Amazing Frog? – Game Grumps

Amazing Frog? – Game Grumps

Arin: ♬Hey, I’m Grump!♬ Dan: ♬I’m No-So Grump!♬ Both: ♬And we’re the Game Grumps!♬ Arin: Welcome to “The Amazing Frog?”!
Dan [slightly incoherent]: He-mm-uuh- [Arin snickers] Dan: What is this, Arin?
Arin: Here’s your controller. Dan: Okay.
Arin: This is an “Fayju” [oo-yuh] game. Dan: It’s one in the morning… -we’ve-we’ve been Grumping for like 14 hours, I’m exhausted. Arin: It’s my favorite Fayju game.
Dan: I’m SO ready to go to bed, but Arin was like – -“NO! No bed for-” -what the fuck. Arin: Yeah, just, uh, to jump to join. Hit “A.”
Dan: Uh, okay. [Dan=Right screen] Arin: Yep. So, you’re in now.
Dan: Oh-OH! Okay. [Arin=Left screen.] Arin [slurring tiredly]: So, this is “The Amazing Frog?” Dan: Wait, what – how do I-?
Arin: Just keep hitting “A,” I guess. Dan: Oh.
Arin: Yeah. Dan: Oh. Alright. Arin [whisper]: Yesss.
[normal volume] So yeah, here we go. Dan: What is – [laughing] HAPPENING?
[Dan & Arin laugh] Dan: Wh-what- [breaks off laughing]
[Arin laughs] Dan: What is-!?!
Arin: Get up, get up, and launch yourself!
Dan: How do I- how do I get up? [Dan & Arin laugh hysterically]
Dan [through laughter]: What the ffuck?!? [frog farts]
Arin: [gasp] Alright, so the point of this game is to get mad air, yo. Dan: Oh, are you serious?
Arin: Yeah. Dan: Wow.
Arin: So right now your score is 124, that’s your best jump. Dan [tiredly]: Okay. Dan [tiredly]: Whooo~!
Arin: Mine’s 243- Dan: Oh [laughing] fffuc-u-u-k!
[Dan & Arin laugh] [Dan & Arin laughing] Dan [laughing]: What? Arin: [giggles] Y-you gotta- you gotta get some UPS, bruh! Dan: How do I get up??? How do I get- Arin: You gotta use-
[Dan laughs hysterically]
[frog farts] [Dan & Arin laugh] Arin [laughing]: So, you gotta use your pathetic jump button.
[Dan gasping for air] Dan: Ooh, man.
[Arin coughs] [Dan giggles] Arin: [giggle] And get yourself up with the “B” button- Dan: WHOO!
Arin: -and fall over.
[Dan laughs] Dan [giggling]: Ooh, god!
[Dan & Arin laugh] [Dan & Arin laugh hysterically] [Dan gasps for breath]
[Dan & Arin continue laughing hysterically] [Dan & Arin continue laughing hysterically] [Dan gasps for breath]
[Dan & Arin’s hysterical laughter continues] [Dan continues laughing]
Arin [laughing]: I’m just gonna go up here for a sec. [Dan gasping] Arin: WHOO~! Dan: Oh, it’s- [explosion] SO hard to fuckin’ – Arin: Aah, god!
Dan: Wait, I don’t underst- [Dan breaks off into laughter] Arin: It’s-it’s not a problem, dude.
Dan: Alright, fine. Arin: There’s no problem for you not understanding this game.
Dan: Okay. [tiredly] Okay. Arin: It’s just “The Amazing Frog?”
Dan: Okay. Dan: How do I get – oh I can get – I just- -I run faster if I get going, yeah? Arin: Yeah, so if you-you want to run and- Dan: What I jump into this- whoo!
[Dan grunts] [Dan & Arin laugh]
Dan [laughing]: Okay- Dan: Everything’s fine. Arin: You just wanna find something you can get “ups” with. Dan [slurred]: Okay.
Arin: So, like, you wanna find, like, uh- – uh, like a, like a fan- [Dan giggles]
Arin: Or like, uh, a launcher, or something like that, or a trampoline… Dan [giggling]: Oh –
[Arin chuckles] [explosion]
Dan: Whoo! Yooo! Arin [slurred]: Alright, here we go!
Dan: There you go! Dan: Alright.
