A Death In The Family – Pokemon S&S Nuzelocke | Part 3

86 thoughts on “A Death In The Family – Pokemon S&S Nuzelocke | Part 3

  1. I think you should have each person’s team on the side of them at all times so we know what each person has, or at least have a visual rundown of each team in the beginning of the episode

  2. 🎶 Said, if you were smarter, Zig'd stil be with ya 🎶
    🎶 Ha, now ain't that some shh 🎶
    🎶 And although there's pain in my chest, I still wish you the best with a PLUCK YOUUU!!! 🎶

  3. A tip for Zach: To evolve Milcery, you need to get a sweet from one of the battle cafes (or the Strawberry Sweet from Hammerlocke), attach it to your Milcery, and have your trainer spin around by vigorously rotating the control stick! There are hundreds* of different Alcremie forms, so I'm excited to see what you get! 🙂

    *Edit: Over 60!

  4. I feel like a lot of team members are gonna be lost simply because they have never seen the Pokémon and don’t know it’s typing.

  5. Gene Simmons died so Ify’s team could flourish. He didn’t want them to become overzealous or arrogant so he sacrificed himself to give them a reality check and a taste of pain for the battles to come.

    RIP Gene Simmons, the realest zigzagoon in Galar.

  6. I’m so happy Zach caught the Milcery because it’s the best Pokémon in the game! Also RIP Gene Simmons, you will be missed.

  7. I love watching nuzlocke challenges but watching 3 people at the same time is so awesome. RIP Gene Simmons, the Ziggagoon we didnt want, but the one that won our hearts.

  8. Ify check your Sinistea and see which item you need to evolve it. Also take the gift toxel from the route 5 pokemon nursery.

  9. When you are battling for the place to go against the champion, after every battle your pokemon get healed. So maybe you should then make some rules to put those away before the next match the dead ones.

  10. To the guys running equipment behind the scenes —

    Next time, please make sure the snafu happens on Zach's session, thanks. Keep up the great work! 🙂

    And once again, for the love of buzzfeed, please PLEASE somebody wipe out Zach's mons and replace him with somebody else. Literally ANYBODY else will do. Thanks.

  11. I love this series!! I can’t wait for them to get to the ice gym and get through that gym challenge! How long would that video be..?

  12. Tip for all of them

    Head to the Pokémon nursery on Route 5 and talk to one of the pokemon breeders there. They’ll give you a free toxel, which is a poison/electric Pokemon. It evolves into toxtricity at level 30, and has been really useful in my pokemon game

  13. Check this out: So, I started pokemon shield as I already had sword, I got some Pokémon that strong qginst others (Charmander, morpeko, etc) but I accidentally made them too high levels before fighting Milo so the only one I would use was my partner… a water pokemon. I traded it for a pokemon I can’t use…


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