Anthem: Finally EXPOSED! + Bioware’s Response!

Anthem: Finally EXPOSED! + Bioware’s Response!

*quiet slurping* Well, We always wanted to know what happened with Anthem And Now, due to an Article that just came out guys, we now know what happened to Anthem What happened? So, We’ve had our theories, and this kinda confirms, some of them. WE GOT IT RIGHT Most of them (Both: Joe) We got it f***ing right. It seems like everything that could have possibly gone wrong, went wrong. And first off, I wanna give full credit to Jason Schreier, of Kotaku. And I Know, Kotaku, but Jason, does good work, he’s a journalist, he actually researches these. He’s got a verification from 19 different staffers of BioWare He’s put together a lot of interviews and stories from people that have worked there From people that have worked along side there, and everything. In order to put together some pieces, and actually figured out What the h*** happened with Anthem. Which is something I’ve always wanted to know. And now, from his article on Kotaku, which I highly recommend It’s a very lengthy article, so we are going to try and go through some of it here with you. But I highly recommend, click the link in the description below. Support him. Give him some thanks for putting the hard work into it like this. Because this is very important to talk about. And the reason why it’s important to talk about is so that lessons are learned from this.

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  1. Can't believe they set good people to work on FiFA… There are 2 types to blame there. The people that made the decision to put them there, and the fucktards that buy those shitty sports games.

  2. I feel very disappointed in myself for getting it and I know now why at the game Store was selling the game for 19$.

  3. Ok…I was avoiding this video, but now that I´ve finally watched it…I am seriously scared for the next Dragon Age 🙁 I love those games to death and if they take it like they did with Anthem….

  4. Why would you need a programmer for fifa? You only need one art guy and google to look up a football teams new kits and change it in the game! Boom new fifa! $60+ please

  5. I work in a game dev for 14y and I must thank you for such video. There is a reason why so many aaa games suck. Those directors have great salaries and their ultimate goal is to keep job as long as possible. They don't give a shit about feedbacks or even making some great product. They just do bla bla about games that will never exist and it's so frustrating.
    That's why I'm happy I'm going to smaller developer from Poland where actually I'll have opportunity to actually make some good games. Support creative guys, not aaa.

  6. purchased this the other day for $28 NZ dollars …. still glitchy and you can tell it's been cut n pasted a lot but new armours etc have been released and still people online but I think it'll die … dam shame it wasn't a finished product before release cause it had potential to be really great and a lot of fun

  7. I love how your computor treated parts of your coffee mug as greenscreen! I could see through the superman logo!

  8. This is the exact kinda shit that goes on at my job all the time.. incompetent people at the top.. don’t listen to the people in the trenches.. who actually do the shit everyday and know what has to get done.. “shut up I’m the boss I’m not here to listen to you I’m here to make this company money” even tho listening to your team might actually aid you in making your brand successful.

  9. E3:
    Audience: Ohhhh this was the game they have been working on, interesting

    Bioware: ohhhhhh this is the game we are working on, interesting

  10. Maybe Anthem is EA's Springtime for Hitler. I wonder if they blew it on purpose so they can count the loss later on. Except it will NEVER be a surprise success.

  11. 2.2 million views glad it's gotten this much exposure, these newscasts really puts your channel on another level Joe there's really no one that has been calling these guys out . Including your great game reviews that never holds back any punches dude good job. who thumbs this down?? honestly people that don't understand jack shit??!!?!???!?

  12. Now that the Bioware Anthem mystery is solved, maybe the author of the article could also solve the mystery of Bethesda's Fallout 76. I'd jokingly forsee the latter as not being an online article, but rather a full length audio book.

  13. Perhaps Bioware can pull a Troika, once the studio is destroyed by EA, take your mates that make up a well functioning team and start over, like Troika went on to make up Obsidian.

    Joe, next time ask you audience to share what game burn them when the pre-ordered it or purchased it day one, and thus stopped buying games prior to reviews. Would be interesting to look through what games influenced these people to chant "remember, no pre-order".

  14. This game was a missed opportunity….

    Could have been great… lazy, rushed…wish I never spent money on this game…

  15. this last update is awsume tho 😛 i get that u wanna be all blah ABOUT IT but they were always pretty clear it was a demo game… u should be happy they update these versions and dont repress it in physical editions 😛 seeing its EA ………

    the game is good and some products have different roads and that should be fine …even tho i was pissed for a while too ( lets just hope for some color )

  16. 8:52

    EA forces its developers to make multiplayer games.
    EA does not respect the identity of the studios it buys.
    EA thinks the multi is more profitable than the solo.
    EA wants all his games to be multi stuffed with dlc, micro-transaction and loot box.

    it's all EA's fault to dictate bioware conduct.

    bioware experience, it own blood, it's the solo video game nothing else.

  17. Modern day supercompanies do have awful leadership issues. They turn into a culture of egos that are all self promoting their personal upward climb . There is a term I've heard called "pushing back". Basically when asked to perform a job, you don't do it so that someone else might do part of it for you. Then once it's done you take credit because it was listed as your task. This is one of the ways mega companies train their leaders when they go to leadership seminars.


  19. You would think that they would have given Bioware Austin more consideration just based on the pedigree of developers that have come out of Texas in the last 20 years, but apparently not.