[Arin speaks incoherently] [frogs farts] Arin [very slurred]: I gotta- I gotta get in this wind tunnel. Arin [slurred, laughing]: Shit, I keep falling down! Dan: Oh man. Arin: Hold on, can we have a moment of silence to listen to you walk? [sound of gentle slapping] [slapping sound continues]
[Dan & Arin giggle] Arin: Just a gentle “slap.”
Dan [slurred]: Wai- how do I- ? [Dan & Arin chuckle tiredly] Arin: Here we go. THERE we go- [incoherent mumbling]
Dan [laughing]: Oh jesus christ! [Dan & Arin laugh] [Dan gasps for breath] Arin: WHOO~!
[Dan laughs] Arin [tiredly]: Oh, shit yeah!
[frog farts] -fucking trampoline time.
[frog farts] -trampoline time, you get the best ups, yo. Dan: How -where are are you?? [explosion]
Dan: How did you get on a roof?? [more explosions]
Arin: Oh, I just launched myself. Dan [tiredly]: Wait, launch how? Arin: Tsk, so I found some some wind-
[frog farts] Dan [laughing]: Oh my god- [Dan & Arin laughing]
Dan [very slurred]: Did I just FART? Arin [giggling]: Yes.
Dan: Okay. Arin: You gotta problem with that? Dan: No! Arin: I found some wind tunnels to jump into. Dan: Ooh. Arin: Whooo~!
Dan: That looks great! Arin: Wheeee~!
Dan: Nice form. Arin: Thanks, man. I’m trying to get up to those blimps. Dan: …oh, okay.
Arin: Yeah. [Arin grunting]
Dan: Oh my god, look at your ups! Arin: Agh- yeeaah!
Dan: I’m so jealous! Arin: Yeah you should come to the trampoline with me man, it’s fun. Dan: Where am I going? Dan: Oh, wait, can I get up through here?
Arin: Oh, yeah, you can get up through there. Dan: Oh, yeeeah. [Arin laughs]
Dan [laughing]: GOD-dammit! [Dan & Arin laugh hysterically] [Dan laughing]
Arin: You might have to face-plant a little bit! Dan [laughing]: Whooo~!
Arin: I think you can make it! Dan: YEAH!
Arin: Oh, where are those blimps at? Oh, there they are. Arin: Okay. [Dan groans]
Arin: Gotta get up to those motherfuckers. Dan: Okay.
Arin: Aaand-HURGH! Arin: Guh-URGH! Dan: Oh, sweet.
Arin: Gooo- go, go, go, go, go! Arin [disappointed]: Oh, man! Dan: Will this fan blow me the other way – let’s see!
Arin: Yes, it will. Dan: Yeah!
[Arin chuckling] Dan: Whoo-hoo-hoo-hoo!
[explosion] [explosion] Arin: Yeah, if you hit the explosions at the right angle, they’ll launch you too.
Dan: Oh, man. Dan: Outstanding. Arin: You just gotta-you just gotta- – you gotta find out what gives you the best ups, yo. Dan [slurred]: Who fucking made this game? Arin: A bunch of Swedes.
Dan [tiredly]: Oh, they’re geniuses. [Arin giggles] Dan [very slurred]: They’re amazing. Arin: Oh, here we go, here we go – YAY, I’m on top of the blimp! WHOO!
Dan: Whoa, dude! Dan: Fu-[breaks off giggling]
Arin: Yesss! Dan [tired whisper]: O…kay.
Arin: Alright, I made it. I made it – OH JESUS – Arin: Okay. Time to bounce on the blimp!
[Dan groans] Arin: “Boing!” Arin: Okay, there’s another one up there, but I dunno if I-
Dan: YEEEAH~! Dan: Ugh!
[Dan snickers] [Arin laughing] Arin: Where you at, where you at, I can find you. Arin: Uuuh… Arin: I can’t find you.
Dan: I’m here! Dan [tired]: Doing-[mumbles]-I’m fine. [Dan snickers]
Arin: I can see you like – I can see a little green you at the camera. Arin: W-wait, wait, there’s- there’s something I need to get. Arin: Whooo~OOOOOO-
Dan: Oh, you’re way up THERE? Arin: HOOOOOO~!
[frog farts] Dan: -Oh my god, I CAN SEE YOU! Arin: WHOOOOO~!
