Arcade1Up Golden Tee And Countercades Now Up For Pre-order!!

welcome back to the channel. today’s an
exciting day because we finally have some pre-order and pricing information
on the new counter Cades as well as the Golden Tee arcade cabinet coming up that’s right it looks as though arcade
one up and game stop have come to terms on releasing some of the new wave 2
units that were first teased back in January at the CES show in Las Vegas
newly added to the GameStop website is the counter Cades Dig Dug Space Invaders
centipede and pac-man not shown are the ghosts and goblins or the Galaga counter
Cades what we saw at CES so these may end up being another stores exclusives
the counter Cades are priced at $199 apiece and show a scheduled release date
of May 5th additionally a game stop is added the Golden Tee arcade cabinet that
has the beefed up half controls as well as the light-up marquee atop the cabinet
this unit is fetching a higher price of $499 which is in line with what the
messages we were hearing from the arcade 1up reps at the CES show this cabinet is
also showing a release date of May 5th lastly we have included bundles of
pac-man and Galaga arcades with risers and these risers are unique in that they
have custom graphics that match the theme of both the pac-man and Galaga
cabinets it should also be noted that these two cabinets were previously
Walmart exclusives and no longer appeared to be the solely tied to a
Walmart distributors agreement these bundles will run a person 379 dollars
respectively so there we have it we have official pricing on the counter Cades
the golden tea cabinet as well as some previously exclusive cabinets bundle
with graphic risers which one of these are you most interested in let me know
in the comments down below is it for this arcade 1up news update I’ll be sure
to put links for the pre-orders down below in the video description box and
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