  20. Boo hooo! I wont feel sorry for the developers. Hard work my ass. Hard working people are the ones working the docks.

  21. Lol, EA being confirmed as not the bad guy here: peeps still pointing fingers at EA anyway, garunteed xD

    Also, shit I had forgotten it wasn't just EA…. Frostbite too…. That's an unholy trinity of tomf*ckery… Shit, that sucks :/
    Wtf Bioware xD

  22. With respect to BioWare, after the disaster as a whole, which was Mass Effect: Andromeda, I'm not surprised in the least about these revelations of Anthem!

  23. Regarding the early demo's I figured this game was not releasing till 2020 for next generation where the game could really shine. Too bad they did not release till fall, 2020. The game would have been so much better…looking back at Division 1 and many others, perhaps similar development situations also existed.

  24. you know what would make bioware a lot of money if they made SW the old republic mmo with anthem graphics….. billion dollar idea right here

  25. So heres my question having not watched the whole video. They made the players test the unfinished game for them. But will they ever add on enough to make a full game.

  26. So after reading the article I gathered the main problem problem was there wasn't an alpha personality on the team willing to step up and take charge (I hate that I used that term). Everybody had good ideas and was willing to work buy nobody wanted to take lead. Hate to see it, so much wasted potential.

  27. How can you ask for 6 more months to a year? They put it together in a little over a year and did fuck all for 5-6 years. That is absolutely inexcusable. I actually feel bad for EA somehow, sure the engine isn't meant for the game… You have 7 years. You'd think after 3 years of NO WORK BEING DONE someone would start taking leadership and getting work done and actually start building the game. It's shocking. I'm shocked.

  28. Reminds me of the demise of f2p game Marvel Heroes. Was a great game with super high quality models that was completely mismanaged. They basically remade the game 3 times and tried to bait people with free shit. They didn't charge enough for costumes and made no money due to too many freebies. People would just login to get the free shit and that is it.

  29. A lot of these "bombshells" are not all that surprising. They're a lot of the exact same issues that were surrounding Andromeda. The slow preproduction, bad game engine, poor leadership, etc.

  30. I stopped playing destiny for two months thinking this game was gonna get better and it didn't I'd rather play destiny 1's worse dry periods than ever reinstall that damn game.

  31. Bioware basically acted like a bunch of union construction workers when making anthem. If u understand what I'm talking about then a g.

  32. I get you don't wanna edit much but PLEASE test Mic levels whiles screaming NOT by when "testing" (mic -check) you don't set the LOUD people with same if not higher mic level than someone like Delrith or even other joe who are basically whispering

  33. BioWare to EA: Hey, we have this brand new looter shooter called Anthem, can you help us with it.

    EA: One question, can we add micro transactions

  34. Developed games in 7 years:
    RDR2 – Turns out an actually worth 60$ game, would've paid even more, cus it was fantastic
    Anthem – Bitch, learn your stuff, go back and study again for a couple of years, and then come back making games…

  35. This is why free playable pre-launch demos should be a thing! FOR FREE. Then we know that the developers are actually confident about their game.

  36. NO, Joe. NO.
    No "This game would be unacceptable for five, six years!". NO, Joe.
    That's NOT how this works. The game is what it is, no matter how it got there – yes, it's good to know what happened, but that changes nothing about what the game ISunacceptable.

  37. It’s actually becoming a good game it’s garbage a lil but now but so was battlefront 2 but it will get better

  38. It was all Casey Hudson's fault he fucked up mass effect,now anthem.He was the worst choice to put in lead chair of bioware.Liar,idiot,asshole a shit man from every topic.A clown and a zero.

  39. There was a huge content drought in Star Wars The Old Republic for a long time because a lot of the developers was moved to Anthem

  40. Wonder what the game in development for 5 years would have looked like, before Anthem was ahh Anthem.

    BioWare leaders “ Nah, the zombie craze was last year.”
    Sees Anthem” DAT LOOK GOOD, LET DO DAT!”
    BioWare developer “That’s my kids… Oh crap.”

  41. Another thing I don’t understand is they didn’t know what kind of game they were making. I remember me and my fireteam was talking about anthem the next destiny killer looter shooter while we were playing the taken king raid in the original destiny. Shit I think that was 2015 or 2016. How did we know before them???

  42. When an engine requires “hacking around” it or problems you’re having with it have no solutions just “workarounds”, it’s not the right engine for your project

  43. I decided not to buy the game before any reviews or previews where released, i saw the EA logo which is a seal of approval for garbage nowdays.

    People, never buy an EA game ever again haven't been buying 1 single EA game since Battlefield 1 and it's the best decision i made regarding gaming.

  44. Bioware: You see that waterfall over there, you can actually fly to that waterfall.

    I buy the game,excited to play in the world of ANTHEM! Get in my javelin load into the open world…seen that the waterfall wasn't there and the world was changed…FUCK THIS GAME!!!

  45. Gameplay is fun and it did or could have had great potential but like anything involving EA and other developers/companies they give zero fucks about the community, their player base aka the fucking real customers, because there to busy sucking the shareholders dicks which is why so many games are released unfinished these money greedy dumb fucks need to pull there heads out of their assholes and see what the sky looks like

  46. I literally cannot point at anyone except for the management and direction team from Bioware for destroying the livelihood of their employees. This was horrible.

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