Android Try & Buy – Try our HD Games for free

Android Try & Buy – Try our HD Games for free

[Music] coming soon to Android smartphones [Music] you [Music] and already available [Music] I can be Gameloft revolutionizes gaming on android smartphones Oh you unmatched high-definition games [Music] [Music] try before you buy the first thing you’ll want to do is search for Gameloft on google then tap on the first link you see for the Gameloft shop here you’ll see a list of games available for try and buy I’ll select the game I want to do so I just tap on the free trial’ button that appears underneath the title now the game is downloading when it’s complete I’ll be asked whether I want to install the application so I just have to tap the word install and wait for it to finish next you may be told that the game requires additional data to run on your phone tap yes and proceed then wait until the last file transfer is complete tap the splash screen and enjoy the game

94 thoughts on “Android Try & Buy – Try our HD Games for free

  1. I think these games are just a port of the iphone games 😛

    But the iphone will deliver better games because for android there are cheaper devices who are not that strong 😛

  2. Oh look its the second best platform as sales of 60 million vs so many billion for app developers. gameloft you know where the money is. android users are cheap skates

  3. @sebucwerd Well i mean both are just operating systems… Not androids fault that apple only releases its os on a few phones.

  4. @MrReezN the iphone cant be compared to the android
    but to psp and ds
    do u have street fighter 4 on androiid
    do u have prince of persia warrior whitin
    do u have a dreamcast emulator
    do u have sonic 4
    well i canT tell u all the list

  5. @MrReezN iphone>android
    the gfx of the the iphone can hundle much polygone than the psp
    its just like saying : the psp have only 33mhz and 512mb of ram ds is better
    its not the cpu or the ram that make the game good
    its the gfx
    and the iphone 4 have 1Ghz and 512mb dont lie plz

  6. @watchinvidzeo dude the iphone 3g is 700mhz
    iphone 4 is 1ghz
    i have an iphone stop this lies
    and 3x polygones???
    that explain why android games are good
    just like ps3

  7. @watchinvidzeo u are only an apple hater
    why should i talk to u
    And im sure That u know that it has 1ghz but u want say it
    any way dont reply plz because i dont want to spend my time writing comments

  8. @MrReezN Yes but its not like pc that you can change settings like medium to high. If you want to maken a game you want the game to be playable on much phones and not just the best. So they need to start with phones with lower specs then the iphone 😛

  9. @zawette Actually Apple never mentioned the clock speed of the iphone, some people have said 1 GHz, others have said 600 MHz.. so really it is up for debate.

  10. I really appreciate these games, there are very few decent 3D games for android, it seems like most developers don't care about android. Look at the sims 3, both the iphone and WebOS versions look great, the android version looks terrible and is very buggy.. so it is nice to have some better games for a change.

  11. Love gameloft games, but why are there no games for the BEHOLD 2???? Im tired of being left behind, I want in on the excitement like other ANDROID phones!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Lol. People thinking their android is good at gaming because of this. There are a lot better games for the iphone better than this like chaos rings, gta chinatown wars, sf4, cod waw zombies, spiderman: total mayhem, bia 2: globa front, hro of sparta 2, and many more.

  13. its actually very immature to say which phone is better than the other. its all about personal preferences. we do have imperfect knowledge about phones and we cannot say which phone is ultimately better. one thing though, apple has definitely better marketing skills than other brands. do a little bit of research get the phone that u like, and enjoy using it( until it spoils)

  14. @Rayz093
    They have a 1ghz snap dragon processor. So the load of the graphics is transfered to the cpu. And thats more than enough processing memory. And actually some handsets have nvidia graphic chipsets…

  15. @MyWoWBank It would be kind of sad if it didnt considering the number of high end and mid range phones use it. though things might go better for ios with the new ipod touh 4gen.

  16. How about you think about using the ANDROID MARKET….nobody likes your stupid site…it won't even let me download things for G2…I don't think you realized how much you've alienated android users.

  17. please please but ur games on to the android market!! Or at least give us a good reason why you wont

  18. Put the damn games on the marketplace already…and make them compatible with more phones! I have a backflip and I know I know it's the cheaper one but I'm sure it CAN run these games (runs ToonWarz, Raging Thunder 2, etc) so why are you not allowing people to play on it?

  19. Why cant i play any free trials on my phone? I have an Epic 4g and i went to the site but every game is Buy and i cant find free trials anywhere D: i would like to try the game before buying it

  20. @shadon09 oooo so impressive… really not like those games arent going to come to android… only one that probably wont come over is chaos rings

  21. @vincentabee uhm….like iphone never had those things;;?
    iphone and ipod touches had does literally a year ago;;well apart from the asphalt5.
    but what will you say about Infinity sword, Asphalt 6, Real Racing 2, Rage?

    get lost. if we are apple fanboys, then you guys are android fanboys troll

  22. Gameloft no longer offering "try and buy" according to their support staff. BAD MOVE GAMELOFT! Please remove this video as it is now misinformation.

  23. @lfsdorifter You can go to our store and use the "Games for your phone" widget and all the games for your phone will be displayed. Have a nice day!

  24. @gameloft they dont… i tried it so many times, but verizon galaxy tab doesnt support all games except the spider man game, thats it…

  25. Can you guys get att to put an app store on their Androids and work out a deal like Amazon is doing? Att blocking side loading is the worst.

  26. I mean get them to put your app store on these things. I miss Sprint as they do not block side loading, none of the carriers do except att.

  27. Is there any way to buy Gameloft games on MetroPCS? Specifically the Galaxy Indulge? It's plenty powerful enough but I couldn't figure out any method of even figuring out if the games would work on their website. Any help would be appreciated!

  28. is there a way to buy a game without a credit card but instead being billed in my carrier(for example via vodafone)

  29. @marcosfan90 Hey there,

    First of all it depends on your device. If you have an iPhone, you will be able to play only through CC on the App Store. For java/ brew/ android phones yo can pay through you carrier. Anyway, you won't be able to do this in every countries, but for more info and also the easiest way to find out is to check directly from your mobile and you will see all the payment means available. 🙂
    If you have another question, please feel free to ask. 🙂
    Have a nice day!

  30. @gameloft I have a "knock off" device that uses the same processor as the Galaxy Tab, will your games still work on my device? Thanks 🙂

  31. do they still offer try and buy? because my phone isnt showing any free trial games available on their website. ( I have a Motorola Milestone xt720) (Sholes tablet)

  32. @TheMMOFPS Please check our official website in order to check if the games work or not or your device.

    Good luck!

  33. @gameloft sorry if this annoys you but are these try an buy games still on I tried to find them on my phone but I cant find them. also when I load the game N.O.V.A on the screen goes white but still the game music is playing, Any ideas also the phone is a Google Nexus S.

  34. "James Cameron's Avatar" doesn't work on my Sony Ericsson Xperia play :'(

    I can't download it :'(

    Please change! Gameloft! You can it better! Thx 🙂

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