Dan: -OH MY GOD! Dan: I’m trailing your progress! [Arin screams] Arin: “BSSH!”
Dan: Oh, AWESOME! [Arin laughing]
Dan [heroic]: “I’ll get you!” Dan: Wh-uh? Wait, where are you?
Arin [mumbling]: Wait, where is it. Oh, there’s the TV- Dan: Where are you – oh.
Arin: Hold on. [frog farts] [Dan bursts out laughing]
[Arin laughs] Dan [slurred]: So immature~ Arin: You okay, buddy? Dan: Whooa-fuck.
[Arin grunting] Dan: I will – I launched myself right off the trampoline.
Arin: Oh, here we go, here we go, here we go, here we go- Dan: Mmkay. [Dan giggles]
Arin: Aaaaaannn- -aaaaan-annnnd~
[♬♬♬] Dan: OH!
Arin [whisper]: YESSS.
[♬♬♬] Dan & Arin: Yeah!
[♬♬♬] Dan: Now we’re groovin’!
Arin: Uh, these are my jams, by the way.
[♬♬♬] Dan: Oh, wait , I can’t stay on the trampoline!
Arin: I dunno if you guys- Arin: Oh, you gotta jump, dude. You gotta-you gotta- Arin: -every time you hit it, you just jump.
Dan: Oh, oh. [♬♬♬] Arin [whisper]: Yessss.
Dan: Oh, yeah, there I go! [♬♬♬] Arin: You want some mad tunes?
Dan: Yeah, please. Arin [laughing]: Cuz I can give you some tunes, if you want. [♬♬♬] Dan: Oh, geez – [snickers]
[♬♬♬] [Dan grunts]
[Dan & Arin giggle]
[♬♬♬] Dan: Gah!
[♬♬♬] [Dan laughs]
[♬♬♬] Arin [laughing]: ‘Sup, buddy?
Dan: Hey, bruh! Arin [laughing]: You wanna hang out?
Dan [slurred]: Yeah, let’s jump on this… Dan: Let’s jump on this TRAMM-!
Arin: WHOO! Dan: Ugh! Dan [laughing]: Look at my guy!
[Arin chuckles] Arin: You can keep- you can keep going too, if you hold-
[Dan moans sensually] Arin: – if you hold jump, you can just keep going- [trails off]
[Dan moans sensually] Dan [slurred]: Wait-wait, check it out-
[Dan=Right screen.] [Dan groans sensually] [Arin giggles] Dan: Oh, now we’re feeling those rhythms!
[Arin moans sensually] [♬♬♬] Dan: Aawww, yeah.
[♬♬♬] [♬Arin sings along♬] Dan: Okay. [Dan grunts] Dan [laughing]: Jesus, this is so hard to control!
Arin [whisper]: Yesss! Dan: Whoo-hoo-hoo!
[Arin laughs] [explosion]
Dan: AAH! Arin: There’s a TV up there, if you wanna get the TV. Dan: I would love to, but I just exploded. Arin: Or you could steal the boombox from from me-if you want.
Dan [mumble]: Okay. [Dan snickers]
Dan: Oh my god, dude! [Arin groaning irritably]
Arin: This boombox is not letting me have good ups- – so I gotta, I gotta let it go for a little bit.
[♬sound of funky tunes fades♬] Dan [mumbling]: Alright. Yeah, okay.
[♬♬♬…] Arin: Cuz I gotta get myself- Dan: -mad UPS!
Arin: -the BEST- Dan: …The best of ups! Arin: Hey, hold on. [frog feet slapping] Arin: How do I- can I pick up the soccer ball?
Dan: Am I getting higher every time? Oh, I AM. Arin: Oh, I can pick up the soccer ball. [Dan grunts, laughs]
Arin: -[incoherent]- Arin: -wanna play some b-ball with me? Dan: Yeah! Arin: Hey, wanna play some b-ball?
Dan: Yeah- [Arin – Left Screen – giggles] Dan: Wait – that’s not b-ball. Arin: Try and keep up!
Dan: Ah! Dan [giggling]: Hold on.
Arin: YUP! [Arin groans] Dan: Wait-how do you pick it up?
Arin: See if you can make that shot, bro! Arin: Just pick it up with “Y.” [sound of frog feet slapping] [Dan & Arin laugh]
[…♬♬♬…] Dan: Got it! Ugh. Arin: Hey, how’s it going?
