. I know that I would probably buy it and it would sit in my office unpowered though and Id rarely play it. It would just be for looks and the occasional high score bragging.

  5. Like your videos dude, you have any idea when these later cabs are coming to the UK. We've seen nothing after wave 1

  6. okay here's my question I'm six foot seven so with too small for me to play or what that's my problem with this is it tall enough me to play with the riser

  7. okay here's my question I'm six foot seven so with too small for me to play or what that's my problem with this is it tall enough me to play with the riser

  8. I don't know how long I'm gonna be able to resist this cabinet. I have very little interest in the actual games, but the cabinet is just too darn beautiful. I wonder if the yolk would work with any other games.

  9. The gray flash on the screen when hit by enemy fire was part of the original arcade version. I'm personally excited to see it back from years without MAME having it.

  10. I think this cabinet is absolutely worth it's price. The yoke alone makes it worth it but with the extra features, license, riser, lit Marquee I think this is a good price.

  11. CoolToy,

    DUDE! The new Arcade1up Star Wars cabinet IS FREAKIN' AMAZING! The Yoke feels like a dream! I don't know how they made something so light feel so much like the Arcade version! The buttons aren't as clicky as the microphones pick up in some videos I've watched, and in fact, feel almost identical to the arcade as well! I don't know how they did it!

    The way the "hit flash" looks on a LCD screen will take some getting used to, but other than that, I can't say enough good things about this cabinet. But let me say something really positive about the LCD. The contrast is MILES ABOVE the first run of Arcade1up machines! I have Star Wars sitting beside my Atari 12 in 1 and its light years in difference, making my 12 in 1 screen seem very washed out. Arcade1up knocked it out of the park with this next generation!

    Looking forward to your review of the Marvel Super Heroes Special Edition cab. I pre-ordered this one as well, and after my experience with Star Wars, I'm having no fear that it's going to wow as well! Not even crossing my fingers this time 🙂


  12. Question: Is there any particular difference or preference between this SW arcade setup from Gamestop vs. Walmart? Thanks.

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