Arcade1Up CES Reveals – Hidden Gems & NBA Jam!

Arcade1Up CES Reveals – Hidden Gems & NBA Jam!

welcome back to the channel. man do we
have some exciting stuff to talk about today so let’s get after it shall we that’s right ladies and gentlemen CES is
in full swing and there is a ton of information to talk about so we’re gonna
do this old-school I don’t know what else is more fitting than you know an
ode to one of my first arcade 1up videos with the whole laptop and the desk type
thing so we’re gonna do with that we’re gonna
do it old-school because there is a ton of information we need to cover first
things first the cabinets alright so there’s some announced cabinets that
were posted on the arcade 1up website last night and lo and behold some of
these mmm may be upset you some of these may be excited you so let’s go ahead and
cover these shall we so the MORTAL KOMBAT cabinet includes
Mortal Kombat 1 Mortal Kombat 2 and Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 you’ve no doubt
seen one of my previous videos where I spilled the beans that this cabinet was
coming out sadly it looks like it’s gonna come out a little later than
arcade 1 up originally planned being that it’s scheduled to come out in
September instead of March first like they originally said next up is the
golden tea cabinet this is scheduled to come out in June now what is exciting
about the golden tea arcade is not only is this the number one bar game in
America this is also a game that has a lip marquee and it has a happe trackball
you will have to pay a little bit extra for these upgrades currently we do not
know the exact pricing but it really is exciting to see the Alip marquee is now
starting to become a possibility on arcade 1up cabinets next up we have the
final fight cabinet final fight we already knew about was originally
scheduled to come out early last year and got delayed it has the same games on
it final fight 1944 ghosts and goblins and Strider another cabinet we knew a
little bit about because it’s currently released overseas is the space invaders
cabinet this is scheduled to come out February and includes space invaders
color and space invaders in black and white next up we have the karate champ
cabinet this one is scheduled to come out in September it has Crotty champ bad
dudes burger time and caveman ninja I’m a huge fan of karate champ in fact I
knew this cabinet was coming I tried to drop some subtle hints across my social
media accounts over the last couple of days I didn’t
go out and blatantly reveal this because I didn’t want to take away the Thunder
from arcade one up but if you’re following any of my social media in the
last couple of days there’s definitely been some clues about some cabinets that
were announced and some that haven’t been officially announced yet that are
still on the way so now it’d be a good time to start lurking some more exciting
develops so we can see in these images are risers with graphics now available
I’ve reported on this channel a couple times before there are a few companies
out there starting to dip their toes into the aftermarket graphics well it
looks like Arcade wanna took notice and they’re going to do a little bit of this
activity in-house which or power to them that’s a great idea and some of these
graphics really look great we’ve got a mortal kombat final fight Galaga really
exciting options on these riser graphics not to be outdone there they also have
newly designed sturdier built stools that also include these arcade game
graphics on the seat itself also revealed today were some light-up
marquees separate from the cabinets so we have the golden tea cabinet that has
the light-up marquee as an additional added extra we also have the ability to
buy marquees the light up so this is essentially a wall art that you put on
your wall push a button lights up and it looks like an arcade marquee very handy
very very neat idea on top of that we also have some new plushies way more
than I announced earlier in my video this summer
this is plushies x 10 it seems like some of these are absolutely amazing I
personally absolutely am in love with the cabinet style plushies I think that
is a great idea so whoever designed that excellent job as well as we can also see
some more tin signs and some 10 cabinet marquee replicas also we have some
images of the Street Fighter cocktail cabinet this includes the Street Fighter
cabinet games that are currently out now only in cocktail form as well as a very
interesting development this is something that completely caught me by
surprise I had heard no whispers of it whatsoever so I am with everybody on
this is completely news to me a Capcom 12 and one
cocktail cabinet what is interesting about this as you’ve seen this image is
that they purposely blacked out six of the twelve games so as you can tell
arcade one up is not exactly a hundred percent ready to officially unveil this
to the general public quite yet but exciting to see that we’ll
get a 12 min one fighting cabinet where you can go ahead to head with your
friends in cocktail cabinet style next up we have bar top arcades or counter
Cades as arcade lineup is now affectionately referring to these we
have a pacman with pac-man and pac pal centipede and Missile Command a space
invaders with space invaders original and space invaders color a Dig Dug and
Dig Dug to Galaga and Galaxian as well as a ghosts and goblins with another
game maybe to be announced later it would be a little strange if this was
the only counter cade that only came with one game and if bar tops are not
your thing well we’ve got Walt Cades that’s right wall caves are a little
bigger version of the bar tops these come with a 12 inch LCD screen one of
them I took particular interest in was a defender this one is specifically just
for defender this is an interesting development because there’s a lot of
people namely myself included that didn’t really like the layout of the
defender game on the rampage cabinet this appears to have a much better
version of the cabinet layout which hopefully means we will all have a
better defender playing experience coming soon
lastly we have something that I teased in the wee hours of Monday morning I was
fortunate enough to see the prototype build of this cabinet unfortunately I
was also told I wasn’t allowed to speak officially of it or post an image of it
so I was very happy to see somebody catch a glimpse of this cabinet out
there in the wild so I can officially unveil to you today the NBA Jam cabinet
that’s right folks NBA Jam is coming from arcade 1up that does it for this
video update be sure to like this video and comment down below what your
favorite announcement from CES was if you found any of this information
helpful be sure to share it with your friends also if you’re new to this
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100 thoughts on “Arcade1Up CES Reveals – Hidden Gems & NBA Jam!