Dan: Alright. [Dan & Arin groaning] [Dan laughs]
[distant explosion] [Dan & Arin laugh] Dan: -AH! [laughs]
Arin: YEEEAAH! Arin: ♬Ground-surfing!♬
[Dan laughing] Arin: ♬Ground-surfing~!♬ Dan & Arin [harmony]: ♬Ground-surfing-!♬
Dan: ♬-USA!♬ Arin: ♬Oh, yeah!♬
[Dan groans] [Dan groans] Arin: ♬Ground-surfing!♬ Dan [shakily]: I’m okay. Arin: ♬Ground-surf♬-
I like how he’s like- – “I don’t fucking know about this, dude.”
Dan: Guh- Mm, yeah. Dan [strained]: Nnnot so sure- Dan: Oh, wait, “Y.” Okay. Dan: So, how do I throw it?
[sound of frog feet slapping] Arin: Uh, “Y” again.
[sound of frog feet slapping] Dan: Okay.
[sound of frog feet slapping] Arin: Try- try to get it
Dan: Oh-aw – [explosion]
Dan: Oh- I hit something-
Arin: Try to get it in that hoop- Dan [laughing]: I hit something! Oh god-
Arin: Hold on, you,-you need a soundtrack for this. Dan: Hol-yeah.
[♬♬♬] Dan [tired]: O-oh my god!
[♬♬♬] Arin: Oh shit, I lost my fucking – no!
[♬♬♬…] Arin: I need my boombox! I need my jams!
Dan: I can’t get my- [Dan laughs] Arin: Go on, try to make it in, dude! Try to make it in!
Dan: I can’t fucking even stand up!
[♬♬♬] Dan: Okay. Dan: Alright. I’m gettin’ up, I’m gettin’ up. Okay.
[♬♬♬] Arin: Aw, yeah, got my jams.
[Dan huffs] Dan: Okay. [♬Arin beatboxes♬] Dan: Where’s the basket? Oh, there we go.
[♬Arin beatboxes♬] [♬Arin beatboxes♬] Dan: Oh-oh!
Arin: There you go. Arin: Oh, man, you were close!
[Dan laughs] Dan: I was very close.
Arin: Holy shit! Dan: I think he- that ball is too big for the-
Arin: Alright, I’ll-I’ll get you the b-ball then. Dan: Okay. Thank you. [♬♬♬…] Arin: Here we go. [Dan grunts]
Arin: B-ball style! Dan: Oh-
Arin: You ready to play!?! Dan: Do it! Arin: You ready to play, playa?
Dan: Let’s do it. Dan: I’ll block ya shots, son.
Arin: Oh, snap, oh, snap!
Dan: Ugh! I hit the camera. Arin: Can’t block it when you ain’t even here!
Dan: …wait, where am I? Arin: Aaand, JUMP SHOT!
[cartoon slipping noise]
[Dan & Arin giggle] [Dan giggling]
Arin: Aw, damn, I was so close!
Dan: That was so close. Dan: Where AM I? Arin: You’re behind it now.
Dan: Oh, okay. [sound of frog feet slapping [Dan/?/Arin blows raspberry] Arin: Here, you wanna give it a go?
Dan: Yeah, please. Arin: Pass!
[Dan grunts] [Dan & Arin laugh] Dan: Thank you.
Arin [laughing]: Yeah, no problem! Dan: Oh my god.
Arin: No problem, dude. Dan: It’s just like my fucking 1st Grade basketball memories.
[Arin laughs] Dan: Running wildly after a ball that someone chucked 80 yards away. [sound of frog feet slapping] Arin: Give it a shot, man. Gonna make a long-shot?
Dan: Where is it? Okay. Arin: It’s this way.
Dan: Okay, there we go. Dan [whisper]: Okay.
[sound of frog feet slapping] Arin: I believe in you!
Dan: WHITE CHOCOLATE~! [Dan groans]
Arin [Frog]: “He’s not very good at this game.” [Dan & Arin laugh] Dan: Wait-wait-wait- stay there.
Arin [Frog]: “He’s not very good at all.” Dan: Keep- oh, wait-I can’t-[grunts]
[frog farts] Arin [Frog]: “He’s not very [mumbles].” Dan: I can’t get up, I can’t get up!
