53 thoughts on “AlphaGo’s Online Game Review 1 – Ke Jie

  1. thank you for this review !
    I don't know much on deep learning machines but, if I'm correct, in the AG vs Fan hui, AG lost only in the fast games. If now AG win every fast games that he plays how could he loose in a normal one ?

  2. Thanks for the video, Haylee. I'm glad you're gonna make reviews of some of Master/AlphaGo 60 games played around New Year's eve. I'm actually looking for every bit of comments I can gather on these games and I hope we'll end up with pro insights on every one of them. So thanks again for doing your part on that 🙂

  3. It's so amazing that we've developed AI capable of playing such beautiful moves as Black 45. Thanks for the review and looking forward to the next one =)

  4. Great video ! Keep it up!
    However, I wonder why is the gap so huge now? Seems like Alpha Go is effortlessly beating pros now. It was somewhat similar against LSD in a game like the third, but in the fourth game we also got a glimpse of its weakness. Now, it looks like there is no way to surpass Master without handicap. It's a difference of raw reading power, like a 3 dan playing a 1kyu.

  5. Spoiler in the description. WHY. WHY?!?
    I get that people reading go news or pros or whatever would know already, but this is the first time I've heard of this match and half the enjoyment watching any go review is seeing how it ends, taking sides, hoping for last minute comebacks… Please don't put spoilers in your description box, not all of us are pros, or reading up every word on go news sites, we watch go for the enjoyment and suspense.

  6. What a great surprise to see this video. I know a lot of the online go community has been craving a high level review for the Master(P) matches and its great to see Haylee of all people to put one up. More please 😀

  7. 9:03 I don't like O13. Moves so far into the center are weak. While providing marginal support for the right side, the bottom is yet to be secure. In contrast, black's territory is much better supported.

    9:28 The troubles continue for white. Although, the right is fairly safe, the bottom is completely lost. More importantly, black's two groups are not in a position to support each other. Black effectively interjected two of his pieces between white's two groups. Yet, white failed to cut off black's line, allowing him to establish a perimeter on three sides. Suffice to say, white only has the right side, and the bottom left corner; black is dominant everywhere else.

    14:41 Black is able to further wedge white's strongholds while his own line stays connected. As Napoleon said: divide and conquer.

  8. Wow, alphago is back! Wonderful review. Keep up the good work. Did alphago announce their game or they invited pro to play with it?

  9. Who else would love to see Haylee play a live game with AG? How much handicap would make the game equal? Either way I will be thrilled to see more Haylee reviews of AG games.

  10. Interesting thing to note though is that Ke Jie had a higher winning probability at the end of the game compared to other pros. Approximately over 20% chance while players like Gu Li was around 10% at the end.

  11. Hope AlphaGo has a simultaneous match against a number of 9p Go players to make it more exciting instead of just crushing one World Champion Go player.

  12. Brilliant. Great new year present! So much nicer to hear your commentary than reading the game on my own… I also loved that large knight move in the lower right. On the board it just looked so perfect…

  13. What's the betting we see a lot more of that non-standard shimari and the early shoulder hit + tenuki now in pro baduk?

  14. They initially planned 4 games between Ke Jie and Master, but after lost 3 games Ke Jie was hospitalized… He has been trying to study AP's moves which made him unable to sleep…

  15. AlphaGo should play some handicap games with the top pros, then we will have an idea just how far beyond humans it really is.

  16. I like her modesty when she says her analysis will be her feelings when she's probably way better than everyone watching the video.

  17. i feel with alphago it isnt that you made some definite mistake somewhere but that every move you make is a small mistake and it keeps on accumulating

  18. OK is there actual russian subs for the video or is ir just Google translate. The subs are very decent, no mistakes. wtf is this

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