  1. Cooltoy,

    Hopefully you didn't see my debacle of a response about Arcade1up price hike. I clicked on the Walmart Canada site by mistake. Epic Fail. Prices are still $299. My bad


  2. Hey hey CoolToys Whaaaaaats Up man, I just bought me a street Fighter arcade 1up and I really want to change out the right sticks because I’m noticing that I’m having an hard time pulling off street Fighter moves man. Do you have any recommendations bro. Nice channel man I just subscribed and check me out as well.

  3. I'm so happy about the Karate Champ cabinet as it's one of my favorites. The thing I can't believe is that they have a Galaga and a Pac-Man but no Donkey Kong? Those are the big 3. Also give us a Vs. Super Mario Bros. and a Q-bert, Frogger, and a Tapper.

  4. Crap, I'm running out of room in the arcade 1up cabinet room in my house. Gonna have to be choosey, especially with all possibly more unannounced stuff coming later this year.

  5. So before I start purchasing these, are they going to start coming with deck top protectors like they currently offer on the site (but only till March?

  6. This is so awesome! I’m definitely buying all things Mortal Kombat from them! The cabinet itself, the stool, everything! Thanks for the news man!

  7. I think the Golden Tee being the old 2k series is a disappointment. The popular bar series was the Fore versions. These versions have been available before for home market:

  8. When you mentioned the final fight cabinet I noticed you didn’t say a projected release date. Any clue on a time frame?

  9. Are the 'sold separately' light up marquis only for wall-hanging? or can they be installed in the cabinets (replacing the non-light up ones)?

  10. I’ll buy mortal Kombat kabinet, I hope they bring killer instict 1-2…

    My arcade1up wishlist.

    Raiden series
    Saturday night slamasters
    Donkey Kong “Hopefully if Nintendo lets them”
    Pole Position
    Gunstar series
    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles “hyperstone heist”
    Aliens Vs Predator
    Simpson’s arcade
    Altered Beast
    Fantasy zone
    Alien Storm
    BattleToads (arcade)

  11. NBA JAM is good news, now that the news is out there can you comment on if there was more games on the prototype cabinet?

  12. There's starting to be a bunch of games I want on one cabinet. They should do custom cabinets or something. I'd do mine like:
    1. Rampage
    2. Gauntlet
    3. NBA Jam
    4. Mortal Kombat

    (I assume thered be a limit of 4, then you can MAYBE pay extra for up to 2 more??)

  13. Great video. Any info you have on a possible plug & play spinner for Tempest game on the 12 & 1? Appreciate brother. ✌

  14. If you enjoy CoolToy's coverage of Arcade1up but want deeper info on Arcade1up modifications then please come check out my channel. If you enjoy the content subscribe, hit that notification bell to be informed of future videos.

  15. I'd be interested in a cocktail of some kind (though not the fighting one).

    That Pac-Man stool looks pretty sweet too

  16. hopefully nfl blitz with nba jam. I think either mk or nba jam is going to pull me to the dark side and get one. the dream come true would be a neo geo version with a good chunk of games. A konami cab would be nice too. Good video!

  17. We have the pac man and the street fighter cabinets. Super fun! We would also love to see the ninja turtles cabinet. But I personally would love to see 1942 instead of the 1944.

  18. If the Street Fighter cocktail gets 12 games, then the Pacman one better have 12 too and it better include Splatterhouse!