[Arin laughs] Dan: Help! Dan: Help. Arin: You need some help, buddy?
Dan: Uh- yeah, yeah, yeah, no, I’m okay. Dan: Wait, can you look at the camera one more time? Arin [Frog]: “What the fuck is going on with this guy?” Arin [Frog]: “I don’t know what the fuck is going on, he’s just like-” Arin [Frog]: “I don’t know what the fuck-[mumbling]-”
What are you-? [Arin giggles]
[Dan whines] Arin: [gasp] What are you doing?
[Dan groans] [Dan groans] [Arin laughs]
[Dan giggles] [Dan & Arin laugh] Arin [Frog]: “I’m outie, yo. I’m outie.”
Dan: Aw- oh. Dan: I was just about to-alright. [Arin laughs] Arin: I wanna-wanna
[Dan shouts] [Dan giggles]
Arin: I wanna show you some more majesty of this game. Dan: Alright. Arin: Let’s see if I can, uh-
Dan: Dude, this- AH! Jesus christ!
Arin: See if I can rattle your bones on this one. Dan: It’s the most-[explosion]
Arin: Oooh! Dan: Ah- wait, we should stick together-
Arin: BOOM! Dan: -it’s more fun when we stick together.
Arin: Oh, yeah. Come over here where I am. Dan: I can’t! Dan: This is the most disorienting game…oh wait, I see.
[Arin laughs] Arin: Oh, there a TV up there- -here it comes! Arin: Aaand – “BSH!”
Dan. Oh. Arin: You wanna watch some TV? Alright
Dan: Yeah, please. Arin: Then WATCH SOME TV-[laughs]
[Dan & Arin laugh] Dan [stoner voice]: “That’s a perfectly good TV, man! I’ll get it. [Arin grunts] Arin: “BSH!”
[Dan groans] [Dan laughs] Dan: Oh, god!
Arin: Oh, dude, yeah! Dan: Where?!? Arin: It’s RIGHT in front of you!
Dan: …oh! Dan: There it is, yeah, alright. Dan: Let’s dooo iiiit!
[Arin mumbling] Arin: There’s one thing in this game-
Dan: Whoo! Arin: There’s one thing I must find.
[Dan groans] Dan: Buh! I can’t-
Arin: I don’t know exactly where it is. Dan:-I haven’t fully-alright. Arin: Oh yeah, you gotta, you just gotta go with the flow, man. Dan: Yeeaah. Dan: Yeeaaah! Arin: How you feeling it? Are you feeling good?
Dan: Feeling good! Arin: Yeah?
Dan: Feeling good!
[Arin howls] [Dan groans]
Arin: You should go on these trampolines after this one hop. [Dan groans] [Arin grunts]
Dan: Whoo! Dan: Oh, dude, you’re really up there!
Arin: Yeah, dude, well, the trampolines will make you go higher. Dan: Oh my god.
Arin: “Ka-BVVV~!” Arin: Hah- “FREE OUT!” [Dan snorts] [Arin laughs]
Dan: Whooaaa! Arin: You-you can do like acrobatics, dude-
Dan: I’M OUTSIDE! I’m outside the castle! UGH! Arin: “Woo-woo-woo-woo~!” Arin: “Heeh-BLSH!” Dan: Is there a way to zoom out the camera? Arin: Uuuh, nope. You can zoom in, though.
Dan: Okay. Dan [zooms in]: “Zz-ship.”
Arin: Oh my god- I found it-I found it[x5]-oh, no[x4], don’t fuck up! Arin: Don’t-
Dan & Arin: Nooooo. Arin: Oh, I got frozed. Arin: Alright.
Dan: Okay. Arin: I gotta make it back up there.
[frog farting] [Dan laughs]
Arin: I found it, I want it. [Arin groans] Arin: Come on, get up there, get up there.
Dan: Ah. [Dan & Arin laugh]
Arin: How you doing over there, buddy?
Dan: Super good. [Arin laughs] Dan: Check out my style! Dan: Just lounging! Arin: Get up, get up-get up!
Dan: Oh god dammit! [Arin laughs] [Arin makes loud lip-licking sounds]
[Dan stammers – snorts] Dan [slurred]: Oh, this is amazing.
Arin: Here we go. Arin: It’s “Amazing Frog?”
Dan: Yeah. [Dan giggles]
Arin: Here we go. Arin: That’s what I’ve been looking for. Arin: That’s the kinda ups I’m looking for. Dan: Yeah, this is the first game I’ve ever seen with a question mark in the title. Arin: Oh, sure. Dan: It’s pretty sweet. Arin: Aside from “Ivy the Kiwi?”
Dan: Really? Arin: Annnd- yesss.
Dan: Whoo! Arin: Yesss.
Dan: Can I-oh! Arin: Oh- who’s the king NOW bitch?
Dan: [laugh] Oh, god! Dan: Me. Arin: Got my crown! Dan: Wait, is there- -can you push “up” to jump higher?
Arin [whisper]: Yessssss. Dan [laughs]: Oh my god.
Arin: I am king. Dan: You look like it.
Arin: Mmhmm. Dan: Hey-
Arin: You want this crown? Arin: I know you want this crown.
Dan: I want it. Arin: I know you want this crown!
Dan: “You can’t take it!” Arin: You can’t take this crown! [mumble]
Dan: Oh-hold on- Arin: You try to take my crown, I dunno if you wanna take my crown!
Dan: [unintelligible], okay? Arin: Oh, you’re bouncing on mattresses? Where you at?
Dan: I dunno. Dan: And what’s this red thing? Arin: “This red thing?” I don’t know.
[Dan groans] Arin: Just and thing.
Dan: Yeah. Arin: To hang out with.
Dan: I guess so.
Arin: You over here? Arin: Where you at?
Dan: I don’t know. I don’t know where I’m- -hey, it’s a “Breaking Bad” RV.
Arin: Oh, I know where you are. Arin: Don’t go in there, you’ll get trapped.
[explosion, Arin laughs]
Dan: Really? Arin: Yeah.
Dan: Okay. Arin: WHOO~! Dan [reading sign]: “Gone fishing for crime!” Arin: Don’t you want this crown?
Dan: I can’t get my arm out!!! Arin: I’m king!
Dan: Help! Dan: HELP!
Arin: Here, I’ll come help you! Arin: As long as you don’t steal my crown!
Dan: Oh, I’m okay. Dan: I’ll steal it.
Arin: You better not steal my crown. Dan: I’m gonna steal your crown.
Arin: Oh, fuck you, you can’t have my crown! Dan: I’m gonna steal it!
Arin: No!
Dan: Where are you?!? Arin: Don’t steal my crown!
Dan: Where-[laughs] Arin: Oh, no, no-FUCK! GET UP!
Dan: OH, YEAH! Arin: OH GOD! AH, NO!
Dan: I WANT IT! I WANT IT! [Dan groans] [Dan giggles]
Arin: Fuck you! It’s MY crown! Arin: FUCK you! Dan: Wait-what-
Arin [growls]: It’s MY crown. Dan: Son of a BITCH. Arin: MY CROWN-[laugh]-NO!
Dan: My cro-[laughs] Dan [laughing]: I’m gonna take it!
Arin: Ah! NO! [Arin screams in panic]
[Dan screams in effort] Arin: FUCK! I thought I could make-AH GEEZ!
Dan: Oh, YEAH! Arin: NO! IT’S MY CROWN!
[Dan making triumphant/frustrated noises] Dan: Eh-ugh.
Arin: Fuck you! [Dan giggles]
Dan: Oh, no!
Arin: Yeah, it’s MY crown! Dan: No! Dan: Goddamnit. Arin: You can get if with “Y” if you- if you can MANAGE.
Dan: Oh, alright. [Dan giggles]
Arin: It’s my crown, you can’t have it! Dan: You son of a bitch.
Arin: It’s my crown! Dan: Y- god, look behind you- -I’m like The Terminator coming up! [Dan giggles]
[Arin as Frog pants panickedly] Arin [Frog]: “It’s my crown!” Arin [Frog]: “It’s my crown!!!” Arin [Frog]: “You can’t have it!” Dan [Frog King]: “The crown is mine!”
[Dan & Arin giggle] Arin [Frog King]: “The crown is mine, Ribbit King.” Dan: Yeah-
[Dan & Arin laugh] Arin Frog King]: “I will soon be the Ribbit King-” -no- NO!
[Dan giggles] Arin: Where’s the-NO! Arin: How are you gaining up on me?!? Dan: Because, you’re fucking swerving, and I’m making a crazy beeline. Arin: That’s bullshit!