  19. Dam, that MK cabinet has everything needed out of the box.

    2 select buttons
    2 start buttons

    and a very nice art of the game on the sides.

    It looks super tempting.

  20. Awesome! GOLDN TEE GOLF! I need 2 of these one for my home and one for my office game room. Mortal Kombat 2 cab looks like a way cool toy for sure. Now, don't tell me I have to wait till June? Oh well I like the information here.

  21. I hoped Mortal Kombat 4 revision 3.0 would've been included in the MK cabinet. Maybe it could be available for PSN and Xbox Arcade.

  22. Thanks for keeping us informed. It's very frustrating to see all these machines coming out. If I had the money, I'd buy them all!!! Unfortunately, I cannot afford any – ATM!!!!! :o/

  23. Golden Tee is going to be great for my mancave but i wish they threw in a bowling game. Now i hope they will of a light gun cabinet with time crisis, point blank, house of the dead. A Beatmania cabinet would be great too.

  24. No Power Rangers cabinets? Oh right, I have most of the Power Ranger video games and they're…really an acquired taste. XD

  25. Would really like to see hard plastic overlay to protect the artwork around the buttons and joysticks like a full size arcade machine.

  26. I don’t own one of these but are people really pumped for these things? I’ve read that they are made from particle board and that there’s all kinds of bad reviews on these things…

  27. Wow. Gargantuan update. Hoping to hear more on the 6 in 1 Asteroids Deluxe, Asteroids, Gravitar release that was destined for Costco. Heard anything?

  28. What I’d like to know is, WHEN do the second generation upgrades affect the first generation cabinets? Like, when will we start seeing the asteroids, street fighter and rampage cabinets updated with the protective plastic, updated sound and controls, etc? How will be able to tell the newer ones from the old?

  29. Dang, I will be tempted by defender if they get the controls right. It would be cool to see a robotron. This is endless, lol

  30. It's too much, all of those games should just be in one cabinet yes it's kool but I'm not buying every single cabinet just cause.

  31. Well final fight cabinet looks like the only one I would get disappointed in space invaders they could add more than 2 games lol also what about a lame cab w at least 30 games

  32. I'm going to have to get the Karate Champ one. That's the one game I can't play with my home arcade setup because you need the four controllers. It's just not the same with the buttons. I wish I had thousands of dollars to get all of them.

  33. @cooltoy What is the cabinet at 3:29 it seems like an asterioids 8 in 1? the 12in1 is next to it. but it seems its all the vector games on one cabinet

  34. Do you think they will come out with a after market spinner for tempest and major havoc? I know there are do it yourself mods, but I'd rather just buy one and install it.

  35. If i buy my games in march how can i get a panel and plexiglass cover??? if they not sending it out for free after end of February. can you find out.

  36. They totally needed to put stargate on the defender wallcade… And I hope the capcom 12 in 1 will be released for a normal mini cab.
    I totally want a cocktail cab. And I probably will buy one… But, not a fighter cocktail machine. Just a bummer as I already have the streetfighter one and if that is 3 of the games in the 12 in 1.. .Then I'd hate to rebuy… But, I might just make my original streetfighter cab into a raspberry pi unit.
    I already got one of those though.. But, having 2 is okay…
    Berserk and frenzy would be great in the future. And really I hope they start doing more games in the cabs. As I like that these are official releases and I like to support stuff like this. But, I don't have infinite room in my house.

  37. Street fighter II the world warrior isnt even on the arcade, yet a marquit is out????
    Reminds when I saw champion efition installed in the old SFII cabinet. I am complaining because SFII is my favorite before champion edition came out.
    Also tapper would be a great game to add and mercs or alien storm.
    World class bowling with the track ball.

  38. It just got real they are making arcade 1up cocktail table version and it perfect for a game room or man cave.

  39. Nba,nfl blitz,nhl showdown cabinet,,🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

  40. I'm waiting for a cabinet with a steering wheel and driver's seat with a bunch of driving games like pole position. I also want a light gun cabinet with duck hunt and other's. I also think a nintendo cabinet would be awesome with games like the 3 Donkey Kong games, along with Mario Bros, popeye, excite bike, VS Super Mario, and others.

  41. How can they make a nba jam game when 1 EA owns the rights to nba jam and 2 all the likeness amd licences fee they would have to play the nba and players. Which years are they going to use? Unless they partner up I don't see nba jam coming.

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