Dan: Yeah. Arin: My motherfucking crown, it’s MINE!
Dan: Ugh- OH NO! Dan: Nevermind, I ran in to a wall.
Arin: Yeah, how do you like that? Arin: How do you- oh shit! Arin: I thought I would- I though I would go flying- -here we go, here we go! [explosion]
Arin: SEE YA! [laughs]
Dan: NooOOO~! Dan: Agh!
Arin: I got the crown, bitch! [Dan giggles]
Arin: How do you like a little bit of this? [explosion]
Arin: “Ka-BANG!” Dan: Oh my god, you’re really high.
Arin: Yeah, how do you like that? Dan: I’ll just- Arin: Come get my crown NOW!
[explosions] Dan: Oh-oh.
Arin: WHOO~! Dan: Son of a bitch! Arin: Yeah, see if you can get my crown up HERE! Dan: W- oh my GOD dude, you-!
Arin: I am the king. Dan [Frog King]: “I am Sir-”
Arin: I am “The King of Crowns.” [explosion]
Dan: [Frog King]: “I’m like – forever alone. [Arin giggles] Arin: Come on up- oh, SHIT! Arin: Oh, FUCK!
[distant explosion] Dan: W-what is happening?? Arin: I gotta get back up there! Dan: Where are you? Arin: No, no! Arin: Don’t get my crown! I’ll fucking kill you!
[Dan laughs] Dan [laughing]: “I’ll fucking kill you.”
Arin: No, DON’T! It’s MINE! [Arin screams] [Dan laughs]
Arin: Don’t get me! Arin: No, I hate you! See ya!
Dan: Whooooa- [Dan & Arin scream]
Dan: MY CROWN! Dan: SHIT! Dan: UGH!
Arin: Ha, ha! Dan: Oh my god.
Arin: Now you on the other side, bitch. Arin: You can’t give us-OH SHIT!
[Dan & Arin laugh] Dan: UGH! I’m ready.
Arin: No! Arin: Don’t you fucking get my crown, dude.
Dan: Where are you, you son of a bitch? Arin: I’m outie- OH, SHIT! Not the fucking red- NO, NO! [Dan laughs]
Arin: NO! [Dan laughing]
[Arin shrieks] Dan: GET UP! Arin: Don’t get that crown- SHIT!
Arin: NO, FUCK YOU! Dan: WHOOO~! [Arin panting]
Dan: NEXT TIME ON GAME GRUMPS! [laughs] Arin [panting]: Fuck you!
[Dan laughs] Arin: It’s my crown!
[Dan laughs] Arin: I want it!
Dan: Oh, it’s very nerve-wracking! [explosion]
Arin: NOOO!
[Dan yells] Dan: NO!
Arin: I’ll get you!
Dan: NOO! Dan: Ooh, I did not get the mad air I was hoping for!
Arin: It’s mine! It’s MINE! Arin: IT’S MINE!
Dan: NO!
[Arin screams] [Dan giggling, laughing] Arin: You son of a bitch!
Dan: UGH! [Dan laughing]
Arin: I will fucking get- YEAH! YES! Dan: NOO! NOO!
Arin: It’s my crown! Arin: FUCK, NO!
Dan: YEAH! Dan: I will launch myself to safety!
Arin: Ah-HAH! Arin: IT’S MINE!
Dan: NO! [Dan & Arin shouting]
Dan: No! Dan: No. Dan: NO! NO, GOD!
Arin: Oh, no-SHIT! [explosion] Dan: HAH!
Arin: Fucking bullshit barrels! [Dan giggling too hard to speak]
Arin: No, it’s MINE! Arin: ♬The crown is mine, the crown is mine, the crown is mine, the crown is mine!♬ Dan: OH YEAH! [Arin groaning]
Dan: Yeah-nngh!
Arin: -FUCK! Dan: YEAH- oh NO!
Arin: NO! Dan: NO! Arin: You can’t have it!
Dan: NO! Arin: I WANT IT!
Dan: BARRY! [Arin shouts]
Arin: WHOO~! Dan: I don’t even know who’s who anymore!
[Arin laughs] [explosion]
Dan: UGH! Come on!
Arin: Yeah! Arin: Eat shit!
Dan: Did I just get blown a thousand feet away? Dan: OH!
Arin: Yessss- wait, wait, wait! Arin: Yessss.
[Dan & Arin laugh] Arin: SEE YA! Dan: Oh, I’m hot on your trail, whore.
[Arin laughs] Arin: Fuck this noise, I’m going trampoline style.
Dan: Nooo-uuuuh. Arin: Oppa Trampoline Style! ♬ [♬Arin sings “Ganganm Style”♬]
Dan: OooOOOH, I’m landing on your fucking head. Dan: Oh. Arin: Yeah, see you landed in front of me, but you can’t get me. Arin: Can’t get me now that I got my wind! [Dan groans]
Arin: OW! Got mad air! Arin: Literally!
Dan: Son of a bitch. Arin: And I’m outie!
[Dan giggles] Arin: See ya bro- see ya bro!
Dan: Whoo~! Dan: Are you pushing, like, “up” when you- Arin: No, I just, just hit “jump” when I hit the bounce.
Dan: Oh, wow. [frog fart] Dan: Oh god, I’m just laying and farting.
[Arin giggles] Dan: There’s nothing I can do.
Arin: Aren’t we all, Dan? Aren’t we all? Dan: Yeah. Truly? Dan: I got the TV-
Arin: WHA- Dan: Oh-
Arin: OH, WHAT THE F-? Arin [high pitched]: OH MY GOD?
Dan: Whooa! Arin [high pitched]: I’m so high right now!
Dan: Whooa! Dan: WHOOOOA~!
Arin [high pitched]: I’M A BUILT-[wheezes] Dan: AAAAH! Dan: …I’m just gonna watch you!
[Arin laughs] Dan: OOH my god, you will- how can you- Dan: -survive this fall?
Arin: I can’t, I can’t, I can’t control myself! Dan: Oh, YEAH!
Arin: I’m going down! I’m going down! Arin: No! Dan [Frog]: “He’ll never make it.”
Dan: YEEAH! OOH! He’s fine! Arin: Whoo, boy!
Dan: Oh, man. Next time on Game Grumps. Arin: Whooooo- OH SHIT! [Dan & Arin laugh] [Dan & Arin laugh]

100 thoughts on “Amazing Frog? – Game Grumps

  1. "Who Likes to Party – Kevin MacLeod" first boombox song, he also made Sneaky Snitch which is in Geometry Dash in the shop in the chest room.

  2. This was my first episode of Game Grumps ever, shown to me by my older brother. My god, it makes me cry laugh every time, even after several years have passed. So proud of these guys… For real, they have come a long way. I remember when I first watched this, a lot of the comments were about Jon and questioning Dan’s ability to fill in in his absence, but since then they’ve grown so much and they’re fantastic. I’m still looking forward to their content to this day, the Ten Minute Power Hours have been rivaling this video in terms of my favorite ^^

  3. OMG I JUST NOW SEEN THIS EPISODE AND I'M DYING. I have streams of tears on my face, and tear filled eyes from laughing hysterically at this entire video. Between Dan always failing to jump to them fighting for the crown, it was one hilarious thing after the other. Dan face planting into a wall or corner when trying to chase or run from Arin. The "White chocolate!" yell from Dan as he fails the jump lol. The way Dan played made it look like he was the frog watching Arin. Had his frog standing & looking the direction lol. I could sit here and name a zillion funny moments. One of my favorite GG episodes ever!

  4. dan if your reading this, make Arin play this on game grumps again


  5. MY FAVORITE GAME GRUMPS EPISODE TO DATE. Yes, I needed ALL capital letters in that first statement…that's how much I love it.

  6. I never used this game for its intended purpose. I just messed around, went to the beach, fell off things, and fooled around at the gym: boxing, using the treadmill just to get flung off, and teasing the shark. (Sometimes even feeding it other frogs! :D)

  7. "Who made this game?"
    "A bunch of Swedes"
    I feel honored that my country made this educational and important masterpiece.

  8. I've been watching the grumps for years but this is the first time I've watched this video and???? wHY IS IT SET IN MY HOMETOWN????????

  9. You can do a lot in this game. You can shoot guns, drive cars, kill zombies, fight sharks, find a Megalodon, and more.

  10. It’s so cute when you realize this entire episode happened because Arin wanted to play keep away with the crown